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Metro Early College High School Reviews

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I've been going to Metro since 6th grade and overall it's been a pretty good experience. It's a STEM school with a Mastery system, so it's challenging, but it admittedly has made me readier for colleges and it's made me work hard.
Metro is a good school, but it’s only for people who can manage extreme stress and pressure well. The classes are fast paced and the goal is to get you through high school quickly. The resources are incredible, especially when you move to a Learning Center. The mastery system is very unique, but is a huge boost because it helps achieve a 4.0 GPA. Metro does not have sports and is not “the typical high school experience”
Metro Early College High School provides many good opportunities, including the chance to take college classes while in high school.
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I enjoyed being a part of Metro because it allowed me to focus on my strengths in STEM as a student, and accelerate my skills into college prematurely.
It gets you ready for college for the most part, but the emphasis on math and science, dress code, lack of textbooks, and grading system is much higher than college and can seem unfair to most students. Plus, there aren't really any clubs or groups so you have to form your own.
Metro All around is a meh kinda school. The administration tends to be over bearing like when they shut down a meme account run by students about metro. They also will some times look through our phones if they suspect anything and spy on us using securely. And they clear and blatantly disregard any suggestions given to them by the student council. what teachers you have. Once or twice I have failed just because of who I had. There is also an extreme lack of student life no sports and no dances. It seems like sometimes the administration is so caught up about the fact that they are preparing us for college that they forget that we are only kids.
Metro is a competitive and a stem school. Students starting at there freshman year might be difficult for them because they have to get used to the fast pace of taking 4 classes in one semester like college. This school is a college preparatory school and students who graduate and move on to college know what to expect
My experience at MECHS was great. It taught me a lot and helped me grow as a person. It was hard at first but once you get the hang of it I’ll be easy for you.
This school was academically challenging. I feel that metro definitely prepared me for college. As much as I hated the metro habits, I have found that I use them on a day to day basis. Metro grants student more opportunities than the average high school. We were provided with internships and early college enrollment opportunities. There are only two things that I regretted about metro. Number 1 would be school lunch and Number 2 would be the middle school. It doesn't feel like high school when you add 12 year olds to to the mix.
Metro was an overall mediocre school. The opportunities it presented to me were amazing but the organization and administration of the schools are lacking. Some of the faculty are outstanding and care about their students while others are just as eager to get out as the students are. After attending the school from 8th grade through senior year, only 4 of my teachers remained at Metro. However, I was given a great internship through my learning center which continued to grow and land me another paid internship at the NIH for the summer. The robotics team at Metro has also offered me great opportunities.
They give you plenty of opportunities to offset the requirement of having a 90% in every class in order to get the credit for the class. They have an early college credit program with The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College. Both programs are top notch and give you a good idea of the college experience. The actual school is shared with the middle school but doesn't feel crammed at all. The lunch has gotten worst so you might want to bring your own. They have partnerships with Battelle as well. They also have a robotics team called The Metrobots (3324). The mascot is a Mustang and they don't have any sports so you would have to play for your home school.
Metro is a challenging school. It offers a completely different exprince that you just can't get at any other school.
I loved my experience at Metro HS and the opportunities that I was provided through this school. Tough workload, but incredible opportunity!
This is a very good school that properly prepares students for college. When you reach junior and senior year, you have the option of taking classes at the campus of the Ohio State University.
Great school, wonderful teachers, free college, what's not to like? I went here throughout my high school career, and it helped me to build myself into the successful individual I am today.
Metro High School is a perfect opportunity to get WAY ahead with college credits, and attend OSU or C-State main campuses directly. It let me get used to going to college (and messing up in college classes) without actually having to pay real money for my mistakes. Since my "gateway" from high school to college classes, I am very free to take whatever classes, to have a schedule that I like, et cetera. However, the time I spent at Metro before my gateway was pretty rough. It follows the mastery system, so if you get below an A you have to "remediate" or retake the class entirely and it can be really hard; the teachers there aren't very permanent and very often the subject teachers change year-to-year; the food is no good... I could say more, but if you are up for a challenge with your high school and are devoted enough to power through in time to get enough credits to gateway, then I think experience is worth it.
Metro's school program is extremely rigorous, but there is only one thing you cannot say about it- that it doesn't prepare you for college.
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At Metro High School, I was blessed to be able to experience the mastery system that the school has to offer. The Mastery system is basically an alternative system that allows students to learn and understand what is taught by the teachers in a better way. Moreover, students are required to receive 90% on all mastery assignments, as well as the class itself, in order to progress to the next class. Although it may seem arduous, the mastery system also includes a 'remediation' process, allowing students to learn from their mistakes and gives them a chance to try again. Traditionally, students are use to the "letter grade" grading system. However, Metro students learn that you either 'master' a concept or it is a work in progress (WIP).
The kids are all very friendly and caring, but a lot is lackluster. A lot of the teachers are fresh out of college, and not the best at teaching or being organized. We don't have sports, and have a limited variation of clubs. It's very difficult because you have to get 90% or higher, and they push to gateway you (get you into college classes earlier than after high school). It's a stressful school, but the students are very loving to each other. They are really terrible at disciplining/controlling kids who are troublemakers.
Metro Early college high school is a great school for students who want to be challenged. There are a few unhelpful teachers, but most are caring and attentive, even the difficult ones. The student culture is excellent. The school is extremely diverse.

However, the administration can be disorganized. Increasingly, this high school is not a priority among the metro governing board, which has to focus on creating a middle school and technical high school from scratch. Specifically, the learning center experience is a shadow of what it once was.

Also note that because admission to college is based on student performance relative to other students at your school, this does not look good on college applications. Furthermore, there are no AP classes here. AP classes are both easier than real college classes and look better to colleges because they are standardized.

This was a great place to go and it's heartbreaking to see some aspects of it decline.
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