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I enjoy the opportunities that are available and the support of the school. I love that everyone has a fair chance. You just have to grab it.
My experience at MBA was great and I wouldn't trade it for any other education because it made me into the student I am today. This school has a great balance between structure and organization and also student freedom that allow us to make the choices for ourselves. Also I loved the major classes; finance, digital media, etc. It allowed for classes to be something each student was interested in.
Metro does not provide a good learning environment. Classrooms are distracting due to a lack of discipline, and the lessons lack content. Students are only allowed to take one AP class per year; no student can take more than three AP classes over the course of their four years at Metro.
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The school climate is terrible. The students don't respect authority and constantly skip and leave the school. There are very few clubs to choose from and the school offers no real sports. The food is terrible as it is for all New Haven public schools. There are some good teachers, but there are also a lot of teachers who just do the bare minimum. The actual school has a lot of vandalism some windows have been shattered and bathrooms set on fire in the past. Overall the problem with this school is the authority.
I love my 4 years at this school, the teachers were great and always did their best, the classes are small and teachers get to everyone.
A beautiful building with an education that offers a lot for the students to prepare them for the future. A very nice touch can be how small the classes are, making it easy for everyone to know each other. Unfortunately, the school does not offer sports of any kind. Some staff members should improve, or be replaced as it impacts the students deeply with their teaching. Security must also be improved to prevent anything that can cause harm from entering the school.
Metropolitan business academy is a great school and the teachers there are amazing! What could change is the college readiness with reading college level texts.
Low quality education, lacks the tools needed to make a good learning environment. Hate it here. Yes, It is a very small school with less then 400 students, but I feel like I am going off to college with very little to no college readiness. You think it being so close to Yale university (about 5 minutes away) we would have some type of standards, but we don't.
My experience for the past two years in Metropolitan Business Academy was not so good. There are some great teachers who are supportive and some aren't. If you're struggling I suggest you go to guidance. They're very supportive and provide everything you need!
I really liked the classes Metropolitan had to offer. They have pathways that you can choose and take special classes along with the required classes. They also let you take free college classes at Gateway Community College and have three great AP courses.
Metros cool I feel you should only come if you trying to work and better the school. If not go to cross or hill house
This highschool was amazing and helped shape who I am today. From the classes to the extracurricular activities, MBA helps foster your creativity.
Teachers genuinely care about your success, and will work hard to help you if you come to them with a problem. Although opportunities are not often advertised, if you ask for them guidance will go out of their way to get you into AP, college classes, and college preparedness programs. Honors contracts are tedious but allow you to get more honors credits than you would be able to otherwise.
I like Metropolitan Business Academy a lot, the teachers are always there to help and are willing to compromise their plans to try to help you. Something that I would like to see change is the college readiness. Metropolitan doesn't really prepare us for college due to lack of time or lack of enthusiasm from the students side.
I like that the school is self motivated and very focused on our future. The business concept is a very great aspect of the school as well. Our school spirt is based on academic achievement.
metropolitan school is the best high school in new haven I been there since my senior year and I have really great there ,I met friends the first days which is awesome,and special thanks to principal,my dear teachers to being so nice and helpful for all students.
I loved being a MBA. The teachers are very understanding and work with you one on one if needed. I really like how students have the opportunity to start their own after school programs and get involved in the school community.
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I liked how the teachers focused on building relationships with their students. Over the years, there wasn't a teacher that didn't know me well. The only thing that I didn't like about the school was that the courses were not rigorous and we only had two AP courses. This issue was also due to our schools financial issues because we couldn't afford it.
Metropolitan Business Academy has been like a family to me! The teachers and faculty are always kind and around for extra help. The classes they offer are very useful for my future and are unique compared to other schools, and the building design itself is just beautiful. The only thing I wish could be developed for the future is more community service projects
The School just is a disgrace. Lunch is bad, teachers don't know how to grade. We barely get homework i am not learning anything
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