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Miami Killian Senior High School Reviews

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The school is okay but it's the administration's fault. If it had a better administration it would be a much better school.
It was dirty but people were or nice or mean, nothing in between. Overall good but it was an average high school. They waste a lot of time, the teachers were nice (most of them)
If I had one piece of advice for students attending Miami Killian, it would be to get involved! I took part in many clubs and sports and truly maximized my time at that school. Cougar pride forever!!
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I enjoy my time at Miami Killian Senior High School. The staff/teachers are amazing. The school activities were great. I've made some life long friends.
A lot of the teachers don’t care about their jobs, students don’t respect anything and we are literally missing bathroom locks on the stalls.
Teachers are great, the office staff is super friendly and helpful. The school has alot to offer as far as electives, magnet programs, and sports there is something for everyone. No matter what school you send your young adult to they can achieve with the right guidance and support why not have fun at the same time. My son is really enjoying his high school years while preparing for his future and college years to come.
I had the chance to be part of student government and I became involved in the school a lot which gave me the opportunity to meet more teachers and many more students than if I had staid in iPrep only. I recommend it to everyone.
The iPrep Program at Miami Killian Senior High School is a very well-run program. The teachers are very well involved and eager to assist as long as the student feels the same way. The teachers in my case, have made every effort possible to have me succeed. They are always there when I need it, and extra curricular activities and opportunities are plentiful. Changes I would like to see be made are not entirely dependent on the facility and administration, more so county-wide. Some rules and regulations need changes and updates, as they are stuck in the past. It's hard to point a finger at the facility, but the county as a whole should take the blame. Overall, the small student count makes for a family feeling, love it.
My experience at Miami Killian Senior High School was like no other. The administration, teachers, and faculty were truly dedicated to ensure that my path to graduation was not clear but a safe and secure. I would like more money poor into the school from the government so more advanced technology can be used to educate the future generations to come.
Miami killian is a great school for anyone interested in law program! Amazing people and surroundings are full of love and happiness.
What I love about Miami Killina Sr. High is that it helped me become the person I am today and it introduced me to new people I never thought I'd consider calling my best friends let alone people I know I'm always going to stay in touch with. I think the most important lesson my school has taught me is school spirit, which in my opinion has a deeper meaning, and the magic of friendship; as well as communication, responsibility, and how to put myself out there and really help make a change for the better being of myself and others.
The thing that i like the most about Miami Killian was their staff and some teachers. They were always there to support the students with academics and even with life in general. Personally, they have become my family.
The thing that i did not like that much was my PE teacher because he was very rude to me and also because he did not teach me anything during my junior year. As I said before their staff is amazing and they solve that issue. Other thing that I did not like about this school was the lady in charge of admissions or something like that because instead of helping those students in need, she was making the situation ten times worst. She is very unprofessional and she does not know how to treat people.
Student life and teachers were awesome. I played football and we made the playoffs all four years I was there. Best preparation for college.
Miami Killian wasn’t so bad. Like every school, there will be drama, etc but only if you actually get yourself involved. Teachers were pretty good, ofc not all were my favorite but overall good. I’ll say that overall i did enjoy my high school years. I actually somewhat had fun.
The experiences of high school are more than wonderful and ofc like any other person I will of course miss it but what really does need to be enforced is our safety that’s the most important and for us to ofc to feel safe.
The faculty in Miami killian senior high cared about all their students. They helped in every way they can. My four years of high school were the best experience. We had so much school spirit between students and administration. Teachers and faculty were always supporting and participating in school events making it fun and enjoyable. Making sure we never forgot are high school years l. Miami killian is an overall amazing school but to top it off their academics are great. Teachers make sure you understand the material that’s being taught and if your not they provide you their time to help you and explain the concept. I have no complaints regarding Miami killian senior high I would recommend any student to go attend that school. I am class of 2014 and I had an amazing four years, it’s was a great experience.
The environment of this school was definitely one that was condusive to learning. Like every school theres the different groups of students, however, there is a noticeable amount of unity in this school amongst the student body
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My time at Miami Killian Senior High has been a blast. I've met a large amount of people who have helped me become a better person and student. I've maintained great academics throughout my 4 years here. The teachers really believe in there students and are willing to help them in any way they can. My past and current teachers have helped so much regarding my applications for college and I'm highly grateful.
It was a fairly average experience, the academics was tedious, and socially the people were okay. If I had to choose whether to go back or relive the same high school experience, I would more than likely choose a different school.
I really enjoy the sports in my school, as I am in the baseball team. The learning environment is at a high point. The school has many kids from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The school is accepting and is always willing to help you in whatever you need help in.
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