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Miami Killian Senior High School Reviews

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This school is very poor. Many teachers can't teach well and the administration discriminates against the students. The iPrep chairperson kicked out the freshmen from their cafeteria saying that they were "too loud". However, many other students didn't get the same punishment. But, there are a handful of teachers who care for their students.
Killian is your average high school. You have the little groups of people, the three quarters of the school that doesn’t care but the one third that does.
I would like for Juniors to experience a deeper preparation for applying to college and the steps that they need to take. I like the learning environment.
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I have attended Miami Killian Senior High School for the past 4 years. The teacher genuinely care for student success. The only thing i would fix is the cleaning problem, there are rats.
Miami Killian was a breeding ground for natural talent of all fields. Whether it was outstanding students in the literature department or competitive athletes on the baseball field, there was no lack of success at this school. Adding a greater diversity to the student population would be an asset to this school.
It’s not bad there at all, however like many thing the school can improve on certain aspects that would make it much better.
Fairly decent school. Strong school culture and academics, and excellent magnet programs in law. Many resources, with friendly teachers and counselors ready to help.
I like the administration they were very knowledgeable and helpful. Didn’t like the football program because they didn’t prepare you for college scholarships programs or athlete student for college
It was an average Miami High school. Didn't really stand out for the majority of the school around it. I just went there because It was a 20 minute walk from my house and had friends there but its average.
it’s a good school overall. But I think the lunch could be better, the bathrooms could be cleaner, and there should be more teachers that actually want to teach and aren’t just waiting for retirement.
The school was full of hard working students. What I would change is the tablets provided because most of the time they didn't work.
Not the best, just all right overall. There are great teachers at this school as well as bad ones(not cruel, just not good at explaining the topics).
Miami Killian Senior High School could benefit a lot if some of the counselors would help the students, instead of forcing them into certain areas. The only good thing, and the reason anyone should come here specifically, is the athletics, which I don't care about. They don't offer many AP classes, and not enough AICE classes to make up for it.
My experience so far has been grate. Besides me dreading to go to school I enjoy Miami killian. It has a very open campus with lots of nature. They have many opportunities for clubs and sports. The teachers are very nice and not rude.
I enjoyed my experience in MKSHS! I attended all four years, each years bringing exciting new memories. There was so much room to grow with all the extra curricular activities and sports it offered. Because of this school, I was able to be pushed to my potential and got a full ride at my current university.
This was an amazing school so glad I got the chance to really experience cougar pride and graduate from such a diverse and cultural school. The teachers and staff are amazing and always willing to help. Definitely an “A” school
I just loved the environment. No not everyone got along all the time but thats the way with a whole bunch of teenagers. Also the school is extremely diverse. The school offers multiple extra curricular activity. Also the jrotc program was the first to be opened in 1983.
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Poor administration, and favoritism among admins. Huge drug problem with students openly using in the hallways. Frequent fights.
Became a average school after principal changed. It was okay, teachers were not that caring. Counselors were constantly changing and did not make speaking to them comfortable. I did not feel prepared for college.
I liked it, because it was where I learned to relate to more people since I arrived in this country, where they taught me many things, and I am very grateful for the treatment they have given me.
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