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This is the High school that i graduated from and the school was amazing! I went to this school from 5th grade up into a graduated and this school has only grew and grew more. The school know has a little more color but beside the few color, the school is mainly white. When i was there, i did experience some racism but it was addressed and actions were taken.
MCA has been an amazing place for development of Christian students in their spiritual lives. From the weekly chapels to the Bible classes, the school has a huge impact on the way people think about God. Most of the teachers are very personable and help their students even outside of the classroom setting.
It is a small private school with excellent teachers and not too many students per teacher. This school has everything that larger schools have to offer and strive for excellence in academics.
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Teachers and leadership are very clickish at school. No academic goals are met from year to year. They state they are 1 to1.5 grades ahead of public school. Most students when transitioning into public school from here are a grade behind. Not a challenging program for studentS who are at or above grade level.
Metrolina provided a good high school experience. The school provides and accepting Christian atmosphere where teachers are able to effectively connect with students in a way that I haven't seen anywhere else.
Metrolina Christina Academy provided a friendly learning environment, filled with people who love the Lord and wanted to see you succeed. I learned a lot about myself and other people while attending
I would like to see some new teachers with a fresh desire to teach and a renewed excitement. I feel that some teachers need to retire because teaching is draining and after so many years of teaching, the rewards are not there and retirement is all that some teachers desire to achieve.
I have been with Metrolina for about 6 years now and it wasn't bad at first till the past 2 years have been awful with teachers and administration. my child has to go into every class double checking scything he does even the smallest things because the school has so many useless and dumb rules that anything he does he just gets yelled at and the teachers are awful they are stubborn and not understanding with children. my child the other day asked his teacher a question and she would answer him so he kept putting his hand up and asking him and the teacher sent him to the principles office for asking too many questions like thats ridiculous as a student they have the right to ask questions to understand but the teacher was not having that and didn't answer the question. Metrolina is an awful school and I highly suggest sending your child to adiffernt school in the area
Metrolina is extremely money oriented. If you want your child succeed at athletics or academics take them anywhere else.
At Metrolina Christian Academy, I have gained a quality education and I have been able strengthen my faith through Bible classes, chapel, and seeing how God is in everything we learn. The staff, teachers, and students are supportive and uplifting.
This is a great school. It is a small school with a good teacher to student ratio. The teachers are great and really care about the students. It feels like extended family.
The only thing I would like to see change is that they add a full cafeteria service and tennis courts one day.
Metrolina Christian Academy is a school that ensures good education with also a great religion base. It is not diverse and is not encouraging of people who are different. It was an average experience for me, but I probably would have been better off at a public school.
I have been a student at Metrolina for 13 years and have loved every minute of it. I have become very close with some of the staff members and even consider some of them as family. During my time there, it is evident that every teacher loves their students as if they were their own kids. Every teacher and staff member takes time out of their day before and after school to help their students with whatever they may be struggling with, no matter how long it takes to help them. Our administrators have also given us everything we could ask for and more. They have given us so many resources to help us further our everyday walk with Christ and have provided new buildings and curriculums to help us succeed in our education. The overwhelming support that this school has given me to help me succeed in life is more than anyone can imagine. I thank this school and every teacher for helping to raise me at my home away from home.
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