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The classes can be fun and you learn something at the same time. Classes are small. The teachers are helpful and want to see you succeed.
I love this school so much more than some people would admit. It's not just great for opening up people who are especially shy, like I myself was, but the student body cares for you also. They try to know who you are and if you just keep to your self that's fine too. The best part of my day, when I'm at school, is when I'm walking down the halls and person after person says hi, and they want to know how your day is going. If it's bad then they will give you a hug and try to cheer you up. Unless it's the older girls you talk to, then you know they have more experience and they don't really care for your problems because they're way too busy making up their own. Just as well as this school can be great it can also be pretty questioning too. Because though you have the awesome teachers who care for you, you also have the stuck up people who don't want to change the school in any way possible. Even trying to create a yearbook can be costly. They just need to be more understanding of others, and accept that change will happen to everyone. We all do eventually anyways.
We don't get a lot to choose from, which means we can't go and decide that we want a pizza while someone will grab a sandwich. It's either pizza day, or they give us the sandwich. I wish we had more variety, because the lesser variety might be what's most unhealthy.
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My school doesn't really have a lot of problem with dress code a lot, but the amount of bullying went up quite a bit at our school, it's not as open as some schools try to hide, but it's there and everyone sees it. Though we don't have much trouble with dealing with the kids for bullying, we have had a teacher lately who was actually bullying my very own brother, for not turning work in on time and not even doing his work. The teacher made jokes about it, which lead his own classmates believe it was to be funny to pick on him about it. That could be better, but that is only one teacher out of our school that I could think of being a problem.
At Miami, we don't have a Football team, because they had signed a contract with Drexel to co-op for the few students who actually want to be involved in Football. And again, because we're a small school not much is expected of having the best equipment or fields. They have had to redo the Gymnasium floor so many times because it keeps peeling, and now we have these dents in the floors from running too much on it, supposedly. The school spirit here is tolerable, but not many kids are excited to be involved with sports, they all refer to slacking off, or are interested in only few activities. I am one of the few people who had started Cheer leading back at Miami, during my Junior year, and I was assigned Co-Captain. Now that I'm a Senior I have acquired Captain, but we just can't keep the spirit up at Miami.
One of the few things that I actually like at Miami, is that the teachers try their hardest to work with you, and around most of your out of school plans if you are willing to talk to them. Their basic philosophy is that as long as you try, then they'll try just as hard.
I'll be honest it's not the best. Being a small school, we don't get the money/funding to do much but hope we get grants for our equipment. And because we don't have the variety, there are kids who are scared to try something new, or do something different. The Club that I was really into, FFA, I eventually quit. Because it didn't feel as accepting as the other Chapter that I had come from, and I didn't like how their priorities were mainly about Contest, and instead of pursuing my interests in Leadership building, they neglected any of my thoughts for the Chapter.
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