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Miami Lakes Educational Center - High School Reviews

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The school has very good teachers and is high-achieving academically. However, there is very little school spirit.
This school has limited electives and poor teachers. They need more electives and more certified teachers. The people here are nice sometimes and they never judge you.
Miami Lakes Educational Center is a school that takes pride in its academics and student work ethic. A good portion of the teachers are knowledgeable and are able to teach effectively, making sure no one gets left behind. Unfortunately, this school will not provide the typical high-school experience associated with other schools, and thus, the school lacks any school spirit. If more events were to take place, then the atmosphere might not seem so bleak.
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Overall my experience with Miami Lakes Educational Center has been enjoyable. While it does lack any real sports and as such a lot of school spirit, it makes up for this, however, with its extreme focus on academics and job paths. This is done through the school's academies, educational strands that teach kids about a specific profession, educating and licensing them in it. The school is also fairly diverse with a nice mix of Hispanic, Black, White, and Asian kids. There are two different cafeterias one paid and one free, both serving food above your average public school. Its clubs are numerous, student-founded and maintained, with diverse subject areas. In Summation the school is a wonderful place for academic learning, willing to enable it's students the ability to join the workforce right out of school; yet it does lack the more physical excitement you'd get out of a normal highschool.
there are some very good teachers that I love in this school. I love my U.S history honors teacher and my chemistry teacher. honors teachers for english are really good too.
My experience at this is very different than what i thought it would be but its fun i just wished we had actual sports like football.
Great school and challenging Cambridge program. Amazing teachers and support staff. Very challenging AP/AICE classes offered with great passing success. Exposure to many industrial certifications in the engineering field along with many machines, like 3D printers, CNC mills, laser, vinyl printer, etc.
For the last three years of my high school education, I have been a student at Miami Lakes Educational Center. As for as education goes, most of the teachers aim to teach students the subject rather than prepare them for standardized tests. The atmosphere is competitive but the peers are mostly friendly. I would highly recommend this school if you are aiming to achieve certifications in different careers during your high school years.
The good thing about Miami Lakes Educational Center is that there are several programs students can choose from. The students there aren't like the stereotypical high school kids that form cliques and bully the others, everyone is accepting and friendly.
My experience at Miami Lakes Educational Center has been very great over the years I have attended. The friendship and communication between others are satisfying and well worth it. There are many clubs and activities throughout the school year, one of my favorite being basketball jam. It has been changed previously from class grade to academies. The things I would like to see changed mostly is the food, I feel that it needs more choices to choose from and also, the health of the food should be better but, still having a delicious taste. This is my experience at Miami Lakes Educational Center.
Miami Lakes Educational Center is a very diverse and friendly place, but the legitness of its strands should be taken more seriously.
I wasted 4 years of my life at this school. First, the kids who attend this school are just disgusting. They don't know how to clean up after themselves. Then the janitors walk around as if they don't have a school to clean. Next, administration is just stupid. They literally cut 2 strands out of the school. They sold all the equipment from those strands & bought flat screen TVs. Where they do that at? The teachers? Don't let me start on the teachers. THEY DON'T TEACH! You go to class, they give you work to do but NEVER TEACH. How do they expect us to get the education we came to this school for? Moral of the story, don't send your child to this hell of a school.
This school is a very good school. Although the activities are based on how your class contributes. So in order to have good field trips and in school activities, you must contribute to your class.
It's a great school, mainly because everyone over there (or at least most people) intend on going to college and working hard for it. Very regularly is there a graduate every year that ends up going to an ivy-league, while plenty more get into state schools such as UF and FAU. The students who go to this school are what makes the school so good. However, my former school also had pretty good teachers who inspired students-especially minorities- to get into STEM fields and become leaders. The teachers together form this mentality which compels the majority of students to take charge of their own life and be the person they want to meet both at home and at work. Teachers treat the students with respect and composure, in order to prepare them for work where said students will need to deliver up to their client's expectations.
DONT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!!!! During your freshman year your GPA will drop DRASTICALLY! The office staff was super rude, the teachers were inadequate (ok the AP World teacher was actually really good, SHOUTOUT TO MRS.EVANS). Overall, I would say my experience there was horrible and I wouldn't recommend the school to anyone.
THe school itself offers many opportunities that will benefit you in the future. This allows you to be ahead of the game by the time you graduate. The only thing is you will be teaching yourself. Most teachers just talk to give information not caring if you understood or not. However administration is a little corrupted. For example we are supposed to wear uniform shirts but about half the school ignores the uniform policy. Do they get punished? No they spend the whole school year wearing whatever they choose to wear. You may think well maybe the administration didn’t see because they sneak around. That’s exactly what I thought until the day I saw these kids out of uniform TALKING AND STANDING DIRECTLY TO ADMINISTRATION. Walking in and out the office doing errands for teachers. And no one seems to say anything to them. But when a student who has obeyed the uniform policy all school year and decides to wear a club t-shirt for a staff event they are hosting they get punished.
I felt lied to and cheated. None of my work paid off and I feel like I wasted time with all their empty promises.
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The teachers are always there to help you with whatever you may need. The atmosphere is welcoming the moment you step into any of the buildings. I found my time here to be treasured as an enlightening experience.
I like that Miami Lakes Educational Center focuses on opportunities and commitments. They give everyone a chance to explore their options and enjoy it to the fullest. Although this school only pays attention to the more advanced, like Cambridge, it’s still a pretty good school. They haven’t payed much attention to the arts but recently they have showed that they do care, for all of us.
This school feeds you false hope as before you enter the school as a freshman they tell you that you can do anything but once you enter they limit you from most things especially since they have favoritism for academies and close strands that people enjoy and teachers don't teach well and blame it on the students. This school can do much better to let everyone do what their minds can inspire and to not be restricted on what you want to do. As well as they they over stress the students as you can get the same education at a traditional high school with less stress.
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