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i liked we had no tests grade was based on presentation. however it would have helped because college is full of tests.
Great Internships but definitely need to work on academics. The strongest suit of the school is probably the level of involvement the teachers have in students lives. They guide them toward success a lot but there might need to be some work done so that teachers guide them but not hold their hand through every step of the way.
I have been in MetWest Highschool for 4 years and I would have to say this school has help me grow as not only a student but as a person. Metwest Highschool is a small school that is great since teachers and students have a better relationship which develops into good working habits and a variety of resources when it comes to getting help on school work. Overall, Would have to say I am glad that I chose Metwest Highschool over any other highschool.
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I liked the whole aspect of Internship. lets you have something to talk about in the college application process. However with internships in place you lose good academics, clubs, sports teams, and honors classes. I wish there were more students at least 400. teachers with a better understanding of curriculum as well.
This school is very diverse and is very accepting.
The advisors and school counslers do a lot to help students with scheduling and classes.
Overall our school keeps its students and staff safe in all the aspects.
Personally I am allowed and encouraged to take community college classes that add knowledge to what we already learn at Metwest and our internships.
I would definitely have chosen this schools again because of the real world experience students get to have, teachers and staff are very supportive and this is very important because it creates a huge impact on students, and since the school is small we are all like a family and students get to support each other, this motivates students to do well in school, and in further education.
All of the teachers and staff are very kind and supportive with the students, the lessons are engaging and of course have real world examples implemented into our lessons, It is a really wonderful learning experience
Teachers connect with students and go out their way to give an education
I really like the staff at Metwest. They are so loving and caring for what going on on your personal life and in school work as well. Doing internships on Tuesdays and Thursdays makes Metwest very different from other schools because they do not have that opportunity. I would choose this school again because I value the relationships I have with the teachers, and staff.
I get to create my schedule and take classes I want.
Metwest High does not focus much on Athletics as it focuses on Academics, in the pass few years we have been establishing sport teams at Metwest, we have a Basketball team and a Soccer team, but since we got those two teams started the schools spirit rose dramatically. Every time there was a game lots of students from our went and cheered our team on. Metwest was already a very strong community 160 students strong, but when we started sports teams we became even closer as a community, no, we became closer as a family. This year our soccer team didn't get to far, but our Basketball team almost made it into the finals everyone gave it their all and it was a great game overall, but we still lost, at least there is next year, right?
The school prepared me to be ready for college.
Our school has a health clinic, which i assume is better than a nurse. I've never been inside, but I hear great things about it
Never before has it been more clear to me that teachers here don't do it for the paychecks. As a senior, my teachers have gone as far as to offer weekend workshops to help me complete assignments, tutor, and even get a head start on future projects. We are even going to spend an entire night at school working one-on-one with a teacher perfecting personal statements and other college essays
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There is no joking around when it comes to an individual student's academic needs. All students meet the A-G college requirements, but that's about as similar each student's educational path gets. Just as we all have our own interests in life, we also work out a specialized schedule designed to help us find a career we are truly interested in. With every Tuesday and Thursday of the week dedicated to serving an internship of our choice, one on one counseling, and access to part time college courses, every student who graduates from our school is ready for college.
This school has given me opportunities that I believed to be nonexistent! As a transfer student from a main high school where failure was a guaranteed future, I had no more hope for college or even a high school diploma. Here, I was given a sense of purpose and full support in all my passions. My only regret is that I did not start me freshman year here!!
Our administration believes in restorative justice as a substitute for traditional school discipline. By tackling not only a student's issue/offense, but also what caused it, our community as a whole builds in a direction aimed to prevent that and similar issues from happening in the future.
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