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Here at Metlakatla High School the teachers here are very nice. If you have a question or a problem you can talk to the teachers and they can find a way to help you out.
It's a good school. Small, with a total of about 90 students, so it's easy to get help when needed. Basketball focused, Academics could be harder. No higher curriculum is avaliable.
The people are usually rude and talk behind your back, the teachers are good, and our counsellor is phenomenal.
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The thing I like the most about Metlakatla is that everyone knows each other. Also, people are really friendly here. Whenever we se each other we ask how they are or wave to them.
I feel about our high school that it needs better everything thy are completely reliant on basketball they only give funding to basket ball they cut funding to most academic clubs to give it to basketball
The best thing about this school is that the teachers are very helpful and understanding.
We have the main sports offered here such as: basketball, volleyball, wrestling, cross country, swimming, and cheer leading. We also offer weight lifting classes and P.E. Our team performance is great. In the past few years, both the boys and girls basketball teams have became region champions and placed in state wide tournaments. Our cheer teams has also placed first place in competitions. Successful or not, our school spirit is a little above average. We're supporters of all of our sports teams.
Our principal, counselor and teachers are all great at following the school's rules such as dress code and attendance. They know how to provide a relaxed environment without being inappropriate.
Our high school serves both free breakfast and lunch which is great. But the down side to that is there is only the one option. We don't have anyone (who eats at school) with gluten or dairy problems or who is vegan/vegetarian so they don't offer those. The food that is served are in healthy proportions but people also have the option to go up for seconds.
Our high school is newly renovated and we have quite a few resources available to us. All the students are issued a Macbook Pro along with an IPad. If the technology isn't helping finding our answer than the facility is always willing to help in anyway they can. The teachers, along with the counselor, are also our college prep resources. We don't have any courses available to us so our teachers help a great deal. Being a small town, parent involvement is big. Our parents are big supporters of both the school's academic and sports achievements.
The eligibility policy for travel affects students heavily at this school. The pre-requisites for travel include a 2.3GPA and no F's in any classes. Some students have trouble with this policy and it usually ends up with parent involvement and a talk with the principal. Another policy that some students struggle with is attendance. Our attendance policy includes no more than 10 unexcused absences or you will lose credit for the class you attained the tardies from. Many kids tend to be late or absent and this results in some tension between the student and parent. Also, every 3rd tardy you get you will be assigned to after school detention for 30 minutes. This generally results in many students being stuck in class for an extra half hour and sometimes interferes with a job or sports.
The school usually is good about the bullying rate, but when there is bullying the school could do more to stop it.
The teachers are very kind and they do their best to help students succeed in school. The only problem is they need to be more strict with students.
I find that our school is very good with providing the things students need to succeed, but the only problem is they don't know how to apply what they have to the students.
The school doesn't only offers a couple clubs and organizations. The main focus is sports.
There really isn't much diversity. The school is on an Indian Reservation, so almost all students are Native American.
The only sport that deserves an A+ would be basketball. That's all the school really focuses on.
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With the various classes available, both skills based and a preliminary of intellectual sophistication, there is no room for failure.
The educational opportunities are boundless depending upon which career you would like to pursue. There is culture-rich Native Art, Woods, Metals, College Prep, College math, Radio & Broadcasting, Photography, STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), Basketball, Cross Country, Cheerleading, Wrestling. Our district as well as our communities' highest concern is education and building people to success.
With everyone of a similar origin in ethnic background, there is no racial discrimination. It is a safe, loving, and supportive environment
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