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I love being able to get all of my work done earlier in the day than public school! It’s really easy to communicate with teachers, and I can take the classes that I want to take.
Metro East Web Academy was the best school I have ever been in. All the staff were very helpful and friendly. They were very willing to help you in any way that they could.
When I came into my senior year, I was 11 credits from graduating and I didn't really believe I could pull off something like that. But the MAPS programs felt like it was there for me when I needed it the most. I wasn't sure about it in the beginning because I was used to taking a good time on work to make it perfect. With this program, I was not only able to make my work perfection but learn to do it in a shorter period of time. And all the work payed off, I graduated early which is something that I never thought I would able to do, and even gave a speech at my graduation. I got to say that this school is great and it saved me, if I were at any other school they probably wouldn't have allowed me to take all those classes and I would have ended up as a super senior. I am so thankful for MEWA, and all the great people that work their. If I could give a million stars to them I would.
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Metro East Web Academy has a program that allows individuals to gain high school and college credits at the same time! This opportunity resulted in not only a high school diploma, but also an associates degree by the time I graduated. I would highly recommend this for students who are ready to start on their next adventure.
My experience with Metro East Web Academy was great! The teachers are really helpful and want you to succeed. It's all in your own pace and there are many opportunities to succeed in highschool and early college.
My daughter excelled with the help of all the staff support and respect as a individual . Would have liked more help with college information and encouragement. We were expedited to know the answers to questions we didn't know to ask. Felt like a fish out of water, since i never went to college.
The academics at this school definitely challenges students. The workload is fairly heavy, but students largely get to work at their own pace since the majority of classes are online. Also, students know exactly what assignments to complete because of the organized online learning. I would argue that the science and math programs at my school are the strongest because of the knowledgeable and devoted teachers. In addition to learning online, the Web Academy has open math and science labs for students to have access to tutoring and hands-on experience.
There are multiple music, writing, math, and electronics clubs. Since students are primarily taking online classes, the clubs at the Web Academy building don't consist of many students. The administration does much to promote students being apart of the club and believe it's a great way to make new friends. But the biggest challenge our clubs face is getting students to commute to the building to participate.
The school I am apart of--Metro East Web Academy--is an alternate route for high school students. Attending public high school for my Freshman/Sophomore year taught me that I am a non-traditional student who needs a different avenue for graduating high school. What makes this school unique is every student who attends had roughly the same experience with public high school-- it did not fit their academic needs. Whether it be not fitting in "normal" high school, needing a more rigorous learning opportunity, etc., every students is happy to be apart of the Web Academy. This creates an environment where students are accepting of each other and are happy to be in school. If I could do it all over again, I would still choose this school because it gave me what I needed to succeed and become a successful high school student.
Since my school is a web academy, teachers are available at the web academy building to provide extra help and any tutoring needed for struggling students. The teachers I have met there are dedicated to providing the best learning environment, and believe every one of their students can succeed when given motivation. There is a good number of teachers for each subject who are intelligible in their field, and are passionate about growing students in their subject areas. I have never had a bad experience with any of the school's staff, feel cared for any time I come to them for help, and am always updated on events happening within the program. I strongly believe the teachers at my school are an example for others to follow.
The parking lot is super small and is shared with the other businesses in the mall. There is only like 6 available parking spots available. Very small...needs to make more space or a parking garage.
My school is online so it is self paced and you can go over a certain topic as many times as you would like. I really love my school
If I have a question about something, I know I can always shoot the instructor an email and they will get back to me as soon as possible.
There is a whole bunch of clubs starting up at my school but they haven't published a list of all of the clubs yet.
the only athletic club that I know of my school having is a running club. The school only has 300 students so that is not near enough to start an athletics facility. It cost too much for so small of a school.
At my school there is no nurse because students do not attend school at the school instead they attend it online. The only time that they come in is to get help from a teacher. Overall the school is really safe. I have not witnessed any bullying there like I have at previous schools that I have been to.
my school is online so they can't really have in school suspension or detention but they can deny you to have privileges like going to clubs or social events.
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Its online so you go at your own pace which is great.
The administration is very nice and always willing to speak to students. All policies have be instructed well and been approached correctly. I do not know anyone that has a problem with administration or a policy at the school.
It is very nice and clean inside. They just recently got a new building with a lot more space and rooms. The floors are carpet and always clean. I always feel comfortable when I walk into the building and someone from the school always greets you with a "Hello".
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