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The teachers heres genuinely show their love for teaching. I have not had a single teacher who did not push me to pursue my goals and to learn.
Metamora Township High School is a very safe and fun place to be. The teachers make sure you have everything that you need to succeed in life. They often will take time out if their day to help you beyond just being in class. Metamora High School has an open door policy; where if anyone were to have a problem then they are always welcome to come talk. We act like a big family. The administration try’s their hardest to to make everyone happy; they want the school to run as smoothly as possible.
The sports at MTHS are great. The school is midsized so you can find a good group of friends easily. There are many clubs that get students involved. The administration is very political. They wouldn't let me switch classes because they didn't want other people to switch. it was my senior year and I thought it was a selfish reason.
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Metamora is an average small town high school. I’ve grown up in the area my whole life and I’ve made so many friends growing up in Metamora.
I liked Metamora HS because the teachers and administrators were very easy to get along with and talk to when needed.
Metamora has a great community feel with very few cliques. The district does lack in offering a lot of advanced classes, such as AP and IB, and the facilities are well kept but could definitely use improvements.
My experience at Metamora High school has gone very well. They have amazing teachers who you can tell care, have good class variation, and decent food.
While I believe my education at this high school was much better than other schools in the area, I was very disappointed with events that happened here. I was even more disappointed with the way these events were handled.
I thought that the administration picked favorites and did not care about the well being of their individual students.
I really love the people at MTHS, the students are friendly and the teachers are extremely helpful. If I had to change something it would be to stop buying football new uniforms every year because they are not good enough to deserve them, give the money to a sport who deserves to be pampered
Metamora High School is a quality school with great academic opportunities, as well as many extracurricular activities. Students will find counselors and teachers that are helpful and caring, as well as coaches that help students build character. Academic options provide a solid background needed for college, but also allows for many elective opportunities, which encourages students to explore their passions. Metamora High School is a great place to get a really good education.
The vo-tech department is one of the best in the area and all the other departments are good too. The teachers really care and there are a lot of extracurricular activities to take part in. The only downside is that there is so much emphasis put on football (even though they haven't been great in quite a few years) by the administration while many other programs are over looked, regardless of success.
Overall, Metamora is just an average school. The teachers are great, but the school lacks different cultures and liberal viewpoints. Because it is located in a farming community, there is a lack of acceptance towards people who aren’t of the norm. The school has a serious racial issue, and it has drug its students through the mud because of it. Other than that, I’ve had a okay experience with teachers and many of the faculty members.
Metamora High School is a very welcoming place. When you walk into Metamora, you do not see many people sterotyping people. You also see that the adminstraction is very welcoming.
Metamora High School is a wonderful place to go! There are many activities and sports to become involved in and the community is involved and willing to help students at any time.
During my four years at Metamora Township High School, I never had a real reason to complain. My teachers were all amazing educators and mentors, providing a curriculum that prepared me to be successful in college. My experience in the culture of Metamora Football was something that I will never forget. The student body I was a part of made every event fun and worth attending.
I like going to Metamora High School every day because I can learn without worrying about my safety. The staff is very caring and sweet whenever I am in need, and I appreciate my teachers very much.
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We are new to the area and are so pleased with this school. The guidance office is especially helpful with everything from scheduling, to college prep, and testing.
I am involved in all theater productions and shows at mths. I am the president of student council and I am on the golf team. The sports at mths are highly built up, but education still comes first. The teachers and staff are all very friendly, and they want to help you succeed in what you do. There are many clubs to get involved in, and I personally guarantee that you will like at least one of them. Metamora is an all-around good school, and I would recommend it to most.
I love Metamora High School it is not just a school but we are a family. We all care and take care of one another and our teaching/administrative staff are amazing. They take special care of each student and make it known that they are there for your needs and will try to help further your education in the best way possible. One downside of the school is that sports rule everything and if you don't have a decent name in a sport you can easily be swept under the carpet.
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