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Miami Beach Senior High School Reviews

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Beach High was an alright school with alright teacher but i no doubt made good memories there and had some fun while learning a thing or two. I would have not gone to any other school any how so i carry no regrets.
Miami Beach Senior High provides a diverse learning environment. Success is contingent on a student's willingness to excel in their studies. There are a lot of academic resources at the school, however, again it is up to the student to decide how they take control of their academics.
Miami Beach Senior High was a fantastic experience for me. Coming from a strict charter middle school. It was a change like no other because it the four it has given me could not be compared to what I witnessed in middle school. The variety of people you could meet and make friends with were life changing because I've had enjoyment and laughter levels that were never surpassed in my life. Education wise, it was manageable and many of my professors were understandable and could connect to you not only in education but in a pop-culture where they could understand you more. Getting to graduation was enjoyable and straightforward like as mentioned that the professors enjoy working with the students as long as the students put in their effort to have their desired goals to graduate high school. I've had adventures outside of school because of the clubs I've joined, community service hours and friends that I've made in school.
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Miami Beach Senior High School is a great school. If you are in the scholars program it is even better. At this school you have access to many things that prepare you for college including AP courses and dual enrollment courses. The teachers here are amazing and the faculty are even better. I have access to many resources and I can explore many different areas of interest. I highly recommend the scholars academy at Miami Beach Senior High School and I am glad to call myself a Hi Tide forever.
The IB program is amazing. The school does not restrict the amount of AP/IB classes you may take and it really allows you to expand your horizons. The rest of the school is somewhat underfunded.
I really liked the diversity of the school. I got to meet a bunch of people of all color, ethnicity, religion, and so on. I he some trouble with the maintence of the school though.
My experience was wonderful; I was part of an ecology club that changed the landscape of the school implementing more ethical thinking on the way we use agriculture in our daily lives and how to be more thoughtful about our environmental impact. I would like to see more focus on teaching kids what the world people have to face outside of high school, a focus on drivers ed or home economics etc. There are many financial aspects that adults deal with that I was not ready for nor did I understand.
Miami Beach Senior High School provides students with the opportunity to explore their passions while still taking rigorous courses to be prepared for college.
What I like about my school is that it offers a wide range and number of classes such as regular, Honors, AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment. What I wish to see them improve is them have provide more guidance in our school because we have only 1 college counselor for our 2000+ students and the few grade counselor we have we barely see them. I also see that they do not fund much the sports program at our school.
The open environment in Miami Beach Senior High is very relaxing and comforting. Some of the teachers in Miami Beach Senior High are very dedicated and diligent to provide their students with the necessary information to progress in their academic careers and more.
Miami Beach Senior High is a school with great potential if the right staff was employed. The staff gives the kids little freedom around the school. They made everyone stay in the lunch room, like if we were little kids. To improve this situation they let the students walk around the school as if they were in college. Fewer fights will a result of this because students will not be confined to an area and overall student happiness.
I have been attending Miami beach senior high for the last 4 school years and in my opinion while it is not the best school in terms of either sports and academics it is and average school that is able to satisfy the needs of the school populace which is mainly made of lower income Hispanic families. Some of the aspects in which the school lacks however is that the schools faculty mainly the teachers seem to not care about their job and thus lead to kids failing certain classes.
I loved the environment and the people. The school was fun and had a lot of activities going on for the students. Plus, the teachers were great too! I learned a lot about myself and I was able to grow as an individual. Everyone was so friendly and accepting over there. It's a nice school and I recommend it!
The scholar's program is a great program which offers hard, and advanced class that makes me be able to push myself. Overall most of the teachers are great and want me to be my best.
Miami beach senior high administration doesn't seem to focus on the students' performance in school but rather focus on things such as uniform and absences. There are some remarkable teachers but they have to follow the horrible administration. The administration would take out AP teachers during the year to Proctor EOCs in which their own students aren't taking.
I enjoyed how many of the teachers engaged the students in their lessons, and continued to teach them throughout the year.
MBSH is an upcoming school. It did really well before I came into the school as a freshman but dropped its grade ranking through my sophomore and junior year. Although the big drop, I can see an improvement in my senior year and have high hopes for the school. It provided great opportunities to graduate early or graduate with at least a good amount of college credit. I find that extremely important.
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Miami Beach Senior High is a pretty good school. The teachers in English and History are solid educators. The location of the school is especially awesome as it is close to everything South Beach, which means exposure to diverse communities. Great for Arts too.
Miami Beach Senior High school was a good school where I was able to learn from certain teachers. One thing that theu should change is the way they choose their teachers so they can be appropriate for a specific course.
The International Baccalaureate Program at Miami Beach Senior High School was phenomenal. It was an incredible program to be a part of, as it was challenging, advanced, and had a very global outlook. The professors were incredibly hands on and caring. The school is located in the heart of Miami Beach--a few minutes away from the beautiful beach and many other locations.
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