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Metro High School is well known for its academic excellence. Although there are a variety of advanced courses a student can take, there are definitely problems within the school. Some teachers are awesome at what they do, but others leave something to be desired. The school itself is smaller than your average high school, which can create a close-knit school community, but also feel cramped.
Overall, I had a very positive experience at Metro. It equips you with what you need to succeed in college. Unfortunately, there is a lot of pressure and difficulty early on so that it's a bit self selecting to who actually gets through the school and succeeds. The IB selection is really nice and good college prep.
I like the people I go to school with. Making friendships is easy there. Sometimes teachers seem to forget that kids learn at different paces. They will give another explanation, but if it still isn't getting through, they move on anyway. I have to rely on Khan Academy and other tutoring websites too often, having to teach myself a lesson over again.
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Metro is a great school to go to. They offer a lot of help if you're struggling in particular classes. The student to staff relationship is great up here.
I only liked the off campus privileges at metro high school because it gave a sense of responsibility towards the students but however I felt that our teachers were incompetent and we could have had better class elective choices.
Metro is a very complex school, although the work may be stressful and time consuming I believe it is only preparing us for the college life
Metro is a very academically successful high school. They are serious about educating their students and preparing them for college. Though the learning environment is aggressive, the students are still allowed to have fun and given certain freedoms when they deserve it! The overall atmosphere of the school was great to me.
College, but before college: academics are extremely rigorous. A small, tight-knit community where everyone knows everyone. The diversity is amazing to the point where students are surprised by the lack thereof in other schools.
I love that they always encourage you to be a better you. There was never a time where I felt that I couldn't turn to someone for help. The school may not be the richest school in the state, but I couldn't ever see myself in any other school. They really do prepaire you for college and I am forever grateful for being able to attend such a great school
The teachers are great and very friendly, and there's enough that there are at least a couple you can get close to. The education is great, but a bit much at times. However, it is well worth it.
I loved the community and out new principal is excellent. The IB program is a definite big draw the coordinator does a great job advocating for the students. I have great relationships with my teachers
What I like about Metro Highschool is that we are in a very safe environment compared to most of the other schools in the district. We do have some teacher there who do not seem to be the most qualified to be teaching at such a high ranked school, but the new administration is doing their best to make sure Metro gets back on the right track.
The IB Program is one of the best things about it. You need to be a hard worker and self-motivated to really be successful here. There is a wide range of diversity in race, ethnicity, and economic status.
I like the Metro culture; pretty much most of the students get along. I also appreicate the help that teachers have to offer that guide students for college.
Metro is a pretty small school but it has a safe environment. There is little bullying (if at all) that I know of.Not really advanced technology wise; the printers and computers could be better. Teachers are passionate enough at teaching and are willing to put in extra effort to help students.
Metro is an excellent environment for students who want to take charge of their education to reach new heights. I am a full IB diploma candidate. The IB diploma is perhaps America’s most fulfilling and worthwhile additional learning experience.
Metro is most definitely not a school for ever student. There's a lot of pressure to do well, keep up with you peers, and ultimately prove yourself. As a student I appreciate how disciple I have become, and a well rounded individual. But this has come at a cost, I have had to give up a regular high school experience with my mental and physical health on the line. Be sure of what kind of child/student you have before sending them to Metro, it could be the worst or best experience of their life.
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The freedom that the school offered, the college preparation, as well as the general atmosphere of the school was great while there.
I had a lot of quality friends and memorable experiences. Some classes were outstanding. Others sub par
This school prepares students for college well thru rigorous academic studies and extracurriculars. The teachers care for the students academically and emotionally. Although Metro is a small school, the students and teachers are as close as a family while going through struggles and successes together.
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