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Miami Junior Senior High School Reviews

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I graduated Spring of 2016 and went on to ASU. Miami is overall a great school for community standards but most of my peers were left behind when it came to college options because they werent preparing most of us. I luckily had a great support network outside of school who helped me get to where I am now. Not every student is that lucky and I wish there were more resources for students who were unsure if they could go to college or even afford it.
What I liked about Miami Junior Senior High School is the teachers. The teachers go out of their way to help the students. They are always there for the students. One thing I would liked to see changed is the lunch.
I have had a great experience. I feel as though I am ready to graduate and go on new adventures. The only things I would change is the food and better seating for lunch time. Four years never went by so fast. I will be very sad and miss the school but I will have a great time at college.
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This school isn't so bad.. but not so good either. It has very few students so it's kind of easy to be the top ten students. The school spirit is cool but other than that it sucks.
In my 10, plus years at Miami School district i can say very great things about my old high school. My class in particular, The Class of 2017, were more than just peers. i know i can speak for all of them when i saw that we are more like a family. Especially after losing one of our close classmates, which in a way brought us all together. I can also state that even though i didn't graduate with my class i did in my hear because once a vandal always a vandal!
I love a lot of the teachers here, but not the way they teach. They do not prepare us for college and there is a lot of favoritism. They put certain rules in place for a reason, like dress code, yet they do not enforce them. The food is limited and not very appetizing, and not to mention there are very few options. The sports programs are getting better, as well as the academics, however, there is still a lot of work to be done!
The academics here are hard, but we get all the help we need.
There are a lot of clubs at this school like student council, travel club, art, band. Etc.
I think this school is great because I am learning a lot to get through high school.
My teachers are very helpful, and I would not be where I am today without them.
I believe that academically teachers could implement more technology, try some unconventional teaching methods, and also teach more leadership skills.
Although Miami has a lot of different clubs, I wish there was more geared toward women. The sports teams do fairly well, however coaches need to learn how to build a strong program
I have loved my experience at Miami High School! It is in such a tight knit community . Almost all the teachers are involved in students lives. With small class sizes we have a chance to create relationships with our teachers.
The teachers at my school are very involved, hardworking, and utilize technology in a positive way.
Clubs are great to join but not many people get involved. Usually one of their friends has to be involved in order for them someone to join.
I agree there probably three times in my entire high school career.
Going to an extremely large college straight after going to Miami was a huge change. I went from knowing everyone's names to knowing absolutely no one. It was a difficult transition, but in the last couple months I got used to it. Getting a job if tougher though. In high school they taught us nothing about applying for a job, wiring a resume or what interviews are like. Going from high school to the real world is pretty difficult.
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While i was in school i had two different principals and the second was on his way out. He wasnt the most organized person and the school suffered for it. But I have heard good things about the new principal.
I loved my teachers. I felt like they were really concerned about me and my education. I am still in contact with most of them.
I'm doing really great. I went into college at BYU Hawaii and I'm playing softball for them.
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