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Miami Arts Studio 6-12 at Zelda Glazer Reviews

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This is the school I graduated from and I can definitely say that this school is one of the BEST art schools in Miami.
Miami Arts Studio makes you feel like family. If you want to pursue a career in the performing arts, this school is the right place for you. The teachers and administration are very invested in your well being as a student and will go to the extremes to satisfy your needs. You have 8 periods so you have
more than enough time and space for academics and your art form.
I absolutely love my school. I have been here all four years of my high school experience, I have been able to dance every single day and practice my passion. Without the strictness and regulations this school has I probably could of been a different person. This school forces you to stay on track and takes on you on the road to success, if you let it. Very recommended school for intellectual, dedicated students!
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MAS is like if a soccer mom was a school. Like it’s so unlike any other public school I’ve seen. It’s a pretty pure school compared to other High Schools and Middle Schools. They also really really prepare you for college because they WANT you to go to a good college. Like you need to get 25 hours of community service per year and things like that. And they have a whole class freshmen take that answers all your questions on how to apply for college and things like that. Overall it’s a really good school and the people there are really nice. (also very lgbt friendly!)
As the first graduating class alumni of this magnet arts school, I would like to see an expansion among the lesser known arts programs that are offered in this school. Some programs may include the Technical Production strand and Music strand. I would also like the inclusion of the new state-of-the-art facility coming in the near the future to have a smooth transition into a fully functioning arts school which will set itself apart from any other performing arts school in the residing Miami area.
MAS is a loving and caring school. The principal is so involved with all of the students activities. Teachers are aware and considerate of the students schedule.
MAS was my home for 7 years. I was treated as family by my teachers, administration, and fellow student body. I recommend MAS to anyone who is considering the school because it was truly safe, focused on the well being of it's students, and always welcoming us with warm smiles.
Being a six year student at MAS, I have absolutely the upmost appreciation for the knowledge and the help they gave me to evolve my craft of music. Being the ONLY school in the county with an in-house recording studio, I see nothing but potential for future student who pursue any career. MAS makes it happen by teaching students how to balance responsibilities between rehearsals and homework. With college around the corner I feel prepared and motivated by the staff and my peers to get a degree in my field of study and have all the resources I need to make it happen. Thanks to Dr. Balsera and the staff, MAS's only DJ Llano.
The teachers here at MAS (especially Mr.Pate, the technology production teacher) truly do care about your future. The support/advice they give you on your future for university is a unique asset to this school that no other local school has.
The atmosphere is tight knit, like a family, due to its small class sizes. For example, the senior class consisted of only about 100 students, and the junior class of about 115. This gives the teachers a chance to get more involved with their students, accommodating them personally when needed. It's also very secure because of its small high school and active administration. Overall I'd say I've enjoyed my time at this middle-high from being a sixth grader to now as a junior.
Zelda Miami Arts Studio was a great middle school. The band and music teacher was a great asset to the school. My son was excited to be in band and in orchestra. He learnt how to play the trombone, baritone and viola there. Teachers were available to discuss diverse topics with parents. My son attended there as a middle school. Unfortunately, the school had just turned into a high school that year and not enough academic programs and high STEM courses were available, but overall a great school
I love Miami Arts Studio. It has become a second home to me and my classmates. The campus is beautiful, the teachers are awesome, and the success or their students is their number one priority.
This is my first and only year at MAS @ Zelda Glazer 6-12. As an incoming senior, the students and staff were extremely welcoming and I was able to adjust very quickly. For being an arts school, the academics and stress on core education is extremely impressive and students are as competitive with their grades as they are in talent. This community is very diverse and the administration is extremely involved and work hard to guarantee a 100% graduation and college acceptance rate. Along with the education and community, the environment is extremely safe and hygienic with janitorial staff constantly working.
Good school. Good school. Good school. Good school. Good school. Good school. Good school. Good school. Good school. Good school. Good school. Good school.
It is a great school. After 4 1/2 years here, I have learned a lot and I am prepared for college and I am still in 9th grade. The magnets are amazing. I highly recommend tech production as it is the best when preparing you for the future.
I've attended this school since i was in 6th grade and i am now a sophomore in highschool and the school is very supportive and helps out with everything a student needs to be succesful.
I've been apart of Zelda Glazer since I was in 6th grade. Everyone is extremely helpful and understanding. AP course are given during high school. The teachers are absolutely wonderful. They prepare you and truly care for your future.
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Teachers were very engaged, caring, and professsional. School is home to some of the best teachers I have ever been taught by in all of my public school experience. If I could relive the years I spent at zelda, I would.
I have not heard back from one teacher
I have not heard about any problems at the school
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