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Miami Edison Senior High School Reviews

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I love how close everyone is to each other the school is a very small school so everybody knows everybody and that makes me really happy.
I started at Miami Edison Senior High School at 11th grade and i think i am experiencing so far the best moments of my life as a student.The environment is interesting and the administration,faculties and teachers are really amazing.The school is very diversified,and i feel secured.Every culture is respected.No bullying or cursing.there are many resources available for the students to help them striving.But there little issues that should be resolved like the food.It's healthy but it's not quite nourishing.There are many students who complain about that.Even though the food is provided by the district,but it needs an improvement
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Miami Edison senio high school is a great school the teacher are nice and you get to learn the teacher really try to make it fun so you can learn.The only thing they need to change is they need windows at the school other than that it a great school and i like my school.
I played football at Miami Edison senior high school I graduated last year now in in college I attend Warner university and my mom pay a lot of money and I want to stay in college so i'm trying to get the payment down I have a 2.8 GPA. I would like to change the football coaches at Edison this year.
I like the school because of the teachers. I graduated two years ago, and I had some of the best teachers. they went above and beyond to help us understand the materials.
The teachers are what I like the most because they get to know each and every student and look out for them. They build relationships and you can always go to one when you need them outside of school work/ the classroom.
I️ like the friendship between the teachers and the students. And it’s a really good school , I️ like all the extracurricular activities offered by the school , there’s also a lot of after school programs , I️ learned a lot from my teachers . And last but not least we all care about each other .
Miami Edison sucks there’s no windows in the school, the food sucks some times the milk are spoiled the lunch lady’s are mean and barely show respect ,
My experience at Miami Edison SHS has been both great and difficult. However, the school and the individuals within it have shaped me in to the mature, motivated young adult that I am. I wouldn't change a thing, not even the mistakes I have made while attending Edison. Those mistake made me who I am today and I take pride in that.
Miami Edison Senior High School is notoriously known for being considered a low-level school here in Miami-Dade County. Before arriving, I had many thoughts of what negative experiences may occur in this school, but I couldn;t have been more wrong. While the students are a bit rowdy, it is nothing like the stereotypes that are spread about the school. I have met some the nicest students and teachers, including staff and administration, that strive to make sure everyone does well both in school and for the future. I admire their hard work and dedicated, and deserve much more credit than given.
The thing I enjoy about Miami Edison Senior High School was the friends I created also being a part of the Miami Edison Red Raiders Marching Band
I am a senior and my experience so far has been really good. I like the interactions of the teacher with the kids.
Edison it was great. I loved everything at edison from my own experience . I was the football manager for four years from my 9th grade year all the way up to my senior year . It was awesome. The teachers were great throughout all of my years . I just graduated this year , this month on June 5th . I am already missing edison the only thing I will change about Miami edison senior high school is the school lunch that they provide to us it is disgusting honestly and I don’t think any one deserves to eat that. I loved and I will always love edison .
All 4 years at Miami Edison Senior High School was the greatest the teachers was the bomb they taught me so much I've grown as a person thanks to my teachers and peers I've learned how to handle situations no matter how hard or what path it might take me down .!!
This school is focused on the future success of it's students. I can personally say that if one wants to succeed at this, then you are given all the opportunities to do so.
I feel that during my four years at Miami Edison Senior High, the school have improved greatly. The teachers i had were really helpful, they really wanted me to move on to the next level and learn as much as i can. Overall i had a good experience at Miami Edison Senior High.
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I loved it there, it is a family oriented environment and they really care about the students and their success. The name may have a bad history but once you step foot into the Red Raider doors; great things are happening.
When i was there i was crazy constant fights i stopped going to lunch all together and it was a good thing i did
I like the environment, and the programs that provide us with such as med, and rights of passage. The only thing that would help this be even more better is adding more programs such as journalism, film, softball, and etc.
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