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My experience here was amazing. The teachers were great and always willing to help. The students here are very accepting and diverse and allow you to be whatever you want to be. I love Metro and all the people I met here.
I learned an amazing amount here, I discover more about myself every day and am becoming who I want. I went in without any art experience and have become a dancer, poet, drawer, and painter. I've never felt more at home than at Metro Arts, not a single complaint from me.
It's a small, but a friendly community that has helped me come out of my shell during my four years at Metro. Various traditions have come and gone through the school, but the welcoming atmosphere is always there. The teachers are very helpful with advice on school and social life. The art classes are extremely eye-opening and have personally helped me grow as an artist. I will miss this school greatly.
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This school introduced me to the world of art and allowed me to find my place and myself through art. The teachers at metro forced me out of my box and in doing so I found confidence in myself and in my passions.
Metropolitan arts institute is a diverse school with a friendly atmosphere and creative staff and students. The school focuses on performing and visual arts with capable instructors for every class, while also preparing students for college with academic classes. While lacking in a broad selection of classes, it makes up for it in the small size of the classes, giving every individual the attention and instruction they need. This school does not currently offer any sports or gym class for high schoolers, but has multiple dance and physical expression classes.
Metropolitan Arts Institute is an amazing school! There really is something for every one. I recently moved here from across the country and was worried about the welcome I'd get and having to make all new friends my junior year, but they welcomed me with open arms!
Metropolitan Arts Institute is a great environment for anyone who may feel out of place. The only downside of Metro is that there aren't many opportunities for sports, after all, it is an art school. Metro is a loving and caring school and once you walk onto campus you can feel it. I had the amazing opportunity to be enrolled into Metro for my senior year of high school and wish I had the chance to go there my entire high school career.
I am a junior and I've had a really good experience and love it here. I recommend for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the arts. I love all my classes. I get along with my teachers and my friends are nice and chill. To improve the school I would say have better options of food and give more attention to clubs. There could be better communication of events and clubs and things to get involved in. they don't really announce what's going on. They have college presentations from some colleges so far and I think they should do more of that so students know about college art programs. If you want to improve your art and go to an arts/design type of college you should go to Metro.
It's okay. There is no tolerance for anyone who isn't a liberal. There is no communication and the staff are paid poorly. Rules are not inforced.
When I started my senior year at Metro it’s my first impression was that everybody was very expressive in their creativity. In a small school with a total of 250 students it was easy to be an individual. Whereas in a regular high school with more than 1000 students, they lack individuality. All of the teachers in each class push all of their students to be the best that they can while being advanced and following the appropriate and necessary curriculum whether it be a performing art or a visual art. Because of all of these traits everybody respect one another regardless of the art their in. Any student could say that they will have a difficult time finding another school like Metropolitan Art Institute.
AMAZING!!!!! My daughter has been going there for five years and absolutely loves the teachers and staff. I feel so much better about her safety and I appreciate how supportive the administration is!!! I highly recommend this school!!!
Metro Arts is an incredible institution that encourages the pursuit of the arts while emphasizing the value of academic excellence. The teachers provide a nurturing environment that helps to cultivate better learning and social success.
I liked the small community they offered there. Their faculty was very passionate and friendly. This is a charter art school so their funding was low. They could use a larger campus, including a place to eat lunch instead of the halls and the floor.
Picture a high school where the principle walks into your classroom with a Herry Potter robe wishing you a great day and a magical year the first day of school. A high school where teachers make jokes when you don't do your homework and give you candy when your having a hard time. This imaginary place is Metropolitan Arts Institute. Forget every negative quality you expect from a regular high school and turn it upside down and inside out. Then mold it into love because love is exactly what to expect to receive. In every lesson, test, friendship, teacher, and faculty. Everyone looks out for one another and every teacher knows you by name and knows exactly what to do to help you succeed. The only piece of metro I might change would be to sponsor more clubs and increase student community involvement.
This is not your typical school, in that little to no importance is placed in sports, academics, or overall student satisfaction. Its one saving grace is its arts programs, which have been suffering as of late — at the end of the last school year, over half the faculty quit or was fired. The level of art produced by the students ranges from gallery-quality work to "doodle drawn on a napkin by a 3-year-old." At-large student body consumes more drugs and alcohol than average, and students whose capabilities are at a failing level are regularly passed. While advertised as a haven of tolerance and free-spiritedness, be warned, there is more to this school than meets the eye. Best advice: talk to current students or recent graduates before enrolling.
At Metro Arts we aren't your typical sports lovers, Pom Pom shakers, and chess club supporters. Metro celebrates with snapping to applaud our poets, critiquing our artists, and yelling "BRAVO" at our actors. Coming from a public school background to entering the world of charter school was a whole different experience I never thought I planned on loving. The teacher asked us to introduce ourselves. Listening to each person describe their story in a few short words, some kids were foster kids, and some were gay. One guy stood up and told the class he was transgender. After I spoke I sat down and examined the warm smiles, and from that point I knew I was in a place where I never had the fear to be outspoken again.
As I stepped through the halls of Metro Arts I knew that my trek through high school would be far from one's idea of a high school career. Not only do I attain academic material that will help me on in the future, but I get to pursue the dance calling I've been waiting to pick up. While I'd rather be in a public school with the rest of my familiar friends goofing off and having the actual high school experience, I realized that this school showcased that every student has potential in either an academic or art life work.
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I have had amazing experiences at this school such as Peace Day, Field Day, Coffee House, and even First Friday! I would have never realized I was good at so many different art forms if I didn't make the choice to apply to this amazing school.
I've been to my fair share of schools and the teachers here are the most engaged and outgoing so far! They actually try to help students and appreciate student ideas.
The teachers are very skilled and more than passionate about what they teach. They refuse to give up on their students, and offer to help in any way(s) they can. The environment is pretty laid back. The only problems I have are the block schedule, and when I switched to Metro after freshman year, I was not automatically put in honors (even though I took all honors), and I had to repeat a class (even though I already took it).
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