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There is only one downside to this school. They don’t have any sports teams. But that can be amended. If students at the Met want to practice sports then the school will get them on a team in the district they live in. That is the greatest thing about the Met; if you want to do something the facility will try their hardest to make sure you have the opportunity to do it. Students have the option to earn college credit and receive certifications. Two days out of the school week students have internships with local businesses of their choice to learn about and experience a career/trade they have an interest in. Students have the chance to figure out what they want to be when they finish trade school, go to college, or graduate from high school. Too many people graduate not knowing what their next step will be. No student is left unnoticed and are guided through their education while also leaving room for independence.
The Met (as we called it) was definitely a different type of school, but I am glad I got the opportunity to go. The student/staff relationship is incredible, most schools don't concern themselves with having the students build a bond of close mutual trust with teacher and staff but The Met makes sure that happens. This school after a while feels more like a second family, you grow with the staff and students and it is quite a beautiful thing. They work hard to ensure that you can get into a good college or at least look for other opportunities for those who decide college isn't for them. I am an alumni now, graduated 2 years ago and I do miss my old peers and staff. I am happy though to have been able to attend The Met Highschool.
The Met is a school with opportunities flooding from every corner. Student learning revolves around career interests and passions. The schedule is very flexible; you can travel the world for a semester if you want, as long as you turn in your work, along with solid documentation of your learning experiences while you were away.
As for college readiness, we have college fairs, discuss and fill out the Common App in class, go on college visits, as well as discuss the skills and traits colleges look for all the time.
A couple of the only reasons the school isn't perfect is that perfection requires a lot of funds and it is difficult to keep the free-flowing learning-style while drilling students for the swirling pit of horror that is the SATs at the same time.
Despite any disadvantages, you just need to work a bit to pick up the slack. To arm and prepare yourself for the pit of horror, for example, you can block out time for training with your teachers.
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Experiences differ because everyone learns differently. This school isn't for everyone, but for those who have taken advantage of everything the school has to offer can say that it has been one of the best experiences of their life.
The MET provided me with great opportunities by learning through an internship, taking college courses, having the option to participate in programs outside of the school, and getting to explore your career interest and more.
The Met allows students to be able to take on the real world. When you first start at this school, you are given the chance to find a internship and be able to be find the best mentor for you. You are given the opportunity to shape your education in high school how you want it to be shaped. The schools allows students to take college classes to be able to obtain credits while you’re still in high school. I was able to take on the opportunity to obtain my associates degree at 17, and as a junior throught a partnership the met high school has with souther new hampshire university. Not a lot of high school students are able to do this while on high school, however the met is able to give you opportunities like this one. Best decision I ever made.
I feel safe and comfortable coming here. I also like the fact that this school is different than other schools. We stay with the same advisor for four years in a class in a 16 student class, which I really like.

The school has also helped me a lot with opportunities correlating to my interests.
The Met offers each an every student the opportunity to grow academically and personally. The school gives each student the chance to learn more about their career of interest through internships in the community, giving them social and professional skills they will need post High school.
My experience is not the best because my school is based on hands on learning. So we basically learn through internships. Some previous students tainted the schools reputation. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to get an internship. Another problem I have with the Metropolitan Career Tech Center, is that some teachers are VERY lenient on some students. There could be a student not doing anything a whole school year and they are likely to pass. Other than those two concerns of mine, I like the idea of the school. I also love how they offer college classes and other opportunities to those that work hard. Surprisingly they serve a really healthy school lunch.
The Met School is very unique, allowing students to take internships to expand their Real World Learning. I, as a student, have gotten about 6 internships over the past 4 years, each one being a great learning opportunity.

If you're looking for an alternative, yet sensible way of learning, the Metropolitan Career Technical Institute is the Place to go.
This school has helped me branch out in many ways. I used to be very shy prior to going to the Met but through exhibitions and opportunities that I have been given, I have become more out-going as a student.
This school is for you. You get to choose your path. You get to guide yourself. You get to take so many opportunities. It is a safe and friendly environment. It is not like any other ordinary high school, and it prepares you for the real world.
We have a nurse's office on campus that you have to walk a long distance to get to, looks like a waiting room, and is closed more often than not. It's good to go to for birth control or an asprin, but I'm sure it wouldn't be useful if you got a serious injury since they always seem to be closed.
We have "extended day" which is required for freshmen but optional for upperclassmen. The options can range from barbering to fashion design to an anime club, but we have no official drama clubs or sports teams. If you are interested in joining a sports team, you would have to join the one for the nearest public high school in your district.
I definitely suggest this school for students who are eager to learn and independent, but cannot stand a traditional high school setting or looking for internship/volunteering opportunities in anticipation of college applications. I've noticed that this school (at least my campus) attracts two main types of students: ones who take initiative and want to do as much as possible during high school, and kids who are attracted to the idea of no grades/tests/homework and don't want to do anything. Unfortunately, the latter is more common, and the Met has earned a bit of a reputation for that. However, I wouldn't let it discourage you. In the end, it is your responsibility to take charge of your education-a big philosophy at the Met. The best part of this school is that you are in charge of what you learn. You choose a career path you wish to pursue, and find internships nearby that relate to said field that you attend during school about twice a week. You also have freedom to do projects on what you choose. For example, I was able to create and teach a sex education program to a freshman class with the help of my guidance counselor as an independent project. Again, I want to stress that this school will work for you best with your own initiative.
The Met is special in that they ensure that they hire the most caring staff possible. Students are assigned to a classroom of 12-16 other peers and an "advisor" that they stick with for four years. Advisors help with not only academics, but finding internships, job opportunities, and counseling as well. Your relationship with your advisor is crucial at the Met, and is taken seriously. Students are also given the opportunity to give an opinion on what advisors get accepted. Just about every advisor at the Met has been screened by both staff and students before being hired.
Many parents are actively engaged in their students learning, including mine. However many parents are also deadbeats and don't care about their childs education
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The teachers are actively engaged in the learning of the students and they genuinely try to get us to be our best selves.
I love my school, not just because of what it has to offer but also because of all staff member are. They show how much they care for students and always are willing to help us out, in and out of the classroom, whether is in your academic area or personal life, you know you can always count on them.
Being at this school was great for me to learn about what I truly want to do. But, it is truly unstructured and the structure is very dependent on the students itself. This makes it harder for students like me, who needs to be in a structured program rather than me creating it myself.
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