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Miami Arts Charter School is an excellent school that is strong academically and in the arts. We just found out it has been ranked an A school and has been named a College Success Award winner. We couldn't be happier!
I had a good experience while I was enrolled in the performance arts school. It was one of the first schools I had ever attended. Overall, I learned a lot that I hadn't known; mostly social. The academics were usually very good; however, as the years went on, the curriculum changed and it wasn't as advanced as before.
Miami arts charter at homestead is a great place for those who want to pursue the arts. The school hosts various events for the arts as well as sports activites and club meetings.
All classes are honors and they do offer ap classes and dual enrollment but overall the school is pretty great
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This school is subpar. The principal is never there, and when his is, he’s there to clear up some controversy he’s likely been roped into. My art was never given any field trips or shows, the school rather giving them to more popular arts such as, dance or chorus. The academics are poor, teachers are never there and when they happen to show up, they don’t teach at all. My math teacher was missing for over two months before quitting. We had subs until their eventual replacement. The textbooks are all ripped up and haven’t been replaced in years, despite complaints. The students here are toxic and care more about petty drama and how many likes their Instagram posts get than even bothering to do their class work or homework. I’ve only been in this school for a year and I’ve already decided that I won’t be coming back.
In my tour years at this school it has been a roller coaster ride. My freshman year was probably the best because it was my first time in high school but then things start going down the drain. My sophomore year of high school I have been through 4 math teachers and learned nothing at all. The faculty can not seem to hire qualified teachers who actually teach and help students succeed. In all the arts students including my self feel restricted and forced to perform work we do not want to and it no longer makes being in the arts fun. Finally for my senior it was going smooth till the school had 4 scandals with teachers leaving my senior class without a teacher for 2 months and now all we have is a substitute who can't even prepare us for college. Also, the math class for senior is extremely poor because the teacher they have hired does not teach the right material to us, fails to help students, and doesn't simply know how to teach.
As a student who’s spent a lot of time at the school, it’s a fraud of an arts school! The art teachers are heavily influenced by favoritism especially the theatre program as it’s one of the biggest programs but only the same 5 go on stage, talent being wasted! Academically there’s only two good teachers who know what they are doing.
My experience with Miami Arts Charter School has not necessarily been a bad one. On the contrary-- I have made some amazing friends and met some life-changing teachers-- but my experience is not a shared one. Many of my classmates have a severe gap in their knowledge in crucial subjects such as math and English due to the school's inability to hire and maintain a qualified staff. For the first years of the Homestead campus, and even this most recent school year, teachers have come and gone, many times without a suitable replacement. This instability has left many of my peers at a disadvantage, seeing as they are missing entire year's worth of information. Many of the teachers who have made it through the years are spectacular; but I'm afraid that they simply cannot make up for the lack of an education that MAC students have received.
It's a very good school to study the arts, with the visual arts department excelling above all others. It's a very progressive, friendly school, and everyone feels like family. Unfortunately, it lacks in academics and funding, but the experience is wonderful nonetheless and many students go on to be accepted into the colleges of their choice in the artistic field they choose to study.
They need to do better with some teachers at the homestead campus
But overall its a great place and i place i feel all types of people are accepted
Though there is always room for improvement, I can say I enjoyed my experience at MAC very much. Not only did the school grow a lot since I started, but it opened up my mind to a whole new musical world and I learned so much there. As a senior who is graduating this year, I wish them the best.
students are welcoming and warm and come from a diverse set of backgrounds. some teachers are good and the school is safe.
I attend MAC as a student. I'm in the visual arts program and I don't personally know all the other art teachers, so I'm speaking from my experience within my art and my art teachers. I'm bombarded, in a good way, with college-level art homework and I feel like it really prepares me in term of going to college as for my academics they're average, they're not bad but they're not great either, MAC has trouble finding teachers sometimes. We don't have sports besides like PE because it's a mandatory credit. The food is, compared to public school lunches, is not that bad.
Auditioning for Miami Arts Charter was the best decision I ever made because this school has been absolutely amazing. Yes, there isn't a single sports program and there's often times when you'll get a few teachers just for one course. But overall, the school connects people of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures who really want to study their art and it's truly awe-inspiring to work with talented artists both in my department and outside of it. This school will give you hilarious stories to tell other people as well as actually learning about how to perform your art on a professional level. We're all one big, crazy MAC family, and I love it.
The community is definitely amazing, the students are so open minded, nice, caring. It seems as if you are all a family. But the administration is not the best. Very strict rules that are applied only half the time. The principal does not seem to care about the students but overall, an average school.
Overall being a student at Miami Arts Charter has given me many opportunities in making new friends and having them become people to look up too and making you a better person. The teachers are extremely helpful in providing the resources in making your high school education and experience the best. The school environment is the best and you will not find any bullying of some sort and everyone will treat you just as they would would want to be treated. The staff is wonderful and yes their might be ups and downs in some choices the school makes but in the end of the day it’s for the better. Just being in that school has made me realize my goals in life and where I would want to be.
The environment is very supportive and involving. The teachers are great and always there for the student when in need. The schooling system is great for students who go slower than others or faster. The diversity of the school makes it easy to make friends across the school.
The school is great when it comes to teacher student relationships, academics from my experience have been ok but extremely poor in math and little to no college readiness. The main reason for remaining in that school is the amazing creative writing program.
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The principal does not care about his students and he is barely present at the school. Even though it is an arts school, students still enjoy the sports aspect of high school. So there need to be more sports related activities. There could also use an increase in clubs. Every year, high school students get to go to a 5-day overnight camp at Umatilla, which is always an amazing experience!
Miami Arts Charter school is a great school that allows you broaden your horizon among the different variety of student that attend the school. You learn from your art and manage to develop skills from it. You gain creativity and are highly praised for it by all the students attending the school as well. It's a great atmosphere and a great place to love.
Miami Arts. A art school with some of the best students you will find in Florida. Even though the school may is very good, it could use some improvements. The academics are average and many of the teachers aren’t involved in the students education. Some teachers are very involved in the students studies but most don’t even teach. If the teachers actually taught then we would be a excellent school. Our security may well be one of the top rated and administration is average also. The school is very good and overall I would rate it excellent.
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