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I had a great experience attending Metea. I loved all my teachers, but one. Overall, the school is really passionate about the subjects of music, art, and STEM and that's what I loved about the school.
I have really liked being a student at Metea. I have been involved in many clubs and activities throughout my time here and have made a lot of lifelong friends. One thing that I wish would change is the cheating culture at Metea. Many students are very good at playing the game of "school" rather than actually living with integrity. Otherwise, I am a proud mustang.
I enjoyed all of the caring and supportive teachers. They inspired me and gave me the confidence I needed to decide to pursue an education for nursing.

I do believe they could improve by having some of the office staff be a little kinder !
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Very modern school with the top faculty in the area. Students of Metea Valley experience a diverse culture with over 3,000 students as well as many good programs such as fine arts and sports.
Metea Valley High School is a place with many opportunities to be involved and as a student, have an ability to choose some challenging classes. Most of the teachers are nice. There is a sense of community when attending school clubs or school sponsored programs.
Metea is a new school that was started just ten years ago, it recently was ranked 19th in the state of Illinois. This ranking is incredible considering how young the school is, however, many students don't enjoy the school culture and feel as though the administration creates rules that are too constricting for its students. Many students ditch pep assemblies, don't participate in spirit week, and leave sporting events early or don't go at all. It costs over $100 to park at the school and the school has a dog that walks the halls sniffing for drugs. Sometimes the school can feel like a prison, students are always questioned when walking in the halls, can't leave campus for lunch, and many bathrooms and classrooms are locked so that students can't enter them. Many teachers teach so that students score highly on tests rather than teaching so that they fully understand topics and can apply them to daily life. Metea needs to focus more on the well being of its students than on its rank.
I lowered my marks for food and administration. The food is typical institutional food...just very expensive. as far as admin..the prinicipal is amazing. I just have issues with one of the deans and one of the school counselors. They have no sympathy for what the child is dealing with and can never admit wrongdoing even when it was beyond obvious.
This is an excellent school for competitions. Great environment and great atmosphere. Great place to build you career path.
Metea is great. The music program is amazing, especially considering it won a Grammy award. Theater at Metea gets better every year, and we always go all out with the set design, building, and the shows themselves. Academic opportunities are excellent because there are so many honour societies and clubs to help with homework, essays, math, science, etc.
I love the inclusiveness with special ed students, just because that is something I am passionate about and I was able to experience at Metea.
My best experiences at Metea Valley have come with some of the amazing teachers on staff. Although I have had my share of teachers who didn't quite live up to the standard the school has set, the vast majority have been kindhearted, intelligent, and involved people who enjoy making connections with their students and learning as well as teaching. They love to go to sports and music events as well as laugh along with their students, creating a school community which includes both adults and adolescents. My teachers have made me feel loved and valued as well as capable of learning and fulfilling my potential during my years at Metea.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Metea Valley Highschool. The amount of resources that have been available to me over the years of attending this school are what I believe to be one of the reasons I have done so well in highschool. From teachers meeting me during lunch to help with what I struggle with that day in class to ample resources in the library data bases put together for us each year I have been able to exceed my expections in highschool. Not only is it a great learning enviorment but our administraters find the balance of work and play when it comes to scheduling events such as homecoing, turnabout, Mustang Mania (a outdoor event with games the first friday of each year) and many more. I am beyond privleged to go to a school filled with people who have a great amount of determination for their students to succeed in not only highschool but life as well.
Metea valley is a wonderful school. I moved to the US my senior year and made a lot of friends. The teachers helped me out with all my classes. I was a little behind when i first moved here, but still learned many things. I enjoyed my senior year!
Overall great experience, excellent teacher and several extracurricular opportunities are available to all students.
Metea was a very diverse and fun experience for me. I got connected immediately and I never had a lack of friends that pushed me to be a better version of myself.
I generally really like Metea Valley, but sometimes I feel like there's certain areas where we are lacking and the school does not try to make up for it. For example, a large portion of the science department doesn't care and teaches in manners that ultimately don't benefit the students. However, it is very possible to succeed here.
What I like about Metea Valley High School is the academic because the teachers really do care about your education. Also, they care about the colleges we plan on attending and making sure we have a great future.
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Metea Valley is still a fairly new school, so the culture and diversity still needs some work. However, because it is new, the school facilities are beautiful and up to date, and our administration is amazing.
I just finished my freshman year here at Metea, and honestly, it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. The teachers actually WANT to be there and are willing to actually help students succeed and get into college. And for someone heavily involved in the fine arts, I love how this school prides itself on being rich in music, theater, and visual arts through the achievements of its students and even its staff.
MVHS was a great high school for me to go to. I never really felt out of place and it is a very welcoming place. There are tons of ways for students to get involved and really find who they are and where they fit in which Metea.
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