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M.E.T.S. Charter School Reviews

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The school is great. It's better than the one in Newark, NJ. there are more activities and more things can I learn.
I've been in this school for a few years and it has been continuing to improving little by little, but it still has room for improvement.
It’s a decent school but, it has its flaws like every other school. Like every school the food suck and not everyone gets along. However it is tolerable.
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Hello, well I go tin METS in Newark NJ and I started there junior year. Junior year was a challenging but good experience. It was challenging because the teachers that were hired to teach us didn’t really want to teach the subject they were given. For example I had a teacher that just wanted to teach Chemistry and Physics but they gave him other classes like SAT prep to teach. However, I made some good friends and my anatomy teacher was really helpful and taught me some incredible things.
M.E.T.S. charter school was a very fun and exciting experience. I met a lot of different people, and made a lot of friends that I plan to network myself with in the future.
I like the fact that METS Charter School is very diverse in students and cultures. The fact that we don't have a lot of clubs and activities, except for sports, makes the school boring. We don't really go on college trips nor do we do anything fun. We don't have pep rallies or spirit week, we don't even have a gym. Our school is far from a great high school; we need a ton of improvement.
My experience has been terrible thus far.The teachers are very rude and the lunch is always poorly made.The bathrooms are not always fully stocked.The hallways smell like poo sometimes.The classrooms do not have air conditioning so students and teachers overheat and become very hot.This review is for M.E.T.S newark campus.
When students speak up,and want better for there school,the admission doesn't do anything about it which makes the student do poorly in class.
Sadly enough, M.E.T.S Charter School has been an unorganized, unfair disappointment. I transferred here as a junior due to other schools shutting down and expected great things from this school and staff in the beginning of the school year but as the school year is coming to the end, other students, staff, and mostly parents and I have been let down in the topics of education, organization, school spirit, safety, and correct information let out to everyone.
This school could be better. It wants to be better, but there are some problems. Teachers are often being switched out for others that the students do not know or are comfortable with. The rules are strict and students are constantly getting suspended for the smallest of blunders.
The school was academically good, the extra circular activities were limited and were not the best, but the school is great as an academic challenge, just follow the rules
Horrible!!! If children are black from either Irvington or Newark. No voice. There's no innocent until proven guilty if your race is black.

Example! An unlocked fire extinguisher was left inside of the sink in my 10th grader' s classroom. While picking up the fire extinguisher to wash his hand, he accidentally pushed on the handle a little bit of the fume came out inside of the sink. Without giving him the chance to explain, the teacher sent him to the office. The Dean called to tell me that my son was suspended for 10 days, as a consequence he will not be allowed to play for the school basketball's team for the whole year. Really!!! I tried to discussing it with him he told me, my son is very lucky that he did not call the police. Are you serious! My black son takes the fall for an unorganized school who failed to follow their own safety guideline. What was an unlocked fire extinguisher doing inside of the students classroom during class???
METS Charter School is a good school for prepping for college. They offer classes that will prepare students for college and college classes to give them a head start in credits. The teachers are top tier, knowing how to help their students in any way possible. However, the school does not have a great budget, hence the school building is in poor conditions and supplies are limited.
My journey in M.E.T.S has been delightful , and i cannot describe how much it hurts to be leaving a place that i called home for 6 years . M.E.T.S have sculpted me into the woman I am today. Having amazing teachers that are always looking out for you . Teachers that are always motivating you to do better , seeing hope in you when others don't . Overall my experience in M.E.T.S is going great , Sadly it's coming to an end.
It's a life changing experience here over at mets. There's a good percentage of diversity and it's pretty competitive you can say. Kids with 3.0's and 4.0's really advance to achieve their goals and mets does a really good job at guiding them toward that path.
My experience at M.E.T.S has been wonderful and i am sad that this is my last year. M.E.T.S has helped me grow into the smart young woman I am today. The staff and faculty have been an amazing assist to me with giving me four years of beautiful knowledge. My experience is something I will Keep with me as I graduate and go on to college. I am glad I chose M.E.T.S as my school, I will be a proud alumni.
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I enjoy working at METS. I have been a teacher here for 3 years and we have made many improvements. The school is only 7 years old and we are always looking for the best for our students. They listen well and respond well to suggestions. The school is very safe. I have never felt unsafe. The vision for the school is to have students graduatin grades with their Assosiates degree and we are almost there.
Some teacher just sets you up for failure, they don't want you to pass their classes. School as itself is not so bad.
My experience in M.E.T.S Charter School, has been satisfying. I love the dedication the counselors put in helping the students. The improvements being made throughout the years are visual and uplifting. The only things i wish to change is the lack of variety in extra curriculum.
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