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My experience at Metwest High School was amazing. Metwest is an internship based school. Every school year you get to search for an internship you are interested in. There is so much support from the teachers and counselors.
Very good life lessons that prepare you for life after high school. Despite that, they lack the academic department with limited options and subpar lesson plans.
Has lots of support, caring and supporting staff and teachers. This school gives you an opportunity to go out and find a place to volunteer in that’s connected to a career you want to do in the future.
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teachers are very dedicated to every students success. They push all students to step out of their comfort zone in order to learn something new and strive for their own good.
At MetWest we are very diverse and cultural school. We are one of the best academic schools in Oakland. The teachers here are great and they make sure you are on top of your things and that we are college-ready. At MetWest we are required to have an internship so that we can get a feel for a career for the future. I think this school helps every student to be college-ready and world-ready.
Well, I have attended Metwest my full 4 years of high school and it has definitely helped me a lot l. Teachers really focus on what you need help in and never leave your side when your struggling. I would love to see more sports at this school since there isn’t any at all.
My experience at Metwest High School was extremely positive. Although the school is somewhat lacking in course offerings, it more than makes up for that by offering and accommodating students with concurrent enrollment at the local community colleges. The school also facilitates students finding and attending internships during the day, which allowed me to further my interest in architecture.
i liked we had no tests grade was based on presentation. however it would have helped because college is full of tests.
Great Internships but definitely need to work on academics. The strongest suit of the school is probably the level of involvement the teachers have in students lives. They guide them toward success a lot but there might need to be some work done so that teachers guide them but not hold their hand through every step of the way.
I have been in MetWest Highschool for 4 years and I would have to say this school has help me grow as not only a student but as a person. Metwest Highschool is a small school that is great since teachers and students have a better relationship which develops into good working habits and a variety of resources when it comes to getting help on school work. Overall, Would have to say I am glad that I chose Metwest Highschool over any other highschool.
I liked the whole aspect of Internship. lets you have something to talk about in the college application process. However with internships in place you lose good academics, clubs, sports teams, and honors classes. I wish there were more students at least 400. teachers with a better understanding of curriculum as well.
This school is very diverse and is very accepting.
The advisors and school counslers do a lot to help students with scheduling and classes.
Overall our school keeps its students and staff safe in all the aspects.
Personally I am allowed and encouraged to take community college classes that add knowledge to what we already learn at Metwest and our internships.
I would definitely have chosen this schools again because of the real world experience students get to have, teachers and staff are very supportive and this is very important because it creates a huge impact on students, and since the school is small we are all like a family and students get to support each other, this motivates students to do well in school, and in further education.
All of the teachers and staff are very kind and supportive with the students, the lessons are engaging and of course have real world examples implemented into our lessons, It is a really wonderful learning experience
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Teachers connect with students and go out their way to give an education
I really like the staff at Metwest. They are so loving and caring for what going on on your personal life and in school work as well. Doing internships on Tuesdays and Thursdays makes Metwest very different from other schools because they do not have that opportunity. I would choose this school again because I value the relationships I have with the teachers, and staff.
I get to create my schedule and take classes I want.
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