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Some of the teachers could do better at how they teach but overall an amazing school, if i could change the food that is served for lunch i would also fix that so more students will eat lunch
Mexico High School was a decent school overall. There were some excellent teachers, but there were also poor teachers. The administration was good at taking care of children by disciplining them. I enjoyed my time at Mexico High School.
Mexico high school is a school of traditions and preparation for bright futures. At MHS teachers and faculty are understanding and caring. They teach students discipline as well as responsibility.
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Most of the teachers that I have had are amazing and great at their job. However, there are some who aren’t the greatest and I had to switch out of their class because I felt that I was learning little if not nothing from them. I also feel that they could also go more in-depth with note taking strategies to better prepare students for college.
I hated all 4 years. No follow through on disciplinary policies, not to mention there is rarely any academic challenges. Would not recommend.
Mexico Highschool has one of the most spirit led student bodies I have ever experienced. The whole atmosphere of the school is built around spirit for our town and it is what we are all about. The entire school is very positive and it shows through our teachers and our students attitude when we all get together.
I love Niche! It's so easy to see all the scholarships in one place and it's very easy to use. Completely recommend :)
Bullying is very bad, which is why I left. Nobody can get a break from the name calling and threats to get beaten up.
It takes a lot too get an A in any class, fail after fail. There is no slacking off in this school.
It was a small school, so it was okay
There's a variety of teachers, some better
Most of the money from the school goes into sports and technology, so the rest get the short end, more or less
Once you find a friend group, you are pretty much set to go.
Most of the teachers are determined to help you understand what is being taught and will try to help as much as they can.
MHS was a great high school to get my education. I am glad to be done with it. I spent most of my time at the Agriculture building doing my choice of classes.
I did not particularly hate this school however noticing things going on while I was attending made me wish I had another alternative for a high school.
A lot of students get involved in sports some how either they are playing or they are there to cheer on our team. Especially after a football game everyone is talking of how they won't have a voice in the morning. We do not have our own Soccer field the students have to travel to the middle school to use their field. Recently we added another gym to our building and a very good weight room came with it.
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We run drills on any kind of emergency that may occur like, a fire, tornado, earthquake, and intruder drills. But we never run them when we are in the cafeteria or at an assemble so we wouldn't know what to do. We have a resource officer at the school when the students are at school. I haven't heard good reviews on the school nurse even though I have not personally visited her.
The counselors do everything they can to help with your future and help prepare us for the ACT. We are a no bullying school they take it very seriously. The dress code is a little strict. Attendance is important if you want to go to Prom and after so much tardiness the student will get detention.
Everyone has a group they fit in with.
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