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Mexico Elementary School Reviews

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Mexico is the best elementary school out of the ones in the Mexico School District (Mexico, Palermo, and New Haven Elementary Schools).
Recent renovations have added huge safety and security measures to the building. The security measures at this school, including safety training, emergency protocol, and safety drills, is adequate and appropriate for our area. Health standards are high and our appropriately staffed health office offers great care for our youngsters. The student handbook offers appropriate discussion on bullying and personal safety with excellent follow through by teachers and administration.
This school commands a very friendly, supportive community. Teachers and families frequently work together to provide enrichment for students and the greater community. The school and surrounding community are very tightly interwoven, which makes Mexico Elementary School a very grounded and pro-active place.
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The overall quality of teachers at this school is amazing. There is someone for every kind of student and teachers often go above and beyond their call of duty in order to ensure success for his/her students. They are friendly, approachable, and make themselves accessible during and outside of school.
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