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Such an amazing school. It is a 6-12 grade and you are able to grow and develop in MELS. You can connect with the teachers and they look out for your best interest. I would recommend this school to anyone. It is one of few hands on schools in New York.
Always there when you need them. Teachers and even the principals are pushing to outside your comfort zone.
I liked that the school prepares you for college with so much resources. I used to go here in middle school and it feels like a charter and private school although it is public. The teachers are very kind hearted if you are on their good side. The school teaches students a lot of discipline because they are very strict on keeping the school's reputation looking good to the public eye. Most of the time the students will complain that the school is so fake and brain washes the students and teachers. In my experience I am very adaptable so this doesn't affect me.
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M.E.L.S ( that what we call it) is a very unique school, it has good teachers and all the rules made by the principles are dumb. We are e not allowed to wear certain things because it is inappropriate but we are high school students. We also have to stay in school longer than normal high schools.
I really love this school. The principal is very welcoming and impressed me by developing individual relationships with the students. I feel secure dropping my son at school it’s very safe.
I really like the fact that teachers are very passionate about the subjects they teach. The school truly invokes a sense of unity and the education is very personalized.
The Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School is a college-bound preparatory school that hosts grades 6-12. The diversity in the high school portion is greater than in the middle school part, but I would say they are almost equivalent. The education is clearly driven to promote a seamless passage into college life after high school, but the administration tries harder to provide this experience to people who have shown higher success rates through grades and extracurriculars. There is a uniform at the school which many students do not like, but it somewhat helps bullying and discrimination against other students. The courses that are required make it almost impossible not to graduate if every or most classes are passed throughout one's high school career. They are lacking in the clubs and activities department as they do not have a wide variety of options due to a lack of budget.
this school is the best. I'm an ambassador for this school and i really have to say that i learned who i was in that school and who i wanted to be. if you are considering this school, don't think about it just do it. this school is very save and the principal are very strict and absolutely nice, this is also a safe space for your kid to express them self. Anyway, this schools amazing.
It's a school that helps prepare for students prepare for their future especially for the juniors and seniors at the school. Though there isn't much funding for clubs like after school activities as every school in New York is given a certain budget. Though it's still a good school despite some of the problem it faces.
This is a school where you dont have to worry about fights breaking out and there are core values that they expect everyone to abide by. The only let down is that there is little freedom on what courses you are allowed to take
I think that the EL system itself is great however, MELS needs work. The teachers are hit and miss. The administration is very strict, and this tends to put a large weight on everyone's shoulders. The school has become over crowded, and not every teacher has their own room because of this. There needs to be more senior activities/ more lenience towards the seniors as it is their last year.
I've been at MELS for 2 years now and I am thouroughly disappointed with it. The education is not at grade level and classes can get out of focus and students aren't well prepared for State Exams, Regents, SATs or ACTs. The teachers are very disorganized and only few are organized and up to date on grading and lessons. Students have watered down grades and when they do in fact get a reasonable grade that's been thought out, a lot complain because they're not used to real grading-practically pampered. Many teachers are never on the same board either. Classes tend to get out of control too if they don't have a strict enough teacher to put them in place. Many students are unhappy with this school and would like to transfer out. There are fun activities, but the school relies too much on these to get a good rating. I regret applying to this school for it is also overcrowded and doesn't offer enough clubs, AP courses or sports.
MELS is a diverse group of students who are always eager to learn. We support each other in every way and make up our community with the Staff members.
Love this school! The pricipals know each student by name, the teachers care about their students passing their classes and ensure this by offering office hours and extensive help. There are many after school programs to choose from and a homework space provided to high schoolers almost every day of the week.
I was part of the first class to graduate from the school, I graduated in 2016. The school first opened a couple of years ago and honestly it's the best school I have ever been to. The teachers are so caring and they always support you in any way possible. The school is very open and does not have any sort of bullying at all. If I would start my high school years, I would do it all over again.
The staff and teachers at this school are very friendly and really care about the students. I feel safe and comfortable in this school.
The teachers are very insightful and open into hearing your issues. The principals maintain a high level of discipline when high tense situations come into light. Our school has an extremely diverse student body full of unique personalities and backgrounds. We all deeply care about one another even though we may not be friends with them. The students all show the outmost mutual respect to the professors and to the staff. I am extremely appreciative about going this school because I became more self confident and independent within my capabilities of taking chances as a learner.
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My son is in 6th grade and he loves this school. He is happy, well adjusted because these teachers care. It's a blessing to have this school in Forest Hills. My son graduated from PS 144 and we felt that his elementary years were strong. Now with MEALS, I know we made the right choice for preparing him for college success
My school was very effective, they taught us in ways we can use throughout college and in life. The courses connected to real life situations or events while covering academic techniques. My school is fair and was always clear on directions. I think that MELS is a great school for anybody to attend to get ready for College.
When involved in a club, it's a lot of fun, however, the is a lack of participation from the student body. Main afterschool activities are yearbook, Speech and Debate or sports team. However, these clubs are fully supported by the faculity.
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