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There are many things I love about Miami East, my high school. One of the best aspects of Miami East is the community, everyone is there for you when you are down, and everyone pushes you to succeed. There is not anything I would wish to change about this school, because the academic along with the social parts of the school are all well balanced and create a amazing learning and personal growth environment.
I loved my school and felt that I got a wonderful education where I could take many advanced and college credit plus courses resulting in enough college credits to enter as a sophomore. Miami East is continually ranked very high academically and has an outstanding grade card.
I also was afforded may extracurricular options. I am not a sporty girls but if I had been I could have participated in any sport offered at the typical high school. I was in choir, jazz band, musical, and several clubs. There is a lot for a student to get involved in and most students are highly motivated to join these clubs and sports. There is a great sense of Viking Pride among the student body and a good deal of support from them at sporting events.
Every school has issues and problems but I loved my school and am happy to have had the opportunity to graduate as a Miami East Viking.
My experience at Miami East has been a very memorable one. I have grown up in the Miami East community and created several friendships that will last a lifetime. The majority of everyone at Miami East is friendly. Some changes that I would like to see happen at Miami East are that the teachers would have more of a personal relationship with the students. That they try and connect and help the students have a greater experience growing up.
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Miami East is such a small school that it's easy to feel cared about and to get a personal approach to learning. Even though it is small and rural, the teachers are excellent and provide the education of a large school. Students often create personal relationships with teachers that evolve into friendships. However, Miami East's "anti-bullying" policy is not very well enforced, and the dress code is only enforced on certain people while others are permitted to wear what they wish. Even though it is a smaller country school, it has a lot to brag about in the way of athletics.
It was a great place to learn and discover my areas of interest. The staff is great and very helpful. Athletics are amazing and always a blast to play and watch. I think my school is one of the best places to attend in Ohio.
This school was amazing to me simply due to the focus on education and amount of discipline instilled in the students. It's a fun, loving and caring community that is quite easy to become a part of. Not much needs to change about this school. If it can stay on the track it is then it is on the road to success.
We have teachers, principals and a superintendent that care about us! The community support at our sporting events and concerts are unbelievable! We are a small school and I love it!
Miami East High School is a small, rural school that makes every student feel like part of a family. We pride ourselves on tradition. I liked attending MEHS so much because the community is absolutely amazing and you will always see the stands packed at any athletic event. Our administration and faculty are always there to help when someone is in need, without hesitation.
Miami East High School has a lot to offer for students that are willing to go the extra mile and put forth effort to excel. There are a variety of ways for students to find their "Niche" not only through sports, but also through a high caliber marching band and unique opportunities offered through the Miami Valley Career Technology Center. Since every student is has a unique set of interests, this is a great way to each individuality and meet their needs.
Best school in the district. Great teachers. Great body of students. Safe, friendly environment. Everyone feels like family. Top notch public school. Hope my kids can attend in the future.
The staff does a good job in taking steps to prevent bullying. There is nearly always an officer in the school to respond to any threats that may arrise, and drug sweeps occur from time to time at random.
There are a good variety of extracirriculars. Starting a club is relatively easy so long as the idea passes the approval of the administration.
I've gone to Miami East since kindergarten. The small community allows for a tight knit community that makes education a priority and school events are well supported.
Most teachers do really well in doing their jobs. Some go way beyond the job description, some do just more than the minimum. Overall there is a good learning environment.
The efficiency of the schools safety precautions are great.
The extracurriculars are outstanding at Miami East.
The teachers and all family members along with staff make it outstanding.
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The teachers and all staff is outstanding.
My school is fun & challenging; a good mix.
My teachers do anything to see me succeed.
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