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Metro-East Lutheran High School Reviews

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I did not have a good experience at Metro. Because of all the private Lutheran grade schools in the area, if you did not find friends in grade school, you did not find friends at Lutheran High. Everyone is so involved in cliques it takes away from the fact that a Lutheran High School should be a great place to thrive.
Metro-East Lutheran is very personalized. The teachers care about the students both academically and personally. The class sizes are small. Metro is more like a family than just a school.
I enjoyed my time at Metro East Lutheran. I had attended Lutheran schools for all levels of education prior to high school, and many of the local Lutheran grade schools funneled into here, so many of my friends and students that I had played sports against attended this school as well. Because of this, there was an immediate sense of community that could be tapped into. Furthermore, the school prepared the students for college. There were also many different opportunities to be involved in various sports or clubs.
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I transferred to Metro as a Junior and it took me awhile to warm up to the school. After joining three sports teams and a club I can definitely say that I made the most of my time there and enjoyed almost every second of it! A few of the students can be cliquey but you just have to find your group and what you love. The staff is amazing and genuinely care about you. I would do it all over again in a second!
As a current junior at MELHS, I am so glad I am at this school. A lot of kids complain about it, but they would complain all the same if they were at a different school. Our school isn’t necessarily the best at a lot of things but you don’t have to be the best to be good. The faculty is full of respectable Christian teachers that really care about their students. There’s plenty of sports and activities to get involved in. Clubs include things like Spanish Club, String Ensemble, Scholar Bowl, Engineering Club, NHS, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Garden Club, and more. For the size of the school, the variety of classes is incredible. A majority of students take honors classes, and the school offers about 5 different AP classes as well as many Dual-Credit options. I am personally so glad that I have the opportunity to go to this school and I would definitely recommend it.
For the most part, teachers care about their students and will do what they can to help them. All students are required to have an iPad, where many of the textbooks and study materials are available. There aren't a ton of sports options available, but there are enough for most people to find something they're interested in. If a student doesn't want to play sports, there are a few other extra curriculars like the Thespian Troupe and the Creative Writing and Book Club.
When I started high school I originally went to Edwardsville High school which is the public high school for District 7. I couldn't have been happier the day I got accepted and went to Metro-East for my Junior year. I finally felt at home. Teachers actually remembered my name and even those who I didn't have a class with knew who I was. I wasn't just a face in the crowd anymore. The small school experience was one I didn't think I would enjoy at first but grew to love it and only regret not going sooner.
I love metro! It truly gives a quality education and allows students to openly worship the Lord. I love being able to know everyone in the school and develop lifelong friends! The teachers are so friendly and I love how they can also develop bonds with all their students.
Great faith based school where everybody is welcome. Teachers have a passion for what they do and, due to the small class sizes, they can form close relationships with their students. On top of having a strong faith focus it also emphasizes academic success. The school provides a great curriculum for all students regardless of their capabilities.
I love how Metro East Lutheran High School is such a small school that is family friendly and around by a nice living environment.
Great diversity of options for students. They could add more though.
Very good school, however, some things most find enjoyable are restricted because of the Christian base.
They all have fantastic teaching skills and can be easily accessed. They are not always in the best moods though.
Our band and art department are some of the best I've seen. We can even compete with some of the smaller public schools in these areas. Our drama productions bring in big crowds every year and fill up the gym all four performances.
I enjoy my time in this school for the opportunity to be involved in any sport or activity that one wanted to join. We are small enough to offer everyone a chance to play. One thing that I did not like about this was that it made things difficult for sports that required larger teams such as football and soccer.
Overall, the teaching group is great. They make learning in school less of a chore and can make it fun. However there are some that seem like they are not up to the standard set by the other teachers. These teachers are made Nora's good at communications what it is that they are teaching so students have trouble learning in their classes
I think our safety is really good.
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I would choose this school again just because of the experiences I have had and the people I have met. I think both of those things have taught me a lot and helped me to grow and be more mature to go off on my own for college.
The quality of teachers is okay at our school for the most part we have good teachers but there are about two who aren't good at all.
I just play sports and am in band. Teams are competetive. There is drama and they perform plays. There are several chiors.
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