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Going to Messmer High school was considerably one of the best things that has happened in my life. To say they have really prepared me for college is a true statement. Being at a smaller school helped because the students got the chance to get to know there teachers and be involved in the community. Now that I I’m college I would say I miss Messmer Hogh school.
I like how they prepare you for college, but at the same time I feel like the work shouldn't be so hard so we could be qualified to even attend the college of our choice. I also feel like the school shouldn't be so strict as school is hard enough as it is. I do not like the fact that Seniors have to write a 10 page paper in order to graduate when most of the Seniors I've seen have failed the paper. I feel like it is too stressful for Seniors especially when they have to search for colleges and scholarships and on top of that, try to keep their grades up. On the good side I do like most of the teachers. You can really tell some of them know what they're doing. I like the security of our school and sometimes the lunch we are provided.
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During my time at Messmer schools, I would say they provide everything that you may need to be successful in life and in school. The teachers are excellent, they take time out of their personal lives to come in earlier mornings, and late nights to make sure their students will be successful. Messmer High School is very diverse, and everyone feels welcomed when entering a Messmer School. Messmer High School is a great school for preparing you for college curriculum.
The teachers are very involved with the students and easily show their care towards anyone who might be slacking because of a personal issue. The staff is very understanding and non tolerant of bullying and fights.
The teachers are willing to help you and The school is here to help you grow into great individual . This school helps prepare for the future.
The curriculum is great because they prepare you for the world. They teach how to apply for jobs and how to file taxes and get insurance and how to buy or lease a car along with the academics you need to graduate with.
My son went to Messmer St. Rose for 4 years. His sister is into her 2nd year. For 3 years my son was bullied by other kids and a teacher's aide. We brought it to the attention of the school official multiple times. Nothing was done to remedy the situation. They paid a crapload of money to remodel the office and front entrance at the expense of the kids transportation. They now do not offer bus transportation forcing the parents that depends on it to find another school. The school took in a bunch of donations and now you can't afford buses for the kids. Sounds fishy to me! My son is in the 6th grade with mental health issues we were told if he needs an IEP he would have to go somewhere else they don't offer it.
My overall experience at Messmer High School, seeing that I’m about to graduate this year, taught me a lot about myself and others. One thing that I will be confident in going forward is my college readiness. All of my teachers made sure that I was proficient in certain concepts and made me feel good about asking questions. I would recommend Messmer High School to parents and students alike because they fulfill what they promise.
My years at Messmer has been a great success. The education is great here. They helped me prepare for college. I received plenty of help from teachers of my education. Also, they helped me become a leader more in areas like being a band captain and a hall monitor. Without Messmer, I wouldn't be as successful as I am today.
I am currently a junior at Messmer Catholic High School. I actually like Messmer unlike most of my peers. Messmer is very rigorous and challenging and only the strong and dedicated will prosper. I also love Messmer because it allowed me to reunite my relationship with God and continuously strengthen it with prayer service ever Wednesday. My only concern with Messmer is that they aren’t helpful to students that need extra support. Way too many people have below a 2.5 in this school and that’s accredited to Messmer’s grading scale. Overall, I think Messmer is a nice school for kids that actually want to go to college and have a relationship with God.
The diversity of races. The education is very important to Messmer. The teachers actually care and will work with you. Also have same class sizes.
My experience at Messmer was very different than what I had expected coming in as a freshman. It is a very challenging school, academic wise, and the teachers there expect a lot of you. If you need help all you have to do is ask and they will be gladly to help. This is a high school that prepares you for college as best as they can. And even if you do not plan on going to college they give you resources and ideas to help you with life after high school. They want you to be successful and never give up on yourself. There are many sports and club opportunities at Messmer as well.
Messmer High School was a very great experience! The school is great at getting students ready for college and very organized! The teachers and staff are very supportive of students goals in life and offer to help at all times. The only about the school that should be changed is the diversity.
Messmer High School is a great structured school that prepares students for all aspects of life. It taught about being financially stable in life. They also have great education on American society. Last but not least they taught us of the future life of college.
Messmer Catholic High School has helped me in various ways. Messmer has been there for me all my four years, they helped me in my education, career , my goals, and in helping shape me for who I am.
The student are a family and we have a close relationship with the teachers as well. We have great access to the teachers and I feel confortable asking for help whenever I need it.
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Messmer High School is a very challenging school but requires you to focus and will eventually lead you to success. The hardships endured at Messmer High School becomes worth it because of the discipline and knowledge you get out of the time there. The rules seem unnecessary often and enforced but that does not matter, as long as you graduate and get your education.
Its is a fun place sometimes, but not most of the time. Some of the stuff I already learned in middle school, but then they make it more complicated. The teachers are cool, but some are annoying. There is fun clubs you can join though. I wish there was transportation to the school. But overall its a good school. I like the sales and the subs.
My experience at Messmer has been amazing. I love my friends and my teachers. The teachers are open to all questions even if it's not about the class. I'm involved in volleyball softball and step team. Loved my coaches for every sport, but the head of the sports department shows favoritism to the main sports. It makes us feel unimportant but when we organize bake sales and our special pink game for people who have cancer reunites is as a bigger family. As in grades all teachers challenge you if your very advanced or not everyone is challenged. The homework is reasonable, I do t mind it but the grading scale is the reason why everyone transfers to a different school. Messmer Is a very advanced school which means the percentage of the letter grades are different. A 70 is a D at our school or a 98 is a A. If you compare it to MPS it's very different it's more of a push for us to do better.
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