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Miami Jackson Senior High School Reviews

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The school is definitely diverse with the majority of students pertaining to African-American and Hispanic background. There is a broad amount of clubs and activities offered throughout the school; however, not a lot of the clubs are being promoted. In addition, there is also a broad variety of sports that do very well in the games. As far as academics are concerned, the school doesn't offer a wide range of AP, dual enrollment, or elective courses. In terms of college readiness, there is a great CAP advisor in the school who is really involved with the students and assists them. However, unlike the Cap advisor, a lot of the administration is very rude and not helpful, only a select handful actually listen to the students.
I love how every student knows administrator but one thing I would like to see change would be the school spirit and pride.
All four years being a student a MJSHS showed me that teachers actually care about the students. I was able to graduate top 15 of the class with a GPA of a 4.4.
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During my tenure as a student Jackson was home away from home; it was a safe and friendly place to socialize, play, learn and be fully involved. Teachers and staff were like family; Jackson helped me become a responsible person.
My experience at Miami Jackson Senior High School is nice so far. I’ve earned honor roll many times. There’s friendly classmates and good teachers there. However, the security there are kind of rought. The rules there are pretty strict and has everyone doing what is suppose to be done.
I would like to see a lot of change in Miami Jackson for the future students who are going. There needs to be a huge change in staff for that to happen.
I like the way Miami Jackson looks and it is simple to get around. I would like to see for the school lunch to be changed.
Miami Jackson is an alright school. It could definitely be better. One of the things that I don’t like about this school is the emphasis on using the correct uniform rather than academics.
The college and honor’s academic rigor of this school is almost nonexistent.
This is the kind of school that has a lot of great teachers, but that somehow cannot motivate it’s students to do better.
The amenities of this school could use some remodeling too, but overall if you are a parent,don’t send your kids to this school unless you have to.
Miami Jackson was awesome! It gave me an opportunity like no other. I was able to play baseball for my senior year and i was able to build some great friends. Jackson provides an equal opportunity to all who desire to learn and be great.
I liked the environment a whole lot, its student friendly and most of the work is manageable for most high school students, teachers are understandable and care a whole lot about their students, i haven't been in the school for a long period time but the short time i spent at this school was definitely better then the last years i spent at my other school
My experience was good. The thing I loved most was wrestling. Being on the wrestling team gave me confidence and made me more outgoing. My teammates and coach became my second family. I am very lucky to have been able to be apart of Miami Jackson's Wrestling team.
What I like is that the schedule contains 8 classes, giving you a ample opportunity to explore diverse careers. What I would like to see chance are the educators, I would have liked to see teachers that care more about the education of the students than about they pay stubs.
My experience at my high school was amazing I met so many wonderful people, I did all types of groups I was also a part of cheerleading team and it helped me become more social and stuff like that. I was also apart of this health called hip where we teach the freshmen class about there health and mental health how to deal with things such as depression being pressured into having sex and stuff. the teachers at my high school were amazing they connected with us so well they took their time with us helping us understand things that were difficult at that time.
Miami Jackson Sr. High is in the inner city part of Miami, FL my freshman experience was terrible so has my other years been. The school has certain good teachers the rest are terrible and get to personal with students with personal life and etc... Some teachers have such strong accents you can’t understand them or the way they teach, teachers don’t care about your education just about what they are teaching they don’t care if you understand or not! Their attitude is terrible. The school over all is way to strict like if we were in prison. They are super short on staff members, teachers, counselors, etc...
I've been a student at Miami Jackson for four years. They've been the best years of my life. I am involved in more than 7 clubs. Everyone has great attitudes. If I would have never attended Miami Jackson I wouldn't be the person I am today.
I love my school. The teachers are friendly and most importantly their way of teaching helps you really understand the standard
The teachers are spectacular. However, I would like if the school have more classes specifically for me e.g Philosophy.
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I actually like Miami Jackson Sr. High school more because of the people there than the actually knowledge that i receive while in school. Don't get me wrong, the teachers actually know how to teach, it's just the things that the district tells them to teach is pointless and has nothing to do with the real world. I would want for the school to teach us about the real world such as, how to file taxes, information about stocks and what it is about, and I also believe we should pick and choose what we want to learn about. This is because, how are you going to be engaged with something you aren't interested in.
I liked how the teachers go out their way to help you with college and scholarships. The counselors always helps with student problems or questions. I hope to see more student scholars in the school.
Miami Jackson has a great environment. Your teachers are always there to help you and it's easy to make your voice heard
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