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As a student of MHS for four years, I can say that it was a pleasant experience, but nothing above average. Some staff members are absolutely amazing and some are average. Overall, I was mostly fond of my time here.
Miami High School is a very nice school. The classes are challenging and the teachers are understanding and helpful. They are willing to help you get caught up if you have been gone for an extended time period. Although, there could be more parent involvement and higher facility standards. The school is getting old and slowly falling apart in some places.
Overall it was not great but it wasn’t bad either. One thing I would most likely change would be the College ready courses and also they should provide more chance for the students dual credit classes
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I love Miami high school because it’s generally small. This means more one on one time between the teachers and the students. And the teachers care about the students so much. However, there has been an issue with drug use within the school in previous years.
I have belonged in this high school since the very first day of ninth grade like anywhere there are amazing days, okay days, and terrible days. I have cried and grown immensely in my four years. The one absolute thing I love about my amazing high school is how despite everything we may not particularly like about each other if one of us has a crisis we come together and help in anyway we could. Recently, a student in my grade lost her father and the senior class came together and did whatever we could to lessen the stress of the tragedy. I also love our foreign exchange program that's let us as students get to meet and become friends with other students around the world. Although, I love how we can come together I do not like the dress code. My school has no sense of what is appropriate to where to school even if they do implement a dress code it is mainly directed toward the girls, but not all the girls as some get favored and are allowed to wear what they would like.
Some of the teachers are good at what they do, the rest do their best. All the other staff are good at their job, although some can be a bit scary almost as if they think you've done something wrong and they disapprove, even if you didn't. The buildings are kept clean, only a few roaches spotted in the 4 years I have been attending Miami High School. And we recently got a new hallway so we don't have to walk outside to get to class. So far a good school to attend.
I have been going to Miami High School for two years and have really enjoyed the larger school atmosphere and diversity. I am part of the Marching Band andhave has a blast.
I love my teachers and my friends, but if I were to change one thing, I would raise my teachers pay so that they will stay and help grow our young minds.
My experience I have had attending Miami High School has been one for the books. As a senior, and saying good-bye to this place is going to be real tough. Friendships were made, relationships were to be forever cherished, and the extracurricular activities will be missed.
Miami High School wasn't a bad school to attend. I was able to make many close friends and truly felt at home when I was there. The teachers were also very helpful and understanding at times and made sure all the kids in the class were able to retain what they were teaching. The sports and school spirit we had was also amazing!! There was never a time that the student section or bleachers were scarce, if there was a game you know the whole town would be there to support.
I personally had a terrible experience. The teachers were rude and insensitive towards people with problems and people having panic attacks. Let's just say, that if you're not in sports, you're not worth their time.
Some of the teachers were phenomenal, others not so much. We had a lot of drug problems within our school. Several teachers fired. School has good potential, but no means. Pay is more and teachers complain. School has a bug problem.
What I really love about my high school is the kindness of the faculty especially the band teacher. And if I could change anything it would be the unqualified teachers; they will hire anybody.
I like the educational freedoms they offer, but I think they should have more edible and filling foods.
Miami High School is a school that only cares about how it looks. Teachers don't really car e about students and the funding for anything other than sports is terrible.
Academically High. Very pleased with my high school experience. GREAT school, highly recommended. I was a transfer student coming in my senior year. I needed a challenge and lacked guidance from my previous smaller school. Upon arrival at MHS, I was chosen for leadership camp, inducted into the NHS, was cheerleader and active in many clubs. It has been a wonderful high school experience! I wish I would have gone to MHS my entire life. GO WARDOGS!
I would attend Miami High School again because of the atmosphere. I love that we support our athletic programs and unify in times of crisis. I also love how accepting the students and staff can be.
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Many of the teachers do what they have to; however, there are a few who try to do more for their students. Many teachers seem to be held back by limitations within their budget.
I honestly didn't have a great memory at this school. Maybe graduation, but even our graduation ceremony SUCKED!!!!!

I would not go back to this school!!!!
The teachers at Miami High School are very caring to the students who are engaged to learn and work. I still use methods today in college that I got taught in high school. Although I wished more teachers were more into their subject that they are teaching. Like our Stat teacher could not keep an attendance very well, and when she was there the whole class didn't learn one thing. Therefore, the school system need to take a better time to evaluate their teaching staff.
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