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Since I have been apart of Metter High School all I have gotten is love, support and the full on Tiger experience! I am currently a senior and I have participated in various events/clubs. Activities such as Varsity softball, Captain of the cheerleading squad, Peer ambassadors, Beta Club, FCA, Representative for homecoming court and so much more. Being able to be apart of so many activities has allowed me to create wonderful memories with amazing families and friends. I would not want to be apart of any other school.
Metter High School is a great place to learn and socialize. Classrooms are filled with a wide array of students which makes it especially easy to find someone you connect with. Most teachers are kind, understanding, and always there to help.

In addition, there is a large range of sports and clubs. This includes FBLA. Metter High School contains one of the best chapters in their region and won "Chapter of the Year" a few years back (about 3).

As for academics, the school has many options including Dual Enrollment classes. Through Dual Enrollment, students are eligible to attend FREE college classes and earn transferable credits (University System of Georgia). Alternatively, struggling students can opt to take easier classes OR classes in the Educational Learning Center.

A great school is nothing without a great community. Students can volunteer at soup kitchens, join in the Great American Cleanup, or even volunteer at the school. Additionally, there are countless local scholarships.
The teachers, administators, and staff are all encouraging, well-rounded beings who push you to do and be everything you can possibly dream of.
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With all the school shootings that have recently taken place I feel that Metter High is a very safe place considering we have law enforcement officers taking their time to walk our halls ensuring our safety. I feel That Metter High should focus a good bit of their time on bullying. Metter High has a lot of situations where bullying takes place. If Metter took time and looked into that than all Metter schools would be a better place.
This school has good academics, very friendly staff and teachers that are all willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed and get where you want to go in your future studies!
Metter High is a great school to attend. The teachers are focused on your success and provide you with all the tools you need for the future.
I like a lot of things about my high school. Metter High School is a bully and drug free zone! It is a healthy environment to be in, and the atmosphere is very positive based. There are no biased staff, teachers, nor administration. The academic preparation for college is superb and the clubs, especially, the in-school activities are very opportunistic for preparation for college! Overall, there isn't much I would like to change to the school that I attend. Everyone does the best they can with what they have and that is all we as students could ever ask for!
The teachers work extra hard to make sure the curriculum is learned and they will do everything in their power to help students pass the class. The administration is very well about communicating and the school has plenty of opportunities for sports.
Good school but college readiness is lacking. Math department needs so much help. The science department is too easy. And they will throw you in PE when they run out of classes
I love the small student to teacher ratio. The principal ensures that our school is always clean. The teachers do a good job of making sure we understand the material.
I've had a great time at this school and very few problems! Sometimes it can feel hard to fit in because there are many cliques but once you find the group that you relate to the most, it can turn into a very nice high school experience.
Most of them give us the content we need to succeed.
Homecoming week at our School is always is the BEST. Each day we get to dress up and we have different activities during lunch and throughout the day, on Friday's it's always spirit day and we have pep rallies. What really makes the school unique is how the staff strives to make coming to school fun, they don't lecture us in the classroom they involve technology so we're not always using pencil and paper
The teachers at Metter High school are amazing. They make sure we're getting our work done, also make sure we're on track to graduate. If there is a student or two struggling they do what that can to make sure the student understands the lesson we're on.
There are very few safety measures taken at the school.
The extracurricular activités are average. The school offers some, but not many.
It is very political at my school because of it being such a small town. The parent have an impact, but it's negative.
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Some teachers are above average, while other aren't.
My son struggled last semester with Geometry but his teacher was very helpful and he now is taking it online.
I feel my son is safe.
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