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Miami Community Charter High School Reviews

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I graduated from the school in June 2018 and my experience was a very average on nonetheless the school itself is small with 500 students in both Middle and High School but with a community like that you should feel comfortable and will eventually know everyone. The teachers will push you to do your work or turn it in, something that bigger school do not do. The education here isn't all that great but will lead you to want to know more if you put in effort. It is a safe school but with uniform policy meaning that you must wear certain sweater colors along with uniform.
I love this school since the day, I became a member (student) of this school, the school is small, has really kind people and a lot of friendly people. However the meals are bad, so good luck with that. Overall the school is nice, friendly and there is a big variety of people. I can tell because my best friend is from Thailand.
Miami community charter school is an amazing school. This school offers small classroom, the newest technology and a calm learning environment. since the classes are small students can have a more detailed learning experience from well educated teachers.
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I would like to see more changes. clubs like yearbook club,student council sports like mens volleyball,girls flag football and to be more hands on with students
Here at MCCHS (Miami Community Charter High School) I have experienced nothing but high-minded education. All of the teachers care for your well being and your future. Many of the teacher can give you extra care in your education by breaking lesson down specifically for your mind. I enjoy this school. It is well suitable for student who excel better in smaller schools.
This was a growing experience to come to this school, I met new people and i learned new things. The only thing that is not as good is promised is the programs and academics. The should be more programs to expose students to new things and get a feel of what the real world will be.
There could be better classes added to the school.
Everyone is in their own little groups.
Not a lot is offered other than sports.
The people around, the teachers and friends.
Great teaching strategies and patience.
I have enjoyed at all being in high school
The availability of technology is great we have computers and our school runs with online testing. When we need to do research on an assignment we borrow laptops from the library but we must get permission and teacher signature to receive a laptop. And the time of return my be approximate and no longer. So the system of borrowing a laptop is great.
I love every single teacher. My teachers are very supportive and when I have concerns I could ask them and they would give great advise. I love how they teach and If I don't understand I'll ask for help and they would invite me to after school tutoring which has help me pass exams and quizzes and understand More.
The athletic programs is okay not many students tend to join but they do have spirit in tournaments and team performance. As a school we love supporting our home teams since we are a small school. Our coach Constantly tells cheers for the team on the p.a even though we may have had losses.
We have computer academics which I found to be good for out school it provides students to take in interest in such area. The teachers in these areas are experts and teach students the basics and ways around this academic. Which I found to be useful.
The school food options is okay but not very preferred. It provides a side of fruits but the main food isn't really enjoyable. Since most of the time meat is being served it gets boring but I do enjoy the fruits and milk. The cafeteria is kept cleaned by the cafeteria supervisors.
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There is hardly any peer pressure acceptance is big when nee students arrive we tend to welcome them.
There is many clubs in school and the sports have a good amount. There is always something pretty cool going on
We do not have a school nurse at that moment. The school is safe and it feels like a family.
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