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Metcalfe County High School Reviews

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Awesome school and staff. They work hard everyday to keep us safe and to have fun with all of us. I’ve been here my whole life and I’m gonna sending my kids after college when I have them.
I love how Metcalfe County High School is a family. Everyone is there to look out for each other, they make sure that you are getting the best education that you can get. The teachers do their best to make sure that the students can understand the topics that they are teaching, they want to make sure that the students can learn in the way that they can learn.
I love my school; Metcalfe County is a great school. I have lived in three different states three different high schools. Metcalfe is the only school where I've felt a sense of community.
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My experience at Metcalfe County High School was the best, I've went there my whole life. The staff treats you like family, and makes sure you have everything you need. The teachers do a fantastic job of teaching, and they get really into their lesson they are teaching. its overall probably the best school I have ever seen.
Metcalfe County High school is a fun learning experience. The teachers and staff go out of their way to help if in need. Sports, clubs, and anything that the students try their best is noticed and a big deal to everyone. The community is a big supporter of the school. The school and community make you feel as a family. One thing that I would like to be changed in Metcalfe county high school is the food, however the ladies in the cafeteria do the best with what they have. I am very grateful to attend such a great school.
I love Metcalfe! Its a very great place where they mix work and fun. Its just an all around good time, its one of those times in your life that you wish would never end.
Metcalfe county is one of the best schools and you will meet some unforgettable people. Enjoy this school all you can and cherish all three years . Take chances, dream big, push yourself , because you can accomplish a lot .
I love how well Metcalfe County High School prepares us for college and the real world. I have had a great experience there.
This school wasn't my first choice when I started looking at high schools, but it was certainly the closest. I have experience both good and bad with this school and I often wonder what it would have been like had I gone somewhere else.
Teachers at my school are kind and understanding, but they have work ethic similar to their students.
The county is known as "Meth"calfe County
There could be more variety
I love the fact that only 584 students attended it
The teachers here don't prepare you for college.
It's a public school. It will have it's ups and downs. Overall a good school. I enjoy it here. Everyone knows everyone pretty much, and don't you worry about being left out.
I wouldn't have picked another school to attend. The teachers and staff make you feel like family and they truly care about the students. Also, they make high school very enjoyable and give an endless amount of rewards.
My experience at Metcalfe County High School has been great. We are treated like family and we couldn't ask for a better principal.
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its a smaller school so you will be known by the teachers .most don't even have to ask your name ! our principle allowed us to have a bonfire in the back field to celebrate the end of the school year .we had a couple of people that can play guitars so we picked a song and all sang together and had a wonderful time
This school has a nice family feel to it and you know everybody who walks down the hallway. It could do more to prepare its students for college and the "real world."
I would say the food is your average school lunch. There aren't many options and the variety is very few.
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