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Mexia High School does not prepare you for the outside world. I feel they need to work more on having better education.
Mexia High School is a very diverse school. There are so many different groups of people in this school like the jocks and the nerds. It showed me that no matter how much time progresses that history will repeat itself as many events that happen are predictable with a watchful eye. Yet the best thing about this school is not the school itself, yet the students with weird and quirky personalities. The only thing I would change is the building itself, if I could replace the building yet keep everything else the same the school would be amazing for me.
I’m very involved! If you want to be— you can definitely find a spot for you to also get involved! Teachers and admin are willing to help and sports are awesome!
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My experience in Mexia High School has been great. Everyone is friendly, and the teachers are always ready to help anyone with anything. To improve the school, changes are made in the learning programs and even the athletic programs, for Mexia High School continuely strives to be the best they can be. Mexia High School has an awesome diversity where everyone mixes and interacts with one another. It is a great place to be, and overall it is great school.
My overall experience at Mexia High School has been amazing. I love the teachers and the support they have. My senior class is very close to one another and that has helped make my experience at Mexia High School even better. I love the diversity we have at our schools and how unsegregated it is. At Mexia everyone hangs out with everyone there is no specific groups and I love that about Mexia. In conclusion, my experience at Mexia High School has been awesome and I would not trade it for anything.
Mexia High School has given me so many opportunists. I have been very involved in clubs and organizations. I am at a place with great diversity and opportunities. I have traveled to compete in a few organizations and the experiences and memories are forever. Mexia High school has given me the chance to be in DECA, Spanish Club, Student Council, Book Club, Robotics, Tennis, One Act Play, National Honor Society. I have even gone to a very rare experience to a leadership camp called RYLA Camp and it was life changing. I have visited many colleges gone to many fun and exciting places for field trips. I wouldn't be who I am today without Mexia High School.
There is a wide variety of activities for our school. From academic clubs to athletic clubs, there is someone for everyone.
All of the teachers generally care for the students.
The staff are excellent at creating a safe and healthy environment.
We are a small community, so everyone knows everyone-the good, the bad, and the ugly!
We have a few different extracurricular choices but we don't have a very big variety of choices
I have plenty of great memories at this school. Even though it's not a great school I was able to bind people to create the memories of high school that I will take into my adult life.
My pre-cal teacher this year literally gave up on teaching us. Every day we come in the class and copy the assignment from the board with all of the work already done on the board. We'd copy it onto the paper and then when it came time to review she'd give us our papers and we'd copy them onto the review. Since we didn't know how to do the math obviously we had to use the review for the test. We'd copy the review verbatim onto the test. We are graded on if we actually copied down the work from the board and onto each paper and test. We weren't actually graded on our grasp of the subject. I'm fearful of college math because I have absolutely no idea how to do what's expected of me.
Overall it's been an adventure! Our school was a Bon shelter. Our theatre is located underground (known as the dungeon) which is said to be haunted.( Funeral visitations we sometimes have down there don't help that rumor much. ) and every organization I've been in led me to the best experiences and friends I could want. This school has led me to where I am today. And I am exactly where I'm meant to be!
There isn't that much to choose from in the cafeteria unless you want to pay an extra $1.50 for a snack in the snack line. A luxury poor kids like me can't afford. Soooo. I pick either a hamburger or chicken sandwich (if I'm lucky) with my $1.75. And if I'm really broke that day I have the embarrassing though quite useful and kind offer of a free peanut butter a jelly sandwich
Unfortunately for the rebels our school is pretty high matenance for discipline. We also have a dress code at our school. Looking at some of my records for detention you'd think I was a "bad" kid, but honestly I just left my shirt untucked and school ID at home a little too much!! But it's ok really because the only quiet place I can read a good book is in detention so I used to get in on purpose just so I could put off doing shores at home.
Well as far as Football hoes they are the ones who get the bulk of the money. Well them and basketball (maybe basketball a little more. Our tennis team is great but our sports kinda suck and the school just doesn't really see our sport as very important or attention deserving. We don't have a swimming pool or let alone a swim team and our cross country team got cut. The locker rooms are REALLY smelly and don't get me started on the weight rooms! Let's just say Mexia is a VERY old school
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I really like the teachers at Mexia High School because everyone knows everyone, you don't have to be afraid to ask them questions about work, and a lot of them are coaches so the care about you and you care about them in a Mentor/Student kind of way!
Well we have plent of extracurricular activities to choose from in Mexia. Maybe not as much as most schools but we have some great ones! Most people are in Athletics. I was in Tennis, Powerlifting, Band, AND Twirling. Not including organizations OUT of school! For a small town we sure can keep busy!
It is okay because some teachers and coaches go by favoritism
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