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MFL Mar Mac has great teachers and many different opportunities for students to help them with both high school and college credit. When going into college, I'd like to see more support when it comes to students.
I love the size of my school. We all know one another, and although the teachers at the school can't always offer the classes right there, our school does a great job getting us a variety of classes in other manners. The great part about a small school is the connection between teacher and students and student to students. When I'm having a bad day, the teacher's know me well enough to under that this action of mine is out of the ordinary. Or they can recognize when I'm struggling. By having a small school, I'm also able to engage in multiple extracurriculars, because all the leaders understand how heavily involved the majority of us are. Through this, I learn time management. Although the school isn't perfect, there's so much effort to keep it at a quality level, that it really shows. I honestly wouldn't trade this school, because it's helped me define who I am. The stuff that will matter in the future is good and that's what I'll remember.
I really enjoyed how accomodating the administration was, you can tell they certainly love their jobs!
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I learned a lot, but not enough to where I feel extremely confident going into college. I think that the
My overall experience was good. I wish I could have prepared for college a little more than I was able to. I know it is hard for high school students to prepare for college and still focus on their work as a high school student.
The clubs are great and full of dedicated people, it's just that generally speaking they don't have the money or faculty to run clubs as easily as could be. The speech club has had several people make it to all-state for the first time in yeas this year, we've just got a debate team, and our national honor society has become active. I hope that means that school will become more involved in non athletic groups. The only other issue is that they don't have anyone in the school willing to provide assistance as a director of a school play. They have a musical in the fall which is great, but most schools around the area have a spring musical and fall play. It'd be nice to have a director for both.
The teachers are generally really decent, some of them can gossip a little too much.
I would definitely pick this school again if I were doing it all over again. This school allows for students to get more one-on-one interactions with teachers and also provides a lot of extra help for students struggling. All of the teachers have your best interest in mind while teaching and helping. The staff and administration at this school help and allow for the students to be extraordinary in each individuals abilities!
From what I hear about the other schools in the area, this is the best. As long as you are respectful, pay attention, and be yourself, you will have a great time here!
Someone literally puked on the school nurse's shoe and the nurse made them stay at school. That should speak for itself.
This school has a lot of character, good or bad. The students can be snotty or rude, but they can also be incredibly nice. The teachers range from great to not so.
The food here would not be so bad if you had not heard stories of things found in food. I have personally witnessed rubber bands and chunks of hair being found in food. It's better to just buy food from the cart next to where you punch in your number, because these were packaged by actual companies, aka less chances of things in your food. A la carte offers fruit roll ups, reduced fat chips that taste slightly different than the regular kind, granola bars, packs of dry cereal, and occasionally ice cream. Accompanying that is different types of beverages, like Gaterade (name brand!!), apple juice, and different flavored waters, along with Capri Suns.
Many students go out for sports and stay out for them. Occasionally there might be issues between coaches and athletes, but usually there is a good mutual respect between the two. This school has one big issue, however, and that is the wrestling. Do not join wrestling unless you are certain you will be able to stay in without any conflict whatsoever.
While some teachers are lacking, this school also has a few teachers who try and try every day to make sure their students get the most out of their class. I can think of a few teachers who definitely need to improve their teaching methods, just having students do fill-in-the-blank questions for weeks on end. Other teachers have made a very noticeable difference in the knowledge students have by either making their subjects fun to learn, making sure students feel able to ask questions, or honestly just grading against such a high standard students have to know exactly what they are doing if they want to stay in the class, and teaching such an important class students motivate themselves to pay attention.
School spirit is off the charts. This school has won local awards for how pumped its students get during games, doing things like 'silent night', where they don't cheer until the team scores a certain number of points, or pink out for breast cancer awareness. The school and the community work together diligently to make sure the teams try their hardest and the crowd supports them through it all, whether it be basketball, football, or another sport.
I have absolutely loved my experience at this school. I get along with everyone including students and teachers. I love how much school spirit and participation we have. It is so fun to go to a school that takes pride in the school and all the events. I would definitely choose this school again if I could do it all over. I haven't experienced any other school setting but I think this school really stands out amongst others. I've heard from many students who have transferred here that they enjoy this school over others due to the amount of respect, school spirit, and positive attitude/environment.
Each day our meal consists of milk or orange juice, fruit and/or vegetable, and a piece of meat. The food groups are properly portioned. They also offer a snack cart as well with granola bars, fruit roll ups, etc.
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The principal is always helpful. Our guidance counselor is extremely easy to talk to about any problems and I think she has eliminated many problems amongst students in this school because of her eligibility to talk to. Our school does its best to avoid bullying especially with our laptops. We don't necessarily have a dress code, just don't allow spaghetti strap tank tops, short shorts, and other clothing that exposes too much skin. Students attend school regularly which prevents having to make an attendance policy. We don't have one at this time.
There are numerous athletic and fitness opportunities at this school. The weightroom is available before and after school almost everyday of the week. There are sports year-round offered as well for both men and women if they are interested. We have volleyball, cross country, football, basketball, wrestling, track, baseball, and softball. We have outstanding fan support and school spirit. At basketball events we often have a "Black Out" or "White Out" where the fans wear black or white so the stands are one color. The crowds are always loud and love to cheer on the team.
I feel our teachers do their best to provide the best learning environment for the students. They all use technology each and everyday, not only because the students have 1-1 laptops but because it fits in with their lessons. The teachers always have open ears and are respectful of students' comments and questions. When teaching lessons, the teachers are very knowledgable of the topic and thoroughly explain it to ensure the students understand it. Before and after school, the teachers are available to approach if any questions or comments arise.
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