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Excellent school with great teachers. Very secured with police officers. Has awesome sports team and I was blessed to be part of the 2017 Baseball State Champion team.
I love attending Miami Christian School. There really is no words absolute. It's the best. If I could do It all over again I would have come in Pk.
Not many people have school spirit that's why, but I think it's the people that matter most is what make your high school experience
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Their communication skills are good, they are good in what they do its just the students don't let them teach so that's why they just stop trying or it's harder for them.
The technology here is very out dated, not many parents are involved unless you really make them involved. The buildings are out dated as well but they just remodeled a bit so it's slightly better but not enough.
We don't have a school nurse, no real health programs, there's some certain foods that are heathy but the rest is all greasy. They just don't really have much amenities for the students to utilize.
Dress code in the school isn't that strict, like you can get away with it most of the time. Attendance, they check if people are present or absent in the morning. There's not really guidance counsellors here. I guess you could say the guidance counselors here would be any teacher you feel comfortable to come to but not really a specific guidance counselor.
Some extra curricular activities are beta club, cooking, study hall, etc. the most popular is beta club, you do community service hours and even after school you could always go to the teachers and help them out with work and get hours as well. Always something you can do here to make the school better.
The application process is having your parents enroll you and have to pay for an enrollment fee. Academic requirements include having a 2.5 or higher. You can increase your chances if you're there to play a sport like baseball or basketball or if you has siblings come here before. The financial aid process you could apply onto k-12 scholarship for people who don't make enough money and they give you like some money scholarship or if you have any disabilities they provide you with money.
This school has lots of extracurricular activities being clubs and sports. This school values the athletes a lot. Supports all games, they do cheers and even provide days to go to their championship games. School's sports are Basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer and softball.
Getting in wasn't a breeze you had to do an entrance exam and pass the English and Math part with 7 or higher max being 10. Then you had to come to the school when they wanted you to come not when you planned it and have an interview with the principal.
The time i spent in this school shaped me into the person i am today i will never regret attending this school, and nothing any one says about it will ever change my opinion on that.
The teachers are very friendly and try to help the best they can, but each one is themselves sometimes detracting from what the students can learn.
The facilities have to get an upgrade they are there, but every room is really old.
The school is safe the students are just kids wanting to hang out and do what every like any other high schoolers a cross the country, but most of them are good kids and science there are not to many students everyone tends to be friends.
The teachers at time become very easy to convince, but mostly assets the issues with the students.
This school has several types of arts and sports, and some clubs.
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This school will allow almost anyone to attend, because it has a very low population of students and need more. Therefore anyone can enter the school.
I only attended this school for my senior year. The school that I attended for my first 3 years prepared me by offering Honors classes.
My guidance counselor helped me all the way until the day I graduated. She helped me almost every week trying to find out where to apply, the schools that have my interest etc. The staff really cared and showed an interest in what we were doing with our lives.
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