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Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy Reviews

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If Academic excellence is your expectation, this is the school for you. Differentiated learning is not supported and students would be under pressure. Most Teachers/Staffs are not compassionate and rude. This is a good school for Helicopter Parents.
High test scores do not make a great school. There is an IQ requirement for students... their test scores would be high no matter what school they attend. Diversity is lacking! A very high percentage (greater than 50% Asian and Indian population) with very few African American or Hispanic/Latino students. Teachers are not all held to the same standards. A general culture of competition and lack of respect.
This school is a great place for highly gifted students to get an education that can shape them during their elementary and middle school years to be more academically focused. Despite the good academics, the administration is a bit questionable in terms of efficiency and decision-making.
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MRSA is a special K-8 school for highly gifted kids. Not only it's great academically, also great environment with only 2 classes in each grade and everybody knows each other and enjoy themselves socially with academic clubs, school wide musical and sports. All of my 3 kids (2 already graduated) love the experience there.
I am a parent of 3 children at Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy. I cannot say enough about the superior quality of the education my children have received. This is, by far, the best option for gifted children in Charlotte. We're fortunate to have this choice.
I enjoyed my time at this school. It was very fun and exciting.
I liked most of my teachers. They were very nice.
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