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Miami Coral Park Senior High School Reviews

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My experience at the magnet program at coral park is great being able to learn how to work with machine to do projects and is able to participate in physics class. Even though the classes I am taking is some what of a challenge it`a good experience.
I love the way the lunch system is set up and the 8 period method is brilliant. The one thing that really needs some change is the food served. Other than that most teachers are friendly and help students with their work. Senior year has been the only year that I've been taught about my future dealing with money, college, and life after Highschool.
Coral Park has been my school since I was a freshman, being an immigrant I wanted to learn English as soon as possible but the excess of Hispanics made English unnecessary and most students found it hard to learn and/or improve their English.
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I liked the love that teachers displayed for their students and teaching itself. I was not fond of the lunch, lack of diversity, 10:30 lunch time, 8 periods.
Miami Coral Park has a great band, after school programs, and academic opportunities. The school suffers with communication and marketing for their clubs and programs but offers what they can with a small budget.
Something I liked about Miami Coral Park SH is that there was a lot of diversity. I would like to see improvement in college readiness and academics.
I was an alumni of Coral Park, and I experienced a basic high school experience. I would have liked to see a difference in the administration with their quality of service and help. Also there was barely school spirit and was actually repressed.
Really underrated school. Great environment. The kids and teachers really care about the school. The magnet program is excellent.
Try to support the arts. They are important. Also, do not expect students to do all the testing given, most of the time the college they will apply to will not accept their testing scores.
The learning experience was great, the teachers are there to help the majority of the time. Like in every school, some don't always do their best but there's a great community of teachers and administration here to help the best they can.
I had a great expirience at Miami Coral Park Senior High School, a good enviroment and a safe place to study and stand out.
This isn’t one of the best schools but you do see the efforts the teachers are making to make a better learning milieu for the students.
My experience as a student of 4 years, was average. It was not excellent nor poor. I would like to see administration improve. Improve as in flexibility and understanding within the schools, such as hiring a second school psychologist for all individuals.
When I started as a freshman as I was intimidated because I was going to high school but I was also coming from a relatively small school without hardly any clubs, resources or even a field. There was only one building with everything in it. Now I feel its great to be at Coral Park, I am in the magnet engineering program and the teachers are always available to help and we always want to do do projects and participate in competitions because everyone works hard. Now I'm a senior and I get to be a teacher's aid in technical design and give back to the new engineering students.
Overall, my experience with Coral Park during my 4 years has been very enjoyable. Being in the magnet program has enabled me to excel academically by offering me more rigorous courses. On the other hand I would like to see a greater variety when it comes to food options during lunch and more funding implemented towards the sports teams.
I liked how passionate the teachers were about their classes. I would like to see a change in the school's presentation and lunch choices.
I have access to amazing clubs and an amazing education, my teachers are amazing and I can work to my full extent with the opportunities I have!
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I like the diversity in the school, some teachers are great just wish there was more dedication to students.
Teachers and Coaches were amazing! Activities were great have a great Activities Director! Great place for memories! Administration was good, safety was good. Great place to make long lasting friendships.
i really enjoyed my time at Miami Coral Park Senior High School due to the fact that most teaches worry about students and their learning progress. I also felt welcomed when I first stepped into the school even though I had been in the country for less than a year. My time at Coral Park is something that I wouldn't ever change. The strong bonds I made with teachers and the friends that I made are things that make you feel like you matter.
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