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Meyersdale Area High School Reviews

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My experience at Meyersdale has been positive throughout the years. We have good community involvement and close relationships with teachers. The biggest change I would make is the food.
My favorite experiences include athletics. While student support isn't great, a crowd will appear at big games to support the team. I would choose this school again because I feel like I got an overall good education and was able to participate in multiple extracurricular activities.
Teachers are super friendly and get the job done. Teachers often go above and beyond to help students in all aspects of life. I always felt safe at school and had multiple teachers I could talk to about anything.
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My school has a hired nutrition group that prepares our lunches. There is always at least 3 options for students to pick from at our cafeteria. Our food is average, which is the case for most schools, but it's always healthy which I and others enjoy. My only complaint about our school lunches is that we eat lunch at 10:40 a.m. Almost everyone considers this time to be far too early to eat lunch and students are always hungry before the end of the day.
I think the extracurriculars offered at my school are very nice for the medium size school that we have.
We're not that diverse and that's understanding for the area that we live in. Over all our school is a big family, we come together in times of need.
I think we have well working health and safety departments.
I love my high school. I moved here in the 5th grade and I am very thankful I did because I know that I am getting a much better education.
I think my school's administrative fews on disciplinary actions are very fitting.
My school has a pretty impressive athletic program. All of our sports teams have done really well the past few years and all of our equipment has been updated in the past three years.
I think my school has a great teaching staff. Most teachers are flexible and understanding in their teaching methods.
Lots of chances to be physically active
Theyre ok but not alot of options
Somewhat strict dress code policies
Tech ed is the best class
No study halls which would help alot
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