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I enjoyed my time here at Metuchen high school, I would have liked a little bit more of a challenge academically.
MHS is a relatively small school, but given its size, it still has a lot to offer. There are tons of different AP and honors level courses and a good share of electives. The teachers tend to be very passionate as well and make for great classes. However, there is much room for improvement such as new clubs, more classes, promoting diversity more, etc.
I liked the wide array of available club options and ways to get involved at Metuchen High School. There are plenty of ways to get involved from music, to sports, to theater. One problem with the school is the size. Each year the class sizes grow and there is not enough room for everyone passing in the hallways between class and in the classrooms. Some of the teachers are amazing and will truly help and encourage you while others are not the best educators and make enjoying school difficult at times.
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The courses offered at MHS are varied, and they definitely allow students to explore any passion or interest they have. While I appreciate the school's effort to open a more encompassing Program of Studies, the faculty in some fields definitely have more experience and passion than others.
What I like about Metuchen High School is the atmosphere, due to how small it is everyone is friendly and kind and in bad and good times we all come together as a community.
I love my teachers, but not so much the students. I've been bullied frequently but I absoutely adore my education and classes, they're a lot of fun. I just wish the art department got more funding.
I like the teachers at Metuchen High and I feel like they all have been the defining factor for my experience being as positive as it has been. They have inspired me to believe in myself.
Overall it was okay. There are some really good teachers, and many who are bad. The students pursue a diverse range of interests including music, sports, and academics, which enhances the school community. Unfortunately the sports coaches and Athletic Director are all biased. It is hard to score the school as a whole because there are some great things and other terrible ones.
I am currently a senior and I can say that Metuchen High School is an amazing place for students to learn. The teachers in the english and math department have taught me so much. However I would like to say that the Science department is not that great. Overall everyone at school is very friendly and welcoming. I have never once felt pressure or belittled.
The school offers many different clubs from art and academic to student council and volunteer opportunities. The kids are able to start a club as long as they can get a teacher to be an adviser.
Most teachers do a great job.
In light of recent shootings around the country, all entry doors except the front door are now locked. We live in a safe area, but you cannot be too careful.
Although it is a small school, students are given the opportunity to be involved in many activities, clubs and sports. My children took advantage of this and as a result, learned valuable time management skills.
I have always felt safe here and have never felt threatened in any way. Safety drills are regularly practiced.
There are a few things missing, but there's something for pretty much everyone. The teachers who advise the clubs are very dedicated and make it a great time.
The schools offers a variety of extracurricular programs and really pushes students to excel. While not everything is offered and the science department is lackluster, nearly everything else is above average. I would have no problem choosing this school again.
Many of the teachers in the English, history, mathematics, and world language departments are very knowledgeable, helpful, and approachable. The only department where the teachers are seriously lacking is the science department. It's not that the science teachers are bad people, but the quality of their teaching leaves much room for improvement.
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This school is horrible. DO NOT send your child here if they are different. And by 'different' I mean if they don't like sports, band, or anything like that because they will be picked on mercilessly and the administration WILL DO S*** to help them. EVEN IF they do like these sorts of things they will most likely be picked on as well, because I saw it happen to kids you'd classify as 'popular'. Seriously if you can afford to send your kid somewhere else PLEASE DO. This school is THE WORST. There are drugs which the school and town is doing NOTHING to control, there's bullying, and the funding is going all to sports which is typical but still. Send your kid somewhere else PLEASE.
Depending on the teacher you get you will either have an amazing experience, an alright one, or a completely horrible one. I will give three examples of each: I had an English teacher (took him for two different classes because I loved him so much) that was funny, engaging, and would go over all of the material needed for each book so you knew what was going on even if you didn't like English (wasn't the case for me but I still found it helpful). I had a Chemistry teacher who was alright, he couldn't speak very good English but he was very very nice, if not for the in class support teacher in the class though I would have failed. Now let's talk about the horrible... They have many horrible people working for them that should be fired and not made to work with children ever again, people who let students be picked on for no reason except for their own enjoyment. I had a math teacher for example who couldn't do math, and he has a degree in the subject. Myself and other people from his other classes would correct his calculations because he got them wrong. And when you did correct him he wouldn't care. These are his own math equations and he literally wouldn't care that he was giving out wrong answers to his students. I had him twice only because I was forced to, the second time he was supposed to do college prep and didn't. Thanks so much dude, you're the reason I'm paying $800 for Elementary Algebra in college. Should I send you the bill?
The school is safe and practices routine lock down procedures. It requires visitor sign in upon buzzed in entry
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