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In my 4 years at Methuen high school, the school pretty much ranges to below average to average. I've made friends but most of the students can be annoying. Getting to class has become harder especially with the rising population of the school. It sucks but my friends and the good teachers made the experience tolerable and help develop my growth.
It offers alot of clubs and extracurricular. The people are super nice. I've had great teachers. It was rebluit and is absolutely amazing.
I love Methuen High, but one thing I would like to see change is how the students are treated vs how students treat teachers.
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Methuen High School offers students from all backgrounds a comprehensive education as well as many opportunities to become a better person. The extracurricular activities help to form a strong community of students. Teachers truly care for their students and are there for them for more than just academics. Overall our student engagement has room for improvement.
I like all the course options they have for students. I admire all the hard worker and profesional teachers at Methuen High, who give all of what they have to make the student experience the best.
warming students and staff, there was never a day i walked those halls were i didnt feel safe. made so many amazing friends who i hope to have in my life for a while
Methuen High school was great high school to understand from stepping into the real world after high school. the sport/athelic atmosphere is exciting and really can cheer up their classmates to have a good game. the education has alot of potential value to gear up for college.
Transferred here from area private school and loved it so much more at MHS. Got into the same (or better) colleges than peers at private school. Honors and AP classes are 100% worth it. Entered college with one semester worth of college credit because of AP credit earned at MHS!
After hurricane Maria I moved to Methuen and begin studying at Methuen High School in December 2017. Even though I had to move to another country, this experience has been amazing. I have successfully adapted to a new culture, language and school. I love everything about the school including the teachers who teach really well. They had helped me whenever I have questions or any doubt. Also the students because they are friendly towards me. I always had the dream to study in the United States, and it became real. I will always be thankful for the kindness of the Methuen High School staff.
I enjoyed the effort they put in to keep everyone safe and healthy, however there were a few policy questions many students had that were not answered, the students just had to deal with it.
As an alumni from Methuen High School, I was able to watch the building itself transform from "the school with no walls" to the beautiful place of learning that it has become. I was a part of the MHS softball team for all 4 of my years there. MHS molded me into the successful student that I became and influenced me to further my education. I am happy to say that I will be graduating with my BA in Psychology and Social Work and moving on to graduate school. I can't thank MHS enough. I don't think there is anything I would change with the school at this time.
As a student, my goal was to be involved academically and not so much with sports. I found the teachers to be helpful in reaching my goal. My goal was to have at least a 4.0 GPA through my high school years. What I would like to see change is the mental bullying that goes on. Because I stuck up for a bully years ago, I became a target to be bullied. Administration was helpful but not as much as I thought they should be.
From the moment I arrived to Methuen High School, even the Methuen Public Schools I was confident tha I was going Tibet get the education I needed. It was during middle school at one of the Methuen Public Schools that I learned to speak and write English. Leaving Methuen High School I know I’ll be prepared for the next step as a young adult.
Overall I had a great experience at methuen high school. I enjoyed taking their art programs and found the art teachers to be very passionate about what they are teaching. They are great mentors and are always trying to help you reach your full potential. They have a lot electives to pick from. The ap courses have been helpful to get college credits and are fun to take. I have made many friends here.
Methuen High School has been an amazing school with a very diverse community. We are a big family who for the most part are very accepting of one another.
it was enjoyable and prepared me for the college process. I wish there was more connection of teachers for individual students. I feel like sometimes the teachers can be very helpful inside the classroom. but very isolated outside the classroom.
I enjoyed my time at Methuen High. I truly am grateful for the teachers and staff there that really are devoted to making sure all the students feel accepted and engaged in the classroom and outside.
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I liked the amount of AP classes available and the amazing staff members! The guidance staff in particular are amazing, and they are there to help you with whatever your needs may be. Also there is a great fine arts program, as well as sports. The school is new and improved and the faculty are always willing to go above and beyond for their students. You are definitely prepared for whatever path you choose after high school.
The teachers were all very helpful and the school is beautiful. The IPads are really great to have too.
I like that Methuen High has alot to offer students. Not only in the academic field but also in the sports, arts, music fields.
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