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We absolutely love Metro! The staff is on our team and the small class sizes allow the teachers to really get to know the students and their families. We have found instant community at Metro.
My favorite thing about Metro in middle school was the teachers. I could tell that they genuinely cared about me and my success up through high school
As a Metro graduate, college graduate & working professional, I cannot broadly endorse Metro Christian. As a private Christian school, the majority of families self-select Metro, hence the positive reviews, for their “Christian” culture. Metro is a good fit for fundamentalist Christian families who do not want their children exposed to any racial or ideological diversity. If you subscribe to Oral Roberts-type Christian theology and aspire for your kids to go to Oklahoma State or OSU, then Metro is a good fit. However, if you have more mainstream Christian beliefs or want your children exposed to racial & ideological diversity, Metro is not the place. Looking back, I wish I’d been able to go to Bishop Kelley or Cascia.
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My experience with Metro Christian Academy was average, at best. I played 4 years of soccer and 2 years of football and loved every second of it. I liked the teachers and of course my friends, but when it came to the disciplinary staff of the school, they were very unfair. I was blind to the fact that Metro had certain students that would never get in trouble until about my Junior year. Being private Christian school, they expect you to mirror the way Jesus acted, starting with your appearance. One of the rules was that you had to be clean shaven 24/7. There were kids in my grade and Seniors that would have facial hair that you could grab with your fingers. I will never forget the time I got pulled out of class to go shave because of my "mustache". It was the saddest excuse for a mustache I've ever seen, yet the other kids don't even get a second glance when they look like a lumberjack! That's just one of the many experiences I had with Metro. It's all politics at that school.
It has been everything you can wish for. The teacher have been amazing 😉. Haven’t had a bad moment. They do everything through Christ. They are the best school you go to. My favorite part of the school is the headmaster. He leads the school to become more like Christ, he also holds us to the highest. He just ties the end of the school together
I have only been at Metro for two years. I moved out the summer after my sophomore year from California. I have loved the genuine, spiritual atmosphere and have found so many good friends. The schoolwork is challenging and they do a good job of preparing students for college. The only reason I didn't give them five stars was because when I first came it was difficult to get plugged in to the student life there and I felt like they could've made more effort to make that easier.
Very happy with the experience our daughters have had at Metro. The teachers are knowledgeable and caring, class sizes are small and the number of activities offered is impressive. Highly recommend
So happy to be part of a school where my children can grow both academically and spiritually! They love all the activities too. One is into sports and the other music. They've both found the guidance and support they need to succeed.
We have been part of both the elementary and middle schools at Metro with a student entering high school next year. We have loved the teachers, the curriculum and the community of families that are part of the school. The class sizes are small which allows teachers to get to know their students and help them excel. One of our students is a part of the fine arts program and another is an athlete. They both love their school.
Great people and environment but some of the teachers are lacking in experience and drive to teach effectively.
As this is my 15th year at Metro, I pretty much know everything there is to know about it. The teachers are caring and intelligent for the most part, but there are always a few exceptions. It is not too hard to make good grades, but I feel as if it is doing a pretty good job of preparing me for college. Course diversity is not great but better than a lot of small, private schools. Go patriots!
Metro Christian is a special place where you can talk about your faith and be encouraged and get a great education at the same time.
The academic environment at Metro is outstanding. The teachers care about the students, and most of them have been excellent. Drama and arts is something that I have participated in extensively, and I have had wonderful experiences in this area.
The Classes plan allot of get together throughout the year, and it usually is fun.
I like that people are friendly and they respect you.
My school has great teachers that put their all into helping you when you do not understand something.
they do a good job
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The teachers at Metro care about the students' success and utilize everything they can to help the students succeed in high school and beyond.
These are good. There aren't a ton of policies because there hasn't ever been big problems.
It is a small school so there are not an overwhelming amount of extra curricular activities, but for how small the school is they are good.