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The school is very nice and friendly. They have great teachers who are willing o help students with work. They also have great classes that you can take.
Metro Tech High School opens doors for students. By giving students the opportunity to get involved in classes in which they can learn trades, the school itself gives students a better idea of what would best fit them after college. Some students have left the school with well paid jobs, due to the connections the staff has with people in special industries. I personally benefited greatly from these classes. Overall, the staff and teachers are always ready to help and provide you with the assistance you need. The school itself is safe, with occasional problems as any other school. One thing I would like to change though is the diversity there is. Most of the students there are Hispanic; I would've loved to have gotten to know more people from different cultures.
What I like about Metro Tech are the CTE programs that they have here for students. It helps students find out what they would like to do in the future. Everything is great because it gives you a whole new experience that people couldn't get to have before.
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I have had a great time here at Metro Tech. However, something that I would like to see change are improvements to the bathrooms her and to some of the schools buildings.
Wonderful High school to attend . It offers Career and technology exploration and allows students to plan for college at a very young age. It offers 2 years technical jobs , these careers are available starting at at your junior year. The staff is excellent and very nice. The food is average , although it can use so more variety in their menus. Excellent soccer and robotics teams. They also have a full 1 hour advisory period . This allows the student to get extra help with their subjects , and one on one learning. They also have whats called block days, this allows us the students to have more time to turn in our essays or homework. Overall ,I think Metro Tech High School is a good place to be enrolled in, So if you are thinking in enrolling at a high school in Arizona , Metro Tech is the one. It also provides free transportation . It provides school buses and if they don't have one near your home. You get a year public city bus pass for a whole year.
It's very welcoming and a great experience. everyone gets along and teachers prepare you for your future!
Very good high school , there are a lot of programs available and have a wide variety of technical careers. Nursing, pharmacy, fashion, auto tech, engineering, and culinary are just some of them. Overall, this is a very safe school and students here behave as students should. Not a lot of behavioral problems here, it has an extremely peaceful atmosphere.
My experience in this school is great. I would recommend people to come to Metro Tech High school because their are many CTE programs. For example, there are programs like Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, auto collision, electrician, and Etc. In Metro Tech the staff and the teachers expect for you to improve as you go and they do one on one help if your in need of practice or understanding a certain topic.
Throughout my freshman year till now, my senior year in Metro Tech, i’ve never had a problem with the school. It’s always been very welcoming and has always been an A+ school, getting every student to do their best within themselves and in their academics. The teachers and staff are always willing to help the students learn and grow as we progress throughout the 4 years to prepare us after high school. The clubs and sports are a variety to choose from, bringing the best out of school along with its CTE programs. Metro Tech overall is a great school that strives in acedmics and a school that shows honor, integrity and leadership.
Metro Tech is a great school that helps you get ready for college. They have great CTE programs for any interest.
The education a students gets at Metro Tech High School is extraordinary, there is a lots of hands on activities. The classes students get assign into. in reality there is not much to change out this school.

Go Metro !
I love Metro Tech High School because it is a school where I feel safe and I know that I can count on the students, teachers, principal, etc. to make my future career life possible.
My years at metro tech were phenomenal, that's until I got to my last two years. These 2 years I was given the opportunity to take Pharmacy Tech classes, "preparing" me for college, however, I lacked a teacher for the 3rd year and I had a new teacher my last year who seemed to learn with us throughout the whole yearl. I know they can find all their student better teachers.
With the rise of sports culture, Metro Tech offers it all. Metro Tech is best known for the technical programs they offer. Having been a part of the nursing program and been friends with other students in the business program, auto tech and various other programs I know Metro Tech does its best to prepare its students for the real world.
What I really like about Metro Tech High School is the career programs, because those programs give us an opportunity to study a career that we are interested in and not have to pay so much money that most of us students don't have. What I don't like is that we don't have as much spirit as other schools.
Metro Tech High School allows juniors and seniors to experience what it would be like if students were to be in their dream careers without having to go into the real world. Metro Tech is focused in academic and is given an A+ for being an amazing school with outstanding academics and student life. Also, we are one of the safest schools in Arizona.
I graduated from this High School, and to be honest; it is the best school! Teachers are willing to help you in any way they can for you to succeed. Several Career Technical Education classes to prepare students for their career paths. Additionally, it is a safe environment, where one can enjoy their free time. Overall, Metro Tech high school gave me a spectacular experience within four years!
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It's a good school to attend for those who want to find a job as soon as they graduate like I'm graduating with 3 certificates
It was a very safe and calm school. The teachers were very engaged and motivated in the students. I took the nursing CTE class, I learned so much! I even went to do clinical hours. Overall, it's an amazing school, it will assure you a career or at least an idea as to what you want to do with your life.
Metro Tech is a school dedicated to your college preparedness and making sure you have some kind of skill by the time you enter college. MT is very good with the academics and support from teachers. It is also great with extra-curricular activities. These are all just some reasons that this school is an A+ school.
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