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Metairie Park Country Day School Reviews

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Metairie Park Country Day School has an amazing community and academics. Their campus is gorgeous and faculty and staff is remarkable.
Country Day has a beautiful campus, amazing academic opportunities, and great teachers, but its best attribute is the amazing community. Country Day students, teachers, families, and alumni take great pride in community and our dozens of traditions.
Metairie Park Country Day School is a fantastic school. If my school isn't perfect, then I don't know what it is. All students get along great. There is no reason not to consider going to Country Day if you are a good student and are interested in a great atmosphere, open campus, and helpfull students and faculty.
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It's a great school that focuses on your individual strengths and not comparing students to each other, there is no student ranking,this everyone works to their strength and is made to feel good about themselves
A fantastic New Orleans school experience that prepares students for college, grad school and the world. I can't imagine a better place in New Orleans to learn, develop and grow. The teachers and staff are first rate and exemplify what a community can be when everyone works together with shared values. I'm well into my 30s now and still deeply connected to the friendships formed here. There's something for everyone here despite the smaller school feel. You can take many challenging courses and electives, the most expansive arts curriculum in the region and beautiful, constantly improving facilities. The cherry on top is the school lunch experience - you have to experience it to believe it. It's a true community experience. I miss those red beans!
Supportive community, encouraging teachers, close relationships with all the teachers. The teachers want you to do well, but they also want you to put show them that you want to do well. Much love to the kitchen staff, they hold it down. Tell Terry and Jerome wazzam. Sports are a huge deal, like every high school. But you'll be fine if you don't play because the arts and music are pretty good. Cool opportunities like Mandarin and Computer Science. Best school in the state.
Country Day offers rigorous academics within a supportive environment. My children have flourished - there is no better school.
Country Day is academically challenging, community centered, and a place for exploration. My children have flourished under the care of excellent faculty.
Although there are some great teachers who have been there forever, when there is turnover, the great teachers teach the strongest students and the new ones teach the not so strong students.
The school is not fenced which some have a problem with.
I think they are adequate
The lower school is wonderful but does not prepare all kids for what they experience in middle school and high school. Students who are self starters will do fine, but if the child has organizational or other developmental issues, there is no help whatsoever from the school. The school's approach is that if you throw it all at them starting in 6th grade, by the time they graduate they will figure it out. We have been very disappointed from 6th grade onwards. We tried very hard to get the school to work with us to help our child but never had any results. Our child is smart and has some talents, but has only just begun to figure things out. He loves the school but his parents do not.
CD is one of the most progressive, creative and holistic schools in the country. Every moment of the child's day is carefully orchestrated to be an enriching experience for the child. From the classical music in the corridors in the morning, well designed morning meetings, introduction of new topics and ideas (environment), highly creative teaching methods, thoughtful communal lunch, gardening, cursive writing the list can go on. There is a connective thread between all the subjects-if the theme for the semester is China, the culture permeates beyond history to art, math, science and language arts. The school does a great job of connecting the dots and promoting creative thinking and healthy outlook.

In this regard this school is a step above all in this area.
Bullying is not something you would encounter at Country Day. the CD community is are open minded to cultures, lifestyle choices and economic status. Kids grown up community style so everyone literally knows everyone from kindergarten to seniors and there is little room for intolerance.

The counselors and staff any such instances very seriously and problems are taken care of at the root.
Children can participate in sports, arts, music and after school activities. In sports there is a not cut policy so every kid gets a chance to play his/her sport. In lower school children can do after school activities that include chess, lego robotics, french, drama and art. Kids also have an added opportunity to learn string instruments before school as early as 3rd grade, and go on to band in 4rth grade and on.
The teachers are extremely well qualified and satisfied in their jobs-as seen in the high teacher retention. Teachers are very helpful to students outside of class helping them with their work in assigned independent times and after school. Also they are constantly challenging students with extra work and taking them to the next level.
Country Day's campus is absolutely beautiful and all the facilities are top notch. The campus is open unlike compound campuses. The library, science lab, art studios, gyms are equipped with the latest materials.

The best way to describe the feeling of this campus is safe and joyful.
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Both my kids have severe food allergies and I cannot state how much the Country Day community from the nurse, teachers, school staff and fellow students are aware of this issue. At lunch a special lunch is prepared each day for all kids with allergies. If they have picnic lunch the chef make sure these kids have their lunch.

In terms of health the nurse is up to date and is very conscious of all the paperwork and medications my child may need in case of emergency. She is there for early care and after care so I don't have to worry about an emergency situation beyond school school hours.
The school nurse is great. When my son broke his arm, she stabilized it with a splint and the orthopedic doctor was impressed with the job she did. Same goes to the other times. They have cute beds in the nurses office if the kids need to be isolated and can rest until they get picked up.
Sports, Chess club, Math Club, variety of choices of activities for after school, music instruction, foreign language that they practice.
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