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The school prepares you very well for college and the academics are excellent. The diversity, however, is so-so. The school food is not great but it gets the job done
Methacton High School is an amazing high school full of excellent teachers who truly care about their students. I am fortunate enough to attend this school that offers a wide variety of classes, from academic to AP, and a plethora of electives and extracurriculars.
I love all of my friends and the support I get from most of my teachers. If I could change something it would be the phone rule.
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Methacton High School is an overall average school. There is a wide variety of course you could take which is great. However, recently, they have started to take some classes away and the class sizes are just too large. Moving on, there is not a lot of "school pride." No one ever gets super into spirit week and not too many kids actually attend all of our games. On the bright side, the food is actually okay. We have a wide variety of choices including a pasta bar, pizza, wraps, daily changing options, etc. Lastly, our facilities are disgusting. The bathroom toilet seats are pealing and turning yellow.
My experience at Methacton High School has been mediocre at best. A typical day at Methacton is pretty average. However, I feel like I learn a lot and I am prepared for most things. If I could change one thing about Methacton I would want a more involved student body that has more school spirit and pride.
Methacton has a lot of diversity and a lot of really great people. But there are a lot of kids who aren't involved in things and that brings it down. We don't have a lot of "school spirit" but it's still a great school.
The quintessential high school experience, but in all the boring ways. Good area, great teachers, good classes, but don't expect to be "making the memories of a lifetime". If you can't drive and don't have anyone who can pick you up afterschool, you're screwed. Don't forget that the school is in the middle of nowhere, so walking isn't an option. School spirit is almost non-existent. The only thing that really matters here is grades, so if you don't get stuck with a bad teacher, you should still be fine.
Methacton High School is a unique environment, to say the least. All the kids are motivated and they push each other to succeed in a no-pressure environment.
Methacton's a pretty good school overall, but like most high schools it's very clichey. There's also a large focus on sports as far as funding goes and a large majority of students participate in at least one sport, which is kind of annoying when you don't. Some teachers are great, but there's also many who don't care. I've had teachers whose classes were ridiculously easy because they just gave all of the answers, and I had a teacher who punished our class because many of us had jobs and other extra curricular activities that prohibited us from doing an activity after school. Additionally, as a senior we're allowed to drive to school but they only allowed us to drive every other day, and never cracked down on the number of juniors driving to school. They're changing it for next year, but I'm still annoyed that sports had a larger priority over being a senior and that juniors got away with driving all year long.
I would like to see more classes that have to do with real-world readiness. Also offering some college preparation resources would be great too.
Methacton was an average school. Some teachers were incredible, most were mediocre, and then there were a few who made me wonder why they even chose teaching as a profession in the first place. As for the students, I’ve never witnessed/experienced any physical bullying in my time at Methacton, but the amount of backstabbing that went on throughout the entire school sure did make up for it. Every friend group had drama. So glad I graduated.
First, Methacton lacks a lot of diversity which in my personal opinion is essential in creating a comfortable and understanding atmosphere for kids who are first-generation immigrants, African-Americans etc. Another thing that I didn't enjoy was that some teachers that I've encountered over the years have been purely insensitive and lack passion in teaching, making it harder for a student to do well and thrive. Others have been very pleasant, but those teachers are hard to come by. Above all, the worst thing about Methacton is the allotted budget of the school. Because of a strike, school became much more difficult because teachers had to fit extensive material into a small curriculum. In spite of all this, it was easy to make a lot of friends because of the school size. Sports/activities here were a huge part of my life these 4 years and they were essential in building my character which I'm very thankful for. Finally, academics here are pretty great, even though it can be difficult
There is a good environment where you can excel academically if you want to. Teachers are generally passionate about what they are teaching and try to help you succeed especially if they see you making an effort. The football team could be better, but otherwise all other facets of school life are pretty decent.
I enjoyed the classes I took as well as the majority of the teachers I had. The science and math programs were very strong and gave me a great foundation for my first year in college. I participate in school soccer and basketball. At times, some of the soccer practices and games were a bit frustrating as the coaching was lacking.
In my Junior year I was put into foster care and was required to attend a different school. Halfway through my senior year I was able to come back home and go back to Methacton. The staff and counselors did everything they could to make my transition back the smoothest possible. I was given a 504 plan and worked out a schedule that was best suited for me.
I really liked how many clubs they had in school and the variety of electives to take. The teachers were very nice and helpful, some of them really made sure their students understood the work and did well on the tests/homework. Mostly, the students and teachers had school spirit, especially when it came to home games and homecoming week. There was also fun after school activities to get into.
Methacton High School is a school full of brilliant educators that help pave the way for the students who pass through. They offer many classes and opportunities for students of all interests. The one thing I feel Methacton lacks is an equal balance of the arts. As a film major, I struggled with finding and getting into classes that aided me in studying subjects I am interested. The teachers are willing to work with you to help their courses pertain to what you want to study, but it would be nice to have classes already designed to hit all interests of students.
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I've attended other schools in the area and Methacton was my best fit. Academically competitive. Some great teachers. Wish there was an extra period in the day so you could take some extra electives. If you are college bound, your schedule is pretty much set for you for the first 2 years which doesn't give you time to explore or find what you want to do.
Overall, I love Methacton. Each grade has around 400 students but class sizes are typically between 15-23 students. All of my teachers are great and are always readily available for extra help after school. A diverse amount of classes are offered, ranging from co-taught for students who need extra help, to tons of honors and AP courses. The faculty are all friendly and happy to be there. The only poor part of Methacton is that the teachers are not paid well so there are constantly contract negotiations, strike threats, and we gone on strike previously this year.
I have had some amazing teachers and have been able to be involved in many clubs and sports. I just wish Methacton did a better job at helping students with stress.
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