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Miami Central Senior High School Reviews

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My experience at at Miami Central Sr. High school was pretty good Ive never had any problems and I get pretty good grades so I can’t complain.
My experience about Miami central was really fun . The thing I like about the school is they cooperate with u and they explain how can u improve in your classes and your grades.
Miami Central is not the best school but it is a good school. Some of the teachers actually care about our education and us passing our classes. But, one thing i would like the school to change is there SPIRIT!! Its not really shown from the teacher or students. Everybody is so serious, there isn’t much fun to enjoy with all the faculty members being such a burdened to our excitement in school.
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Don't bother sending your child here unless they want to become a professional football player. The school is known for and good for it's football team, but nothing else. If your child is especially academically minded or would like to be involved in myriad clubs (including, but not limited to, theatre club), then don't bother sending them here. The school pumps all of its resources into the athletes--specifically the football team--and everyone else is at a huge disadvantage. The academic standards are extremely low and the monochrome culture is very toxic and oppressive to anyone that does not fit into the stereotype of kids that you'd expect to find at this school (assuming you've heard about the school's bad reputation).
At Miami central SHS i had wonderful experience so far. I have a wonderful relationship with staff and the students everyone is involved in the school activities. The schools have a lot of spirit and when we play football games almost the hold school would attend. But, my overall experience at Miami Central Senior High School have been wonderful and i would like it to go that way for the rest of the time i have here.
What I loved at Miami Central is how connected everybody became when it came time for class activities and events and games. My high school has a lot of school spirit. But the security and safety of the school is very poor and can affect student education. Also the food in the cafeteria could be completely better considering that food is brain food and no one can think of am empty stomach especially if the food is not your cup of tea. The teachers can be more hands on and more for the students proving that they understand the material rather than expecting that they got it because students can fail and have poor academic performance like that.
My favorite part of the school day was when it ended. My freshmen year they revoked the bus my uncle and older brother would ride to and from school.
I had to walk everyday for four years just because I lived less than two miles from the school. I almost got robbed six times during these walks. When I told the staff about it they told me to fill out a form which was the same form I had already filled out in my freshman year regarding the same issue. The administration is full of people that will tell you "they will look into it" and this means they're not going to do jack. I had a tardy problem because sometimes it would rain early in the morning and I'm not trying to get sick for being careless. The only person that was actually considerate was Mr. Ross from SCSI because if I had a reasonable excuse for being late he would actually be understanding about it. I never disrespected him my four years there.
I would like to see the saftey andthe teachers to not be as bais to incoming students. What I'm saying is that teacher will judge students because of past students who related to them.
Miami central showed me stuff that I never knew about. I’m glad that I came to this school my 11 grade. Miami central is a top school in academics & sports. Also this class year was one of the best class In 20 years to graduate 85% of your senior kids. They got me ready for college & I appreciate everything they have done for me. I never thought I would go to college until I got to Miami central and they show me how I can’t miss opportunities. I would like to thank all the staff who help me in this rough process.
In Miami Central I experienced in finding myself, understanding this world and the people around me. Also, know how to communicate with others. I love how students are able to express themselves. Miami Central has a variety of different school clubs and activities that students can join. Sports such as football, tennis, baseball etc. Elective classes are technology class, cosmetology, art, drama, etc. Few students are select to be in IPerp and magnet program and J.O .T.C. (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps).
Teachers work hard with students and see how they learn. Administrations encourage students and say they must sign up for a scholarship. On some days we are in a lockout. That means students have six minutes to go to class or that they are locked in for the remainder of the week. This teaches students the responsibility to be on time.
Some changes I would like to see are, the school provides the students with more laptop, more toilet papers, and more safeguards.
Throughout my time attending Central, it has been a unique experience. The class assignment was mutual, countless activities and entertainment. although the school wasn't scholastically based it surely was a perfect opportunity to craft every students enteracting and communication skills.
I really liked the school activities and the teachers that helped me graduate on time. Central is a very nice school .
Miami central senior high school is a very good school. I spent only one year in this school but this year was full of happiness. I really appreciate the way that the teachers teache and help students forward success. There is no discrimination regarding your skin color, your family etc.. everybody is received the same treatment . The administration organize every activities carefully and safely. There is nothing i would change in this school
My experience at Miami Central Senior High School was an experience that I can't forget. Though the administration & teachers were hard on us, I still managed to have the best four years in school. I appreciate how they were open to talk to you when needed especially when times were rough. It was one teacher named Mr. Tonioli that really made my freshman "lit". Being able to know that he was always there to help us strive to our fullest potential.
My overall experience at Miami central high has been tremendous. My 9th and 10th grad year trying out for football was a great experience I got to enjoy with my fellow peers. Also the school pride is something Ibeill never be able to forget through the basketball games and the the pep rallies everything was awesome. I was able to groom into a young man with the help of my teachers and counselors. Now I graduate Monday June 4th, 2018 3pm I could finally say I did it.
I have plenty of older friends that went to Central and I have a lot of friends that will be graduating from central including myself . Over all it’s a really good school , good opportunities, Good teachers and it’s fun .
I liked some of the classes because they helped me learn things I never knew before. But I didn't like how they were so last minute when it came to grades and requirements. I also didn't get that much help with my counselors when I needed help with graduation preparations.
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I have always believed transferring from a private high school to a public high school was going to make me feel isolated among thousands of kids. After my first day in school, my perspective about life changed. The teachers were extremely nice that they showed me to my classes. The students were so diverse that we even shared some cultural believes. I learnt from my school that "numbers doesn't determine the level of love and care shown to you, you willingness to open your heart and embrace those numbers does".
I would like to see more involvement with actual academics rather than sports at Miami central. Central has good diversity.
I love the administrators they are ok I learned a lot at the school being the years I have been there I learned a lot my four years there. They have some of the best teachers and student body everybody comes together as one. The activities they take us on are great. We have a lot of fun as as seniors. The principle makes a lot of changes for us at the school so it can be safe for everybody. I think If you wanted to send your child there you could because it’s a good school for them to attend. The school all four years were great. Thanks to the faculty there we learned a lot
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