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When I was a freshman at MetEast it was fun. It was the first time in my life I had fun while going to school. But, as the years went on the school slowly started losing it's culture. My experience here was okay to say the least. I enjoyed my teachers and classmates, but the curriculum just doesn't set you up to succeed in college. The school very small which made the environment very interactive. The one thing MetEast is good at is helping kids find their passions and interest. The school gives kids an opportunity to obtain internships and visit businesses that fall in line with their interest.
I love home everyone has be a huge help. I have been here for all 4 years of my high school years and we’ve been through so much. I just am so happy to pull though all of the struggles we have had.
It's a family orientated school that thrives on helping the students succeed. In addition, it prepares you not just for college, but life after high school.
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I enjoyed my overall experience at meteast. Over the 4 years, meteast has taught me how to become a man and look outside the box. They taught me that hard work doesn't always get you where you want to be, but extra work does.
There is no scheduling process or popular classes at this school. Everyone takes the same classes unless youre special education. You have to go to the school to understand.
There isn't much peer pressure at this school everyone is different and no one ever has anything negative to say about it.
This school has so little issues with safety. The building isn't secure with cameras or officers because its so small and the only people that visit are visitors from other schools and alumni. Were very family orientated.
This school is more focused on academics rather than sports or extracurricular activities. We don't have any clubs or after school programs so what you would have to do is go to MetEast but go to Camden High or Woodrow Wilson high after school to do clubs or sports.
My experience at this school was very life changing. This school prepared me for college, it isn't a traditioal high school. I loved everything about it. The teachers are very supportive and involved in your life especially personal. This school is very family orientated.
This school has turned me into such an amazing person and learner. If I hadn't went to this I would have been fighting everyday and my grades would of been so horrible. But, sticking around truly benefited me and helped me become a young adult. I learned how to deal with pain, with failure, with people, and I learned how to be a leader.
The teachers often treat their students as if we were adults. They prepare us for college and for life. I appreciate everything they have done for me at my school.
This is a great school but its the people within the school that are troubling. Some teachers care more than others because wether you learn or not, these teachers still get paid.
It's a college prep as well as real world experience school, however, like everywhere in life it has it's flaws.
All classes prepare you for college. And teachers are awesome
It's the same menu every week and Aramark does not serve nearly enough
Administration I would say is the best of all the schools I've attended. The principal is huge on making relationships with students and parents. And the school policy are all reasonable and voted on by students.
I am an ambassador at my school, the opportunities that this club or position have presented to me are endless. I was chosen to represent all Big Picture School around the United States over in Amsterdam, NL.
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Whenever a student does not understand a teacher Will have one on one groups with the students during any convinent time.
Since the school is small we didn't have our own teams we had to join other schools. The only after school programs we had was SAT Prep.
I like the school because it showed me how to do for myself. The teachers kept pushing us the should us that everything in world is not going to be handed to you and that You have to work for it. Another the thing the school offer is exhibítions to display what you have learned during the mar long period and what You need to im prove on. I would choose this school again because it prepared me for the real world and help me figure out what career I want to head into.
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