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Miami Carol City Senior High School Reviews

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Miami carol city is an average school could be better. I hope they change better class placement according to the students needs not the schools wants
My Experience At Miami Carol City Have Been The Most Wonderful Four Years I Have Had. I Would Start By Saying That We Have Wonderful Teachers That Will Help You Even If You Ask Them Or Not. I Was Diagnosed With A disability When I Was In Middle School I Cant Read Or Write I Felt Worthless But When I Came To Miami Carol City I Didn’t Feel That Because The Teacher Always Told Is That We All Have Something That We Need To Work On Or Get Better At. From That Day I Didn’t Feel Alone They Had After School tutoring. They Had Programs That We Could Get Into For Fun. I Felt Like I Could Do A lot And Never Feel How I Felt Before And Now I Can Say That The Teacher At My school pushed me to do better it was many days I wanted to give up and drop out but no they helped me. I graduated from Miami Carol City with a GPA that’s a 3.2.
I liked the administrative staff of Miami Carol City Senior High School. The ladies in the office are very pleasant and helpful. The students are helpful. When I could not find my class this boy brought me to my class even though helping me made him late for his class. While I was in class, this girl I was sitting beside offered to be friends with me because I was new. The teachers are nice too and quite understanding.
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I like that alot of the administration always wanted to see me succed even though sometimes I would doubt myself that I wouldn't be able to achieve my dream. I loved that they always try to make me see the bigger picture not of high school and how high school is just preparing you for what is next. I loved that they basically really care as long as you try to care for yourself. Somethings that I hate is that our school doesn't have no more school spirt anymore because of administration with petty stuff. Our school doesn't have enough teachers making the school great with our no more existing academies which helped bring in more of the bright kids, but that's overall in dade-county public schools that we are low on teachers.
What I liked most about Miami Carol City was that everyone that was apart of the staff helped you throughout your four years so that you would be graduation ready.
I would love to see the administration and overall teaching system change about this school. It has potential to become one of the better schools in south Florida, but it is being held back by the foolish administration and idiotic decisions that they make.
Miami Carol City Sr. High school was the best thing that could happen to me. I've gained so many amazing friends, met some amazing teachers, danced with phenomenal women, and excel because of he faculty and staff. I will forever live, eat, and breath "ORANGE, BLACK, and WHITE". and it will always remain "CHIEF PRIDE". Matter of fact, our class picnic and soon come reunion is approaching this year. I am a proud graduate from Miami carol City Sr.High Class of 2009
I've been a student at Miami Carol City since my freshman year, and I think this school is a really great school. The students here are very easy-going, the teachers are very loving and always want their students to get the best education. The administration first priority is keeping the students safe and I will miss being able to come to a school where everyone is full of spirit and happiness.
When I attended Miami Carol City Senior High I saw the teachers trying their best to provide students with the proper education. However, I feel that the administration can be a bit more respectful not only to students but parents as well. All in all, the teachers I had, and the experiences I was a part of made my high school journey great!
my experience has been an excellent one. Carol City is a great school that cares for the well being of its students. They always go the extra mile in making sure every child has what he/she needs to begin their day in class.
Carol city high school is a wonderful place to start your high school years. I have learned a lot from going there and met great people as well. I still have teachers that I keep in contact with and the help me with information that I don’t know as I’m going through my second year of college. I would recommend kids that are headed to high school to go there because the teachers and faculty are good at doing their job and makes everyday a learning opportunity for all students.
The school spirit is immense. There are teachers who care more than others and then we have the ones who don't but that's every school. There wasn't as much diversity as I hoped for but there was diversity. I would change the administration I hope for administrators that don't look blame the next person for their mistakes, that does not show the students how adults should conduct themselves. Nonetheless, the students do help each other through every situation because their mindset as seniors is to pull through and finish together.
The teachers were great. The principal was very difficult and hard to work with, but the teachers made up for the areas he lacked. Sadly, majority of those teachers are no longer at the school because they were disgusted with how the Principal operated the school.
I am entering my senior year here, and I'm here to tell you, this school needs a massive upgrade. It is poorly ran, below average teachers, and a staff who puts more emphasis on sports rather than academics. The students are unmotivated, who lack any guidance and are dipping every year, academics and test wise. It is safe to say I did not enjoy my four year tenure here and can not wait to leave.
At carol city, It was an average high school experience. It wasn't that bad of a school, as long as you did your work and stayed out of trouble. We didn't really get a lot of field trips, which disappointed me but other than that, with my friends there by my side, the experience wasn't too bad.
It was an amazing 4 years of high school for me at this school. It was diverse and everybody had an amazing amount of school spirit.
I, Vanessa Cesar have attended Miami Carol City Senior High school for my 11-12 grade year. Education here was very nice and important not only to the students but also the educator. I really enjoyed my time here. Perhaps, the thing that should change and improve is the violence in the area that is brought to the school. Overall, Miami Carol City SHS is great!
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Well I went to and graduated from Carol City Senior High School over 10years ago and the experience was great!! The magnet program alongside the criminal justice program allowed me to leave the school with 24 college credits !! The guidance counselors were very hands on and helped me become a productive citizen!
I would love to see more alumni come back to teach at the school versus going to other schools. The athletics are still superior but the band has lost some of its luster. Maybe with more community involvement and alumni support Carol City can become the overall premier school in the Miami area.
Going to Miami Carol city Senior HighSchool was one of the best decisions of my life. Education wise it's back and forth. There are great teachers and there are teachers that leave a lot to be desired. But this taught me lot about being self sufficient and confident in my academic ability. Going there taught me that sometimes you have to be willing to do extra work to get extraordinary results.
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