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At Metropolitan Learning Center all students are enrolled in the IB-DP Diploma program. It is an "IB for all" school which means students are attending an International Baccalaureate school for free. Each student has to take a language for 3 years of high school and they have the opportunity to travel all across the work to places like Japan, Thai Land , China, Canada, and so many other places. Also at MLC students take the IB exams for free!
I have attended Metropolitan Learning Center since I was in 7th grade. The teachers throughout those years have varied in how well they teach. There are some good teachers, there are also some bad . The College Readiness would be a 4 - 5 star level if the faculty would allow more time to focus on applying to college instead of attacking the students with deadlines all in one month. :)
The diversity at MLC is great; the culture is shown throughout the halls of the school! The teachers also truly want to understand and help every student equally. The school has a rigorous curriculum for incoming junior to seniors who will be introduced to the IB Full Diploma program.
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Metropolitan Learning Center overall is a pretty decent school. I have made some life long relationships from there that might not have been the same attending another school. Also compared to public schools the academics are far more vigorous and college readying. On the contrary the food and sports/club activities are limited and subpar to say the least. The food portions are fairly small and lacks adaquate flavor. Now the sports being newly introduced to MLC and other CREC schools can clearly be the reason for the poor sports teams, but nonetheless it’s still something needing improvement.
Even though the education was above par and the facilities were nice, I felt as though the IB curriculum that taught at the school was "unprepared" for.
Since freshmen year they prepared me for college. My view became wider and higher about education! Reach higher
I attended this school for three years, and the experience was very nice. I was able to learn about a foreign language, and the school is very diverse.
My school, Metropolitan Learning Center (MLC), uniquely has an "IB (International Baccalaureate) for all" motto which gives every student ample opportunity to succeed. As an IB diploma candidate, I have been able to push myself in classes from Theory of Knowledge to Global Politics. MLC is one of the few schools that offers IB in Connecticut. MLC has a theme of Global and International Studies, in fact, students have visited China, London, Japan, and Cuba in the past three years. Even clubs, such as Junior State of America connect to this theme by discussing global political issues. Unfortunately, being a magnet school, students are not easily able to participate in extracurricular activities which is an aspect of the school that could be improved. Additionally, as we are now only in our fourth year of varsity sports, athletics have room for improvement at my school.
There were good teachers (though I will not name them for their privacy) and I was able to learn much from them. However, the math department is crippled due to the school's inability to find a teacher for 10th grade to stay for longer than a month, which means the teacher meant for teaching calculus to the seniors has to juggle at least 3-4 different jobs. Speaking of, there is also the travesty that is our school's paltry attempt at being an IB school, something that would make MLC more distinguished if it weren't for the fact that the school and its faculty are ill-equipped to actually prepare students for Personal Project and the Full Diploma Programme.
What I love about the Metropolitan Learning Center is the IB program and the opportunity to study abroad. Not many other students in regular high schools can say their school takes trips to places like Cuba, Belize, Thailand and all of these other fun and exotic places. Also the IB program was an amazing addition to the curriculum. It has given many students the opportunity to try and earn college credit while handling a college level course load. I think it has definitely prepared me in my future endeavors for attending a four year university.
The Metropolitan Learning Center is a wonderful school. We are focused on Global and International Studies, we keep up to date with world events. We are an IB school, which makes us competitive globally. I have had alot of fun and have grown/learned alot in my 6years at the school, I believe that in the future, as long as it stays the same, the school will become an Academic Powerhouse.
I enjoyed my time here the only thing I would change is the guidance counselor to student ratio. They improved the food service. They need an improvement in the sports program. To improve they could advertise the sports more to students as well as having more options. Academics is not a problem. They have amazing academic opportunities. As for the school environment, the cleanliness is not a problem. An improve in environment is the heating and cooling. It seems in the winter it is very cold and in the summer it is very warm. Overall it was a good experience.
I would love to see more children there interested in international travel. I feel that the school is good on opening up international travel to high school students, but I feel that the middle school students don't have a clue about that. If international travel and knowledge is exposed to the younger kids then that will be the change I want to see.
I like the fact that students take IB courses, which put their students at an advantage, when they apply for college and they care about each and every one of their students, and the administrators make sure that all of their students are successful. I think that they need to make college readiness a bit better, and being back some of the classes that we may need for real life, and also a class dedicated to applying for college and the whole process
This school is an alright school, not the worst, not the best. I wish there were more of a variety of classes, like culinary arts.
As far as the people go, MLC excels. The diversity at the school is great (it's the whole reason it exists). The teachers are also great and often go out of their way to help or assist when needed. The class system is set up with IB so as to prepare you for college. This makes the classroom seem more like a work environment. So while it does excellent college preparation, there isn't as much fun and enjoyment as other school may offer. They offer a lot of unique courses through the IB program.
I wasn't a fan of the curriculum. They need to make every assignment count because that makes students feel like they don't have to do homework or good on quizzes then they fail in college.
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My experience at the Metropolitan learning center academically was pretty good. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a great program to prepare a student for college. I feel by being apart of the program I will be prepared for the rigor of college level courses. As far as teachers go, Metropolitan Learning center has some very dedicated teachers that make it their goal to help students to success, these wonderful teachers are especially found in the majority of IB Diploma courses such as Math studies, Biology, Theory of Knowledge, World History, Literature and Lang/Lit. As far as sports and activities, there are a wide range of sports and activities students can get involved in and if you would like a new program or sport added, students generally find a way to bring those new activities to the school community. Overall Metropolitan Learning Center encourages students to take initiative,be risk takers, thinkers and overall contributors to the community.
My experience at MLC has been pretty good. It feels like a second home and the teachers are supportive and push you to do your best!
What I liked about MLC was that the classes were very challenging and some were centered around on college credits. I also loved that they had a few travel abroad trips every year. Going to Iceland with a group of my school friends and Chemistry teacher was the best time of my life. I would change the support for clubs because not a lot of the school funds go to the clubs.
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