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Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School Reviews

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Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School is a terrible place. The administration is abusive and corrupt. They encourage and pressure cheating from teachers.
Horrible administration. Corrupt teachers. No real teaching. Lots of cheating and illegal activity that takes place. This is not a school. It's more like a detention center for students and the new teachers unfortunate enough to have to work at this horrible place.
My experience at metro was very pleasant. I attended this school after living s year in florida because my credits would not properly transfer over so i had to stay an extra year in high school. When i came to metro i at first i was nervous but the faculty and staff also with the help of other students quickly help me to get comfortable .
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The school is small. The paint in the hallways are pretty.
The principal is very involved. She likes to get to know the students and know how they are doing in there classes and outside of school. The guidance counselour is amazing also. She helps you figure out how many credits you need, which classes she's going to put you into, and wants nothing else but for her students to graduate on time and go to college. The office staff are really nice. They mostly just do office work though. Bullying is not tolerated in school. If there is bullying there is a consequence of suspension or expulsion. The dress code lets you wear almost anything you want but inappropriate clothing like shirts that are cut in half. Attendance is very important. If you have poor attendance you won't pass your classes and you won't be eligible for after school activities or special events like prom.
There isn't really any extracurricular activities but the basketball team.
The food is okay. Normal school food if that's what you can call it. Sometimes I don't even know what the food is cause it looks to gross. Other times though their pizza is like the only normal food they have.
We have to the share the gym with 2 other schools and it gets pretty crowded. All we do in gym though is shoot basketballs. it gets boring after a while. It also gets dangerous because you have like 10 basketballs in the air and people sometimes get hit with the balls.
The weight room is small and filled with water bugs. the equipment in the weight room though is all rusty and disgusting.
There is only basketball teams and I'm not a big fan of basketball. I would rather have the school have a soccer team.
I like my school. The teachers there are absolutely amazing and caring. The guidance counselor is always on your back about graduating high school and going to college. The students are pretty cool depending upon what kind of friends you want.
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