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I am a current parent of two children at Miami Country Day School and it's been a wonderful experience thus far. Both children are so different as far as academics and interests are concerned and the school is a great fit for both. I have been at the school for eight years and have watched my children grow and evolve. Being a former New Yorker, I was new to Miami and looking for a sense of community in the school we chose. I was not disappointed. The unique whole child philosophy has given my children a unique outlook on their future and education. I highly recommend this school for families that are looking for a connection to the community, a strong academic college preparatory program and the teaching of core values.
Hold your noise and your wallet cuz you will need both hands. My kids went there for a total of 13 years combined.
The major and most important focus is philanthrophy. If can give the big bucks (100k plus a year per child ) to the school (not counting tuition) you will be fine. Better then fine. If you just want to pay the tuition or give a bit, you will be treated as a priah. In fact they may ask you to leave. If you dont plan on giving don’t think that you will be in the clear. The learning resource program (a joke) will cost you about 10k extra per child and they will be trying to get little jr into the program. Don’t forget the after school tutors (100 plus per hour and according to them every child should have many extra hours), and the school connected psychologists which almost every child needs (acccordinng to them).
I am a current parent at MCDS and I couldn't be happier! My child is learning and thriving and most importantly, he is happy. We both receive such a warm welcome every morning by staff and students alike. My son is involved in swimming and soccer and is excelling academically. The campus is gorgeous and allows for students to explore all of their interests from academics to the arts to athletics. Wonderful community to be a part of. I highly recommend Miami Country Day School!
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What I love about Miami Country Day School is that you're in a safe are and the teachers here give all of their time to you. The teachers give you everything you possibly need in order for you to understand the material they're teaching, I wouldn't want to change a thing.
Excellent institution. As a former student, I attended MCDS for Upper School. The curriculum was challenging and engaging and prepared me for college. As an alumnus, you are always welcomed back on campus to see many of the similar faces that have still been teaching there. The campus is gorgeous and continues to grow. The sports program have been in the national rankings and continue to get college scholarships.
MCDS is a great all inclusive private school. I attended stating eighth grade and I never wanted to leave again. I had the opportunity to meet great people and do a lot of very fun activities while still receiving a great education from teachers that care deeply about their students. Even to this day I remember as if it was yesterday that I was walking through the halls of the brand new buildings that the school had recently built. Every time I pass by I remember the amazing times I had going to soccer games, basketball games, live concerts and many other extracurricular activities.
Ive had two kids attend Miami Country Day School since 6 grade and could not be happier with the results. My oldest is now graduation and is in the college application process. We feel that he is ready for the next chapter in his life, thanks to his wonderful teacher at MCDS.
MCDS has a very creative environment in which each student is valued by his own uniqueness. Teachers are very well prepared and genuinely interested in their students. It's a great community.
My family has been very happy at Miami Country Day School. Let's put it this way - my kids love going to school. What more can a parent ask for? The teachers are caring and genuinely interested in your child's best interest. From the lunch person to the Director of the school - all amazing people. We have been at the school for 9 years so far. Good luck
This school is going downgrade every year. It became a collection of real estate property, beautiful architecture to hide the fact the academically it's getting worse. But this is due to the fact that in order to build this place every donator will be able to put his kids in school, no matter their performance in school or they behavior.
The high school has a drug problem, and elementary have no more room in the classroom. started with small classes of 16-18 became now around 20 in each class.
They are over exceeded the number of people that are allowed on the property, claiming not all students attend school every day, so they are not "formally" breaking the law.
From K thru 12th grade MCDS provided a remarkable school and educational experience for our child. Top to bottom, administration right down to the teachers and counselors the personal interest that was taken in our child was exceptional. The curriculum offered was first class and always challenged our child to work at his maximum potential. Ultimately his preparation for his college education and the guidance that he received to steer him to an optimal institution of higher learning was parents, we could not ask for, or have hoped for a more positive educational atmosphere and experience for our child.
Miami Country Day is a very welcoming community, and this provides a very safe environment, however academics are not as strong as they could be for the price of attending this school.
Academics in not the focus of the school. The class sizes have grown yearly and now can be 1 teacher to 23 children in the lower school. The teachers are hit or miss. Some are excellent and others are not. It is however a beautiful campus.
My son has attended since middle school, and we have been very satisfied thus far. The teachers have been very supportive and show a real interest in making sure your child succeeds. The campus and facilities are beautiful, secure, and state-of-the-art. There are numerous extracurricular and curriculum options for various student interests. The school also promotes community involvement. Overall, I highly recommend the school!
Lower school here is by far the best of the three divisions. The teachers create engaging lesson plans and the students are happy while they learn. Homework is given, but not too much.

By middle school though, students and parents who are truly interested in education, move on. Those that care about college and education, and choose to stay, do so with the mindset that it is better to be the best of the rest.

High school here caters to the rich and spoiled and teachers dumb down curriculum. Students have to work some to get good grades, but not as much as at other schools.

The school does very little to cultivate a community feel. There are 1 or 2 full school events during the school year. Most of the events that parents are invited to are to thank parents for donations. Community building is not a priority for the school.

Will your child be ok if they go here? Yes. Is it worth the tuition? No.
Being new to Miami Country Day, I have had my expectations surpassed with academics, activities, social and parent involvement. The teachers and all the staff know every student and focus on giving each child the best experience. Classes are extremely challenging and the school is very technologically advanced.
our experience thus far at MCDS has been amazing. My husband and I, as well as our daughter, are thrilled with her teachers, the after-school club activities this year (cooking, soccer, animals, science). she comes to and from school happy...every, single day. she truly embodies the mission of the school and we, as parents, see her growth as a "whole child."
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Miami Country Day School has great learning resources and dedicated teachers who are motivated and not afraid to push boundaries and expand students' minds.
Perfect balance of academics, creativity, sports. Amazing amount of diversity, great teachers. We have been in the school for 5 years now and our daughter loves school in every way. The lower school program is fantastic as it makes studying fun and fascinating. Kids learn with passion and not as robots like many other schools do nowadays.
Miami Country Day School is a great school with an amazing learning atmosphere and awesome teachers. I was able to connect with the majority of my teachers on a personal level and everyone is very friendly. It also offers great athletics and manages to balance it out with academics perfectly.