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At mexico high school the teachers really care about their students. They will always go out of their way to help them out when they are in need of it. Th clubs and activities are also very fun. The school really goes out of its way to help out in the community. The students are all really close and will have each others backs no matter what. There isn't much diversity because it is a small town. Some of the teachers do not take control of their students and let them mess around, which can get really frustrating to the students who actually care about their future.
Overall Mexico High School was a great experience! I enjoyed the teachers, sports and other curricular activities.
Mexico High School has a welcoming and friendly environment. They are full of staff helping every student along the way and creating bonds that will later benefit them for scholarships and applications. The experiences through clubs and organizations is just outstanding. For a smaller school, the lessons and education is the superb.
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Overall, Mexico is an excellent school academically. The teachers are very supportive, helpful, and genuine. All though, it would be nice to see more student involvement in decisions made by the school as far as changes being made.
While there have been incidents in which I believe administration and faculty have been unjust, these situations are not frequent are based solely on my opinion. In my time at Mexico, I have grown so fond of my fellow students and teachers. The teachers are extremely nurturing and helpful, willing to do anything to help students. Highest praise, truly. If I could choose any high school in America, it would be Mexico.
I have been glad with Mexico High School overall. I enjoy the people in the community and the school itself. I moved from another city that I believe is a horrible school district. However, I think that Mexico is one of the best schools I have been to and attended. While it may not be the best school, they certainly work hard in order to make it more enjoyable and worthwhile for the students and staff. I feel as if I am very college ready, especially since I am about to attend college in less than a year. The school itself is quite unique. The architecture is amazing and original from when it was built, and has since been refurbished. It contains a beautiful mural, that are only two in existence, the other being in the White House. I am proud to be a Mexico High School student.
Bullying is not tolerated but often unnoticed and mishandled by some of the staff. There are many cases that students who choose to dress differently or act differently will accuse other students of mistreatment when in fact it may not have happened, but unfortunately the staff feels that they need to prevent a future incident by disciplining the innocent in favor of the accuser. I feel that schools could benefit from education beyond liberal arts requirements and geared more towards morals and human behaviors.
The baseball program could use more support on their fields and coaching. The indoor pool and track are more for practice, they are not adequate for competition which I feel was a waste of budget funds. The weight room was opened to the public for use, it is too small to accommodate a large crowd of users. The remainder of the activities are average.
My parents both graduated from the same high school, it's a small town and nearly everyone knows most everyone else in some form or another. I wouldn't change the location of where I attended school, but if I could change something, it would be to maintain student functions and events that the student body and parents of students can financially support. Our school in recent years has offered club and senior events that are out of reach for most of the attending students.
The teachers in our district for the most part, are well organized and offer help to students that are need. What our school lacks is a sense of responsibility to the moral principles of the student body. The curriculum is very intense and often leaves students behind that are not equipped to handle the workload. The sports programs are great but the only program that receives public attention is football, as with most schools. The parents of students that play other sports such as baseball or track often take it upon themselves to post in social media to show support for the athletes.
I like that all the students in the facility are a close knit group. Especially in each grade level. Everyone is like one big family. However, there are way too many restrictions placed on the kids. There are around two cameras in every hallway, which leads to a feeling of distrust among the kids. There are very little freedoms given, to any of the students. I am also disappointed in the lack of healthy food choices, in both the lunch room and vending machines throughout the school. Our physical education program spends millions of dollars and "teaches" us how to be healthy, but nowhere in the school could you buy an apple. I think Mexico is also lacking in the sports department. Many of the coaches don't know much about the sport they coach, which then leads to poor teams and uneducated players. There are definitely things that need fixing in Mexico, but the people you will find here are the nicest people you could hope to meet. We're all one big family and I wouldn't change that for anything.
Mexico is a really great school. Since I've been there the most I've enjoyed of it was the Marine Corps Junior ROTC program.
Honestly, my guidance counselor has been great for me this year. Not only me, but everyone that needs information. Our guidance counselors are always on top of everything, and always make papers with information so that we all will receive them in class. The counselors are always willing to help out no matter what the situation is. This year being my senior year, my counselor has been a huge help to me. She has given me plenty of advice, got me into everything I needed for school, and gave me tons of information that I was wondering about. Our counselors are a great part of our school. Our principle is partially involved. Honestly I don't think half the people in my school even know who the principle is. I wouldn't have known if I didn't ask, because he didn't get involved with my progress and everything until I was a senior. Principles should be involved with the whole school along the whole way, and should be able to name almost everyone by the end of each year. We do have a dress code in our school, and I believe that it really is necessary. I don't think you should dress inappropriately for school. We also have a few programs in our school that are anti-bullying programs. We have had plenty of presentations about bullying also. But most people in my school just make a joke out of it, and I don't believe that they get the true message from the speaker. But overall I believe our staff is very good, and I'm thankful for how caring and supportive they are.
The cafeteria in my school is very crowded. In order to just get to the trash can you have to climb over seats, or bump into people. The tables are just way to close and the area is to small for all of us. The school menu is not the best, and that is why I bring my lunch almost everyday. If I don't bring my lunch I will get a salad or a wrap. They are good, but its not enough to fill you up. When I don't bring my lunch and I eat a salad or wrap, I'm starving by the time the school day is over. I also believe that the price of the schools food is way to expensive. The price goes up every year, and for my school it is now up to two dollars. It may not seem like a lot, but two dollars a day adds up after awhile. That is another reason why I bring my own lunch most of the time. I do enjoy some of the school meals, but they aren't very good most of the time. You can tell that the food isn't of very good quality, just by looking at it. Our school has plenty of snacks, but the prices of snacks were also raised this year. I believe if the prices weren't so high it wouldn't be as bad. It's just you are paying so much, for something that isn't worth as much as you are paying.
School administrators do the best with the resources available to them

Do the best they can with the resources available to them

The teachers really immerse us in technology
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We have no school spirit..
Our school is known for drugs... enough said
I love my high school. The people are amazing, the faculty is amazing and so is the quality of education.
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