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Miami Jackson Senior High School Reviews

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When i think about my high school experience, there are many things that come to mind. Some of them are: good memories, bad memories, mistakes, lessons, happiness, heartbreak, misfortune, joy, drama, and most importantly, fun. High School to me seemed like it past by really fast, almost too fast sometimes. I learned many valuable life lessons as well as made life long friends. I learned the value of hard work, dedication, and also how to tell your real friends from the others. It was tough but overall a great experience that i will soon miss.
I like that some of the teachers are nice and caring. I would like to see the academics, diversity, teachers, college readiness, clubs & activity, school culture, administration, sports, resources, and facilities
Miami Jackson Senior High School is one of the worst schools in the district, administration here does not care about your education and feel bothered every time you ask them to do something that benefits you in any possible way. The counselors who refer themselves as the ‘dream team’ they act as if all the students are a burden and never have time for the students, the only counselor of the 3 who shows interest towards her kids is Ms.Jackson and she may be the only person in the office (alongside Ms.Madison <3) who genuinely care for you. DO NOT COME TO THIS SCHOOL IF YOU WANT TO BE SOMEONE IN YOUR FUTURE.
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I love being a Miami Jackson Senior High School alumni. It was a stepping stone into the bright future I have ahead.
Miami Jackson High School was a very interesting and fun school to attend. The positivity that the students and staff brought with everyday made it easier to keep on track of getting good grades. One thing to change about the school is probably the food because it’s not something i would suggest eating all the time. Other thing is having more activities that are diverse every other year.
At Miami Jackson Senior High School there is plenty of history behind this school and it has came a long way and is still building up not only for today's generation but for many more generations to come. The 3 years I've spent Experiencing my time with Miami Jackson has been great the environment ,discipline, academics and our special activities within the school and outside and I would thank them and as well as the teachers for my improvement in those 3 years. What can I say I'm at proud General!
My experience at Miami Jackson Senior High School was good over the years from 9th grade - 12th grade. I've made a a lot of great friends and role models, and also I feel as though I was well prepared for college thanks to my teachers.
Miami Jackson senior High school has many of clubs and sports. Have awesome staff and counselors. Not that much activities around the school. Went there all my high school years.
What i really like about my highschool is that the teachers are excellent teachers, the ones i’ve had at least. My teachers were influential and very helpful when it came to my education and lifestyle. The staff is friendly and most of all helpful, especially the counselors and college director. The security take their jobs seriously although what I’d like to see change is the student’s school spirit..with more school spirit, this school would be an even more influential experience.
the staff is more concerned about ID's, uniform, and headphones than the actual education they should provide.
Miami Jackson Senior High is a good school. Overall the students are very sociable and easy to connect with. Each student has a potential to be great. However many students love to slack off on their school work. Students may need to focus more on their studies so that the school can be more succesful. Also, the material given is not as effective for college requirements and readiness.
As a Sophomore who's seen quite a lot during my time at this particular school, I will be completely honest when I say that although the staff and faculty attempt to make the student's educational experience worthwhile, classes and overall school-life here at Jackson has been less than optimal. With terrible lunch food, fairly inexperienced teachers, and a lack of programs that discipline students and teach them how to behave, it has been an admittedly hard time trying to thrive here. Other than those obstacles that can be easily solved, though, I will say that I congratulate and respect the people who try their absolute best to make this experience great. If I were to change anything about Jackson, it would be the way we are taught. There is so much potential gone to waste here just because of the way students are taught: to focus on their next grade rather than absorbing the information. I can say that I am glad to be one of the lucky ones who's able to think outside the standards.
What I like about Miami Jackson is that I never saw someone be bullied. In the four years I have been in this school, I have never witnessed someone become a victim of bullying. What I don't like about Miami Jackson though, is that when you arrive late to school, you have to go to the auditorium and get a late pass, but there's always a huge line for it because so many people arrive late as well, so you have to wait in that line until it is your turn, and that cuts off a lot of class time.
I would like to see the change of the teachers and maybe add some activities for the upcoming under class men .
The school is definitely diverse with the majority of students pertaining to African-American and Hispanic background. There is a broad amount of clubs and activities offered throughout the school; however, not a lot of the clubs are being promoted. In addition, there is also a broad variety of sports that do very well in the games. As far as academics are concerned, the school doesn't offer a wide range of AP, dual enrollment, or elective courses. In terms of college readiness, there is a great CAP advisor in the school who is really involved with the students and assists them. However, unlike the Cap advisor, a lot of the administration is very rude and not helpful, only a select handful actually listen to the students.
I love how every student knows administrator but one thing I would like to see change would be the school spirit and pride.
All four years being a student a MJSHS showed me that teachers actually care about the students. I was able to graduate top 15 of the class with a GPA of a 4.4.
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During my tenure as a student Jackson was home away from home; it was a safe and friendly place to socialize, play, learn and be fully involved. Teachers and staff were like family; Jackson helped me become a responsible person.
My experience at Miami Jackson Senior High School is nice so far. I’ve earned honor roll many times. There’s friendly classmates and good teachers there. However, the security there are kind of rought. The rules there are pretty strict and has everyone doing what is suppose to be done.
I would like to see a lot of change in Miami Jackson for the future students who are going. There needs to be a huge change in staff for that to happen.
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